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Mystic Orbs – New Slot From ELK

Elk Studios unveils the new Mystic Orbs game

To this day, magical orbs remain a great mystery that has been exploited by many works of fiction. However, in its new slot game Mystic Orbs, ELK Studios is trying to find a solution to this enigma. Magical moments await you.

If ELK Studios can take its place at the table of the big boys in the online gaming industry today, it’s because of the quality of entertainment it provides through its titles. This developer does not skimp on the means to always offer something new to the French bettors. The new challenge he has set himself for January 2022 is to launch an online slot machine that comes to answer all your questions about orbs and all its mysteries. Named Mystic Orbs, this production already promises fabulous moments of discovery accompanied by numerous winnings on Best Dama NV Casinos.

Mystic Orbs: Perceive the Mysteries of Orbs

Mystic Orbs is an online casino game in which ELK Studios reveals the hidden mysteries of orbs. First, if you didn’t know what an orb is, let us teach you. They are scientific phenomena studied by many physicists, including the famous Klaus Heinemann. They appear in some photos as strange spots like bubbles of light with disturbing reflections. They can appear on photos taken at night as well as in the middle of the day, on plants, animals or even near the face of an individual. As intriguing as they are, they fascinate.

While the vast majority of physicists consider them to be a natural phenomenon, some believe that they are real messages with a very specific purpose. It should be noted that no plausible explanation has been found for the interpretation of these messages to this day. However, according to certain hypotheses, these dreamlike spots of light appear to show us the true nature of things or individuals. If you see it near a person’s face, for example, it could mean positive energy that reveals the goodness of the person’s soul.

In the Mystic Orbs free slot, you can experience this phenomenon and win big at the same time. The jackpot you can expect during your sessions is estimated at 10,000× the initial bet. However, to give yourself a chance to win it, you need to bet between €0.20 and €100. Mystic Orbs is designed with 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 paylines. Its RTP is rated at 96%. Wild cards and free spins are the main features you can enjoy while playing this slot at top online casinos.



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