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Mr. Pigg E. Bank: Slot Overview

The game “Mr. Pigg E. Bank” is a novel addition to the online slot gaming world, developed by Games Global studio Just For The Win. It differs from the studio’s traditional ‘Kingdom’ series, such as Scarab Kingdom, Amazon Kingdom, and Trojan Kingdom, by not being a kingdom-themed game. However, it incorporates familiar features from these titles. Set against a backdrop distinct from Ancient Greece, the Amazon, or Ancient Egypt, Mr. Pigg E. Bank presents a unique theme with a touch of nostalgia, thanks to its roaring big band swing music. The main character, Mr. Pigg, embodies a prosperous lifestyle, evident in his top hat, cigar, and the surplus of gold coins scattered around his bank.

The gameplay of Mr. Pigg E. Bank allows players to place bets ranging from 20 cents to $/€50 per spin, with a note that ‘feature progression is saved per bet.’ The game offers four RTP (Return to Player) configurations, with the default set at 96.13%. This high volatility game has a hit rate of 29.84%. The structure consists of a 5-reel, 4-row grid with 30 paylines, and the bonus game offers a chance to win four different prize values.

The symbols in Mr. Pigg E. Bank include both traditional royal icons and those inspired by the game’s theme. Low-value symbols are represented by card ranks from 10 to A, while higher-value symbols include coins, hats, red gems, and diamonds. Wild symbols appear as regular dollar signs or Golden Wilds, which can substitute for other symbols to form winning combinations. A five wild symbol combination can yield up to 10 times the bet.


Mr. Pigg E. Bank: Slot Features

“Mr. Pigg E. Bank” features various engaging elements such as the Dollar Tag symbol collection, Golden Wilds, a bonus game, free spins, and super free spins.

Dollar Tag Symbol Collection: This feature is exclusive to the base game. Each reel has a Dollar Tag counter above it, and every Dollar Tag symbol that lands is added to the respective counter. Collecting 3 Dollar Tags on a reel activates the Golden Wild feature for that reel. Note that Dollar Tags don’t appear on reels currently featuring Golden Wilds. The counters, Golden Wilds, and state of the reels are maintained across different bet levels.

Golden Wilds: Present in the base game and both free spins rounds, Golden Wilds introduce expanding, sticky Golden Wild symbols to the reels. In the base game, a Golden Wild is placed at the top of the reel that triggered it on the next spin, and with each subsequent spin, it expands downward by one position. Once it reaches the bottom, the feature ends on that reel, and the Golden Wilds are removed in the next spin. Golden Wilds don’t obstruct the visibility of free spins scatters, allowing the free spins rounds to be activated during the Golden Wilds feature.

Bonus Game Trigger: Bonus Tokens might appear on symbols in the base game. Collecting a Bonus Token offers a random chance to trigger the bonus game. Only tokens collected in the current spin count towards this chance. If free spins or super free spins are activated simultaneously with a Bonus Token, only the spins rounds will be played.

Bonus Game: In the bonus game, players uncover items to reveal one of four symbols – Mini, Minor, Major, or Mega. Matching three of the same symbols awards the corresponding prize, with Mega offering 5,000x, Major 200x, Minor 40x, and Mini 15x the bet.

Free Spins: Triggered by landing 3 scatters on reels 2, 3, and 4 in the base game, this feature starts with an indefinite number of free spins and an x1 multiplier, which increases by +1 after each spin. Golden Wilds are initially active on reel 3. The free spins continue until no Golden Wild symbols are visible.

Super Free Spins: In the base game, 2 scatters contribute 1 point to the super free spins upgrade meter, which has a maximum capacity of 20 points. Once full, the next occurrence of 3 scatters initiates super free spins. These spins follow similar rules to the regular free spins, but with an initial multiplier of x5 and Golden Wilds active on reels 2 and 4 from the start. The meter’s status is maintained across different bet levels.

Mr. Pigg E. Bank: Slot Verdict

Just For The Win, known for its ‘Kingdom’ slot series, has ventured into a new theme with “Mr. Pigg E. Bank,” distancing itself from the usual kingdom-related motifs. This game introduces a unique twist, portraying Mr. Pigg’s bank as a quasi-feudal domain where he drives his subordinates to accumulate increasing amounts of fees, commissions, and deposits. The vibrant, swinging atmosphere of the game underscores a thriving business, reinforcing the common association between wealth and pigs in the online slot world.

The features of Mr. Pigg E. Bank, while not entirely new to fans of Just For The Win slots, present a fresh combination that distinguishes it from its predecessors. Elements like randomly triggering the bonus game, incrementing multipliers in free spins, and the inclusion of a super free spins round have appeared individually in other Kingdom slots, but their collective presence in Mr. Pigg E. Bank offers a slightly novel experience. This mix may attract fans looking for a familiar yet distinct gaming experience.

In terms of winning potential, Mr. Pigg E. Bank offers a maximum win of 5,000x the bet, notably less than the 10,000x offered by Trojan Kingdom. This peak win is achievable in the pick-me bonus game. Although Mr. Pigg E. Bank provides a different thematic backdrop and a modified set of features, its mechanics may feel familiar to seasoned players, potentially making it less appealing to those looking for something completely different. Nonetheless, the game’s lively setting and unique theme might still draw players into giving it a try.


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