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Panda Money Megaways – (BIG TIME GAMING) SLOT REVIEW

Panda Money Megaways: Slot Overview

Amid a noticeable trend where panda bears have become a favored motif among casino game developers, a variety of games featuring these beloved creatures have emerged, including Push Gaming’s Boss Bear, Pragmatic Play’s Fat Panda, Play’n GO’s Pandastic Adventure, and Hacksaw Gaming’s Eye of the Panda. This eclectic mix showcases the wide appeal of pandas across different slots and game studios. Australian gaming giant Big Time Gaming (BTG) has joined this panda-themed bandwagon with its own offering, Panda Money Megaways. BTG leverages Panda Money not only to tap into the panda craze but also to showcase its innovative Prize Builder feature, which amplifies wins by freezing winning symbols on the screen while allowing other reels to respin, potentially enhancing the outcome.

Panda Money introduces players to a setting reminiscent of a panda paradise, set against a backdrop of a rock wall adjacent to a cascading waterfall, with lily pads gently floating on the water surface below and lush bamboo forests nearby to cater to the dietary needs of the resident pandas. A particularly large panda character, depicted in a state of serene slumber next to the gaming grid, adds a charming touch to the scene. However, this panda springs to life during free spins rounds, eagerly collecting bamboo symbols to boost the win multiplier. The game exudes a signature BTG ambiance, characterized by familiar symbols, the dynamic movement of the reels, and the precise mathematics underpinning the gameplay, all of which contribute to a uniquely BTG gaming experience without venturing into the realm of critique.

Panda Money is a Megaways slot known for its high volatility, offering a return to player (RTP) rate of 96.1% under normal conditions and a slightly higher RTP of 96.15% when players opt for the bonus buy feature. The game accommodates a range of bets from 20 cents to $/€12 per spin. With a push of the big green play button, the 6 reels spring to life, accompanied by a special 4-position Extra Reel that spins horizontally across the top. Thanks to the Megaways mechanic, each reel, including the Extra Reel, can display up to 5 symbols, creating up to 15,625 potential ways to win.

In Panda Money, the lower-value symbols are represented by the card ranks from nine through Ace, offering payouts ranging from 0.2 to 0.25 times the stake for landing six of a kind. The game’s higher-value symbols are depicted by a collection of aesthetically pleasing icons, including a ring, a butterfly, a fish, and a flower, with rewards varying from 0.3 to 1 times the bet for six matching symbols on a payline. The Yin & Yang symbol serves as the game’s wild, capable of substituting for any regular pay symbol to aid in forming winning combinations. While wilds initially appear only on the Extra Reel, they can cascade down to the main reels during the Prize Builder feature, enhancing the potential for significant wins.

Panda Money Megaways: Slot Features

Panda Money’s gameplay is significantly enhanced by its Prize Builder feature, which is ingeniously designed to escalate wins by holding onto winning symbols upon their appearance, allowing for the possibility of augmenting the win if additional matching symbols land during a respin. This feature plays a central role both in the base game and during the free spins round, where it is complemented by an unlimited win multiplier.

Prize Builder Mechanics Upon landing a winning combination, all winning symbols are collected at the bottom, while the remaining positions undergo a respin. If winning symbols are present on the Extra Reel and space permits, they drop to the main reels below, potentially increasing the total number of symbols displayed. However, a winning symbol on the Extra Reel will remain in place if the reel directly below is already at its capacity with four symbols. This process is repeated every time additional winning symbols enhance the initial win following a respin, continuing until no further improvement to the win occurs or there’s no space left for symbols to drop, culminating in the payout of the total win. Notably, scatter symbols are retained throughout the Prize Builder sequence, enhancing the chances of triggering the free spins.

Free Spins Feature The adventure into free spins begins with the accumulation of three scatter symbols, instantly rewarding players with eight free spins, with an additional two spins for every extra scatter symbol detected beyond the initial three. The feature is distinguished by an unlimited win multiplier starting at x1, which can increase indefinitely. As symbols are removed during the Prize Builder feature, Bamboo symbols may emerge, which the slumbering panda beside the reels collects. Every collection of five Bamboo symbols elevates the win multiplier by +1, further enriching the potential for substantial rewards. Additional scatters during this round yield extra spins, ensuring the action remains thrilling and dynamic.

Win Exchange & Bonus Buy Options For those fortunate enough to secure a win of 100x the bet or more, there’s an opportunity to directly exchange 100x their stake for 8 free spins. Wins that fall between 25x and 100x the bet present a gamble option on a wheel with green and red segments for a chance at winning 8 free spins. Players can also opt for a straightforward purchase of 8 free spins for 100x their bet, providing a direct route to this highly anticipated feature. This array of options adds strategic depth to the game, allowing players to weigh their choices and potentially leverage their wins for greater rewards.

Panda Money Megaways: Slot Verdict

Slots featuring mechanics that hold winning symbols and trigger respins for remaining positions to enhance wins have become increasingly common, offering players a plethora of choices in this specific genre. Games like Hula Balua, Grand Melee, and Frogs & Bugs are just a few examples that cater to players who enjoy this dynamic. This means that those looking for slots that employ a strategy of locking in wins and seeking to amplify them through respins have a wide array of options. Big Time Gaming’s Panda Money Megaways differentiates itself with several enticing elements designed to attract players away from similar offerings.

One of the standout features of Panda Money Megaways is its impressive potential for big wins, boasting a maximum payout of up to 67,330 times the stake. This is notable even when compared to other high-potential slots, such as Nolimit City’s Serial, which offers up to 74,800 times the bet. However, it’s worth mentioning that such colossal wins in Big Time Gaming slots tend to occur less frequently than those in Nolimit City games.

Panda Money Megaways opts for simplicity over complexity, prioritizing fast-paced gameplay that keeps the action moving swiftly. This approach means that players may encounter more frequent dead spins, but these are part of the game’s strategy to balance out the win-loss ratio. Despite the potential for significant wins, the slot’s symbol values are relatively low, which can lead to instances where the screen is filled with winning combinations that yield modest payouts.

This gameplay cycle can feel repetitive, akin to being on a water wheel that alternates between dead spins and Prize Builder sequences without substantial results. However, Panda Money Megaways also has the potential to deliver explosive wins under the right circumstances. Its solid design, coupled with the appealing figures and features characteristic of Big Time Gaming, underscores its potential as a captivating slot experience.


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