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Oink Bankin’: Slot Overview

The slot industry’s fascination with combining pigs and banking themes might be seen as a playful nod to some people’s cynical view of the banking sector, depicting bankers as gluttonous figures indulging in excess at the expense of the wider community. This theme is explored in the online slot “Oink Bankin’,” developed by Games Global studio Foxium, which takes a lighthearted approach to the concept of illicit gain, specifically theft.

In “Oink Bankin’,” the protagonist is a stereotypical burglar, complete with a black eye mask, beanie, and the classic black and white striped outfit, which humorously attempts to disguise their identity. This setup aims to portray the lighter, more comedic aspect of criminal activities, steering clear of a more serious or distressing depiction. While Foxium has a history of creating visually striking slots, such as “Cossacks The Wild Hunt,” “Oink Bankin'” doesn’t quite reach the same heights. Without intending to sound harsh, it appears that “Oink Bankin'” falls into the category of an average piggy bank-themed slot, complemented by a few modest jackpot prizes displayed on the side of the screen.

Oink Bankin’ distinguishes itself with a unique gameplay structure that includes a conventional 5×3 reel grid and 20 paylines for standard symbol matches, alongside an Extra Reel positioned above the main grid. This additional reel is designated for special symbols and does not contribute to regular payline wins, which are achieved by landing at least three matching symbols from left to right, starting from the leftmost reel on the main grid. The game’s medium volatility is set against a version with a 96.23% RTP, offering a hit frequency of 24.14%. Players have the flexibility to place bets ranging from 20 cents to $/€25.

The symbols in Oink Bankin’ lean into the bank heist theme, with the lower-value icons represented by card royals from 10 to A, and higher-value symbols depicted as bags of coins, banknotes, gold bars, gems, and a robber character. A five-of-a-kind (5 OAK) win with the royal symbols yields a reward of 3 to 5 times the stake, whereas the high-value symbols can pay out between 7.5 to 20 times the bet. Additionally, wild symbols feature prominently on the reels, where they can substitute for any regular pay symbol to aid in forming winning combinations, with a line of five wilds delivering a payout of 20 times the stake.

Oink Bankin’: Slot Features

Oink Bankin’s assortment of features includes enticing options like Coin symbol prizes, a Walking Wild feature, the Oink Bankin’ Rush, and a dynamic “Boom Bang!” event, each adding layers of excitement and potential rewards.

Coin Collect: When a Collect Vault symbol lands on the Extra Reel, it activates the collection of all visible Coin symbols, awarding cash prizes. The prizes from Coin symbols are multiplied by the number of Collect Vault symbols present, with the Mini, Minor, Major, and Grand Jackpots delivering wins of 25x, 100x, 500x, and 2,000x the bet, respectively.

Walking Wild Feature: This feature is triggered randomly when the Piggy symbol, bringing Oink symbols, appears on the Extra Reel. An Oink symbol landing on the Extra Reel transforms all symbols directly below it into wilds, initiating the Walking Wild, which shifts one reel to the left with each spin at no additional cost. If an Oink symbol lands above a Walking Wild, it boosts the win multiplier by +1, up to a maximum of 5x. This feature concludes when the Walking Wild exits the grid from the leftmost reel. Coin and Collect Vault symbols are absent during this feature.

Oink Bankin’ Rush: An Oink symbol on the Extra Reel contributes to filling the Oink Bankin’ Rush Meter, independent of the bet level. Accumulating 12 Oink symbols triggers the Rush mode, enhancing the frequency of Coin Collects and Walking Wilds, although Oink symbols won’t accumulate in this mode. The activation of Walking Wild during the Rush turns at least two rightmost reels wild, and the Rush concludes following the Walking Wild feature. Spins within the Oink Bankin’ Rush are paid, except for those from the Walking Wild.

Boom Bang!: This spontaneous feature can activate during any spin, where the Robber character zips across the screen and uses dynamite to rearrange the reels, potentially forging winning combinations.

These diverse features in Oink Bankin’ not only offer a variety of ways to win but also inject a fun, engaging dynamic into the gameplay, making each spin a potentially new adventure.

Oink Bankin’: Slot Verdict

The sense of déjà vu you might experience with Oink Bankin’ could stem from its remarkable resemblance to another Foxium creation, Agnes Mission: Wild Lab, rather than just the familiar themes of pigs, banking, and robbery. Both slots share identical features and statistics, but they diverge significantly in their themes. Oink Bankin’s portrayal of piggy banks, robbers, and financial motifs is considerably less captivating compared to the imaginative and morally ambiguous world of Agnes Mission: Wild Lab. The latter delves into futuristic scenarios involving unethical experiments with alien life forms or genetically altered biomaterials, which, unsurprisingly, holds the imagination more firmly than the well-worn path of Oink Bankin’s thematic choices.

Despite its conventional theme, Oink Bankin’ boasts a notable winning potential of up to 10,000x the bet. This figure is particularly surprising when you consider that the Grand Jackpot offers a maximum of 2,000x the stake, suggesting that accumulating a significant number of Walking Wilds might be necessary to achieve higher payouts. The game does maintain a certain charm with its light-hearted portrayal of a cat burglar, yet the graphics and overall presentation feel somewhat lackluster and run-of-the-mill, especially when compared to the visually and conceptually richer Agnes Mission slot. The novelty and excitement that typically accompany the first exploration of a slot’s mechanics and theme may also diminish upon revisiting similar gameplay in a different guise.

For those enthralled by the fantasy of pulling off virtual heists in the world of slots, Oink Bankin’ might still offer some enjoyment. However, it might feel more like a modest caper targeting a small local bank rather than an audacious, high-stakes heist aimed at Fort Knox’s famed gold reserves.


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