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Most Wanted: Slot Overview

Landing on a real-life most wanted list might signal a moment for some serious introspection about one’s life decisions. Conversely, finding yourself on a fictional most wanted list often signifies reaching the pinnacle of cool, the kind of notoriety that’s more about swagger than infamy. TrueLab’s online slot “Most Wanted” plunges players into just such an imaginary realm, offering a journey into a Wild West setting filled with scatter-paying wins and multiplier symbols. This setup might remind some players of Pragmatic Play’s “Gate of Olympus 1000” or “Starlight Princess 1000,” as “Most Wanted” bears a striking mechanical resemblance to these titles.

However, “Most Wanted” diverges in its visual theme, swapping Ancient Greek mythology or anime fantasy for the gritty backdrop of the Wild West. While the graphics are skillfully crafted, showcasing a resilient character standing beside the reels in a classic dusty town, the visuals don’t break new ground. This is a landscape well-trodden by countless movies, novels, and other slots. There’s no denying the competency of the artwork, but it doesn’t push the envelope of creative design.

“Most Wanted” mirrors the gameplay framework of Pragmatic Play’s well-known slots, embedding it into this highly volatile game with a 96.06% RTP. Set on a 6×5 grid, wins are triggered when 8 or more matching symbols land anywhere on the reels. Players can adjust their stakes from 20 cents to $/€200 per spin, with additional features like a bonus bet and a bonus buy option available to expedite access to the free spins round.

The slot employs a cascade mechanic, where winning symbols are removed to allow new ones to fall into place, potentially creating further wins and continuing until no new wins are formed. The paytable is divided into three categories: low, mid, and high-value symbols. Low-paying symbols are represented by coins adorned with dollar signs, mid-value symbols include a knife, a bottle, and dynamite, and high-value symbols feature a pistol, a shotgun, and a male character. The payout for landing 8 matching symbols ranges from 0.25 to 10 times the stake, escalating to 2 to 50 times the stake for combinations of 12 or more symbols. In line with the game it closely resembles, “Most Wanted” does not include wild symbols, focusing instead on its scatter pays and multipliers to generate excitement.

Most Wanted: Slot Features

“Most Wanted” incorporates a collection of proven and popular features into its gameplay, including cascades, multiplier symbols, free spins with cumulative multipliers, a bonus bet option, and the ability to buy into the bonus round directly.

Bounty Multipliers
During any spin, Bounty Multipliers ranging from x2 to x1,000 can appear. In the base game, once winning cascades conclude, any visible Bounty Multipliers are combined and the total value is applied to the overall win, enhancing payout potential significantly.

Manhunt Bonus
Securing 4, 5, or 6 scatter symbols triggers the Manhunt Bonus, awarding 15 free spins alongside a bet multiplier of 3x, 5x, or 100x, respectively. The round becomes even more lucrative with the possibility of earning an additional 5 free spins for landing 3 or more scatters during the bonus. Importantly, when Bounty Multipliers land during a win within the bonus round, their values are not only added together but also augment a total multiplier that applies to subsequent wins for the duration of the Manhunt Bonus. This multiplier accumulates, potentially leading to substantial payouts, especially if multiple multiplier symbols land and contribute to a win.

Bonus Bet & Bonus Buy
The bonus bet feature allows players to increase their stake by 25% for a doubled chance of activating free spins, though the impact of this option on the RTP was not specified. Alternatively, players can opt for the Buy Bonus feature, instantly accessing the Manhunt Bonus at the cost of 100x their current bet. Opting for this direct route to the bonus adjusts the game’s RTP slightly to 96.18%.

These elements combine to make “Most Wanted” a thrilling addition to the slot game genre, offering players numerous ways to win big through its engaging mechanics and the allure of the Wild West theme.

Most Wanted: Slot Verdict

It’s a testament to a studio’s impact when it feels like every second game developer and their pet are drawing inspiration—or outright imitating—its creations, hoping to capture a fragment of its success. “Most Wanted” finds itself basking in such reflective glory, presenting as a Wild West-themed homage to Gates of Olympus 1000. Despite any ethical or moral quandaries this approach may raise, TrueLab might be onto a winner. The enduring appeal of the Western theme, coupled with the soaring popularity of scatter-paying mechanics, positions “Most Wanted” well within the market to garner significant attention.

Yet, the extent of imitation begs the question: Could not TrueLab have injected a modicum of innovation or a slight twist to distinguish “Most Wanted” from its muse? It appears not, whether due to a strategic decision to align closely with the proven success of Gates, a desire to leverage its established appeal, or simply a reluctance to deviate from formula. Setting aside these considerations, “Most Wanted” offers substantial entertainment value as a scatter-paying slot. The game boasts a maximum winning potential of 15,000x the bet—a feat reportedly achieved 345 times over 10 billion spins, showcasing respectable performance metrics. Moreover, the Western motif adeptly conceals the mechanics borrowed from its predecessor.

Admittedly, TrueLab’s approach can be seen as somewhat cheeky, closely mirroring another’s game mechanics while bringing little new to the table, not to mention choosing a well-trodden theme. However, despite scoring low on originality, “Most Wanted” stands as a competently designed scatter-paying slot with engaging gameplay and promising statistics, capable of capturing players’ interest in its own right.


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