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Moon Princess Power of Love – (PLAY’N GO) SLOT REVIEW

Moon Princess Power of Love: Slot Overview

Moon Princess, a widely recognized slot game from Play’n GO, has seen numerous iterations and adaptations, including a ‘100’ version, a Christmas edition, and a Trinity variant. It has also inspired several similar games. Fans of the Moon Princess series will be delighted with the latest addition, Moon Princess Power of Love, which introduces a fresh twist by replacing two of the original princesses with new prince characters, while retaining many familiar features and making some adjustments to the modifiers and the free spins round.

The new characters, named Blaze and Hail, quickly make their presence known in the game. As in the original Moon Princess, the currently active character floats next to the gaming grid, with all three characters rotating in and out to activate their unique features at appropriate moments. The game’s aesthetics remain consistent with the series, featuring hearts, clouds, golden objects, moons, and similar elements. For those who have experienced a Moon Princess slot before, the gameplay and visual style will be instantly recognizable, continuing the legacy of the beloved franchise with this new variation.

In “Moon Princess Power of Love,” players are treated to a magical gaming experience on a 5×5 grid, which interestingly combines elements of both cluster and line win mechanics. The game is set against a backdrop of soft pastel colors, yet it’s powered by a highly volatile mathematical model, offering a default Return to Player (RTP) value of 96.2%. Players have the flexibility to place bets ranging from 10 cents to $/€100 for each symbol drop.

The game’s symbol lineup includes four unique objects representing the lower-value symbols, followed by the characters Hail, Blaze, and Love as the higher-value symbols. Landing a line of five matching low-value symbols awards 1.5 times the bet. A combination of any five character symbols yields 3 times the bet, while a line of five of the same character (5 OAK) pays out 7.5 times the bet. Wild symbols in the game can substitute for all other symbols and offer a payout of 10 times the bet for a line of five. Notably, if there are no other regular pay symbols present, wilds are removed from the grid, adding an interesting twist to the gameplay.

Moon Princess Power of Love: Slot Features

“Moon Princess Power of Love” continues the legacy of the Moon Princess slots series with a familiar yet refreshing gameplay on a 5×5 grid. Wins are achieved when three matching symbols, or any combination of high-pay symbols, line up horizontally or vertically anywhere on the grid. Winning symbols are removed, causing the remaining symbols to drop down into the vacated spaces. Notably, new symbols do not enter from the top of the grid. A unique feature is that a wild symbol is created in the center of a 3-symbol (3 OAK) winning combination, and wilds only appear this way on the grid. After each tumble, the win multiplier increases by +1, up to a maximum of x100. Clearing the entire grid, except during the Love Triangle feature, awards 50 times the bet, and this prize is also subject to the win multiplier.

Character Power Feature: On any spin that doesn’t result in a win, the Character Power feature may randomly activate. However, it’s important to note that these powers don’t always guarantee a win. The character next to the grid determines the specific power:

  • Love: Transforms one set of symbols into another symbol type.
  • Blaze: Adds 2 to 4 of the same symbol to the grid. This symbol is already present on the grid.
  • Hail: Synchronizes two reels by duplicating a selected reel.

Love Triangle Feature: Next to the grid is a power meter. Filling 1, 2, or 3 sections of the meter is done by landing winning combinations of 3, 4, or 5 character symbols, respectively. Once all three sections are filled, the Love Triangle feature activates, granting 1 free spin. During this feature, the win multiplier resets, and each character uses their modifier on non-winning drops until all three powers are used. Clearing the grid during this feature triggers the free spins.

Free Spins: In the free spins round, players select either Blaze or Hail, each coming with 4 free spins. The multiplier from the Love Triangle is carried into this round. On every non-winning spin, the selected character performs their feature, followed by Love’s modifier. Filling the Power Meter during this round adds +3 extra free spins, up to a maximum of 100. The win multiplier doesn’t reset until the round concludes, and the maximum multiplier value is x100.

Moon Princess Power of Love: Slot Verdict

Play’n GO’s decision to expand its already extensive Moon Princess slot series with “Moon Princess Power of Love” was both somewhat expected and surprising. The game retains the core mechanics that have made the series popular: starting anywhere winning combinations, tumbles, premium symbol collection, wild spawning, and the three unique modifiers. These elements together create a dynamic gameplay experience, where a single spin can evolve into a series of continuous wins, potentially leading to substantial payouts. Clearing the grid is especially rewarding during the Love Triangle feature, as it triggers free spins, but it’s also thrilling in the base game and free spins round, with the 50x reward being amplified by the current multiplier. This successful feature set has been a hit in past games, and it continues to deliver in “Moon Princess Power of Love,” likely to be a successful formula in future releases as well.

The introduction of the new “two lads, one lady” Love Triangle concept adds a slightly cheesy yet amusing twist to the game. This isn’t just for entertainment; Play’n GO has cleverly integrated this dynamic into the free spins feature, distinguishing “Moon Princess Power of Love” from its predecessors. In this version, players have two options when free spins are triggered, typically involving either Blaze or Hail, along with Love. While four free spins might seem limited, they align with the Love option in other Moon Princess slots, and the opportunity to win additional free spins by filling the meter occurs quite frequently. This feature helps players progress towards the game’s maximum win potential of 15,000 times the bet.

When viewed in its entirety, “Moon Princess Power of Love” doesn’t deviate drastically from the previous games in the series. However, the adjustments made are likely sufficient to satisfy fans of the earlier versions. For a slot that offers the possibility of long sequences of consecutive tumble wins with numerous added features, “Moon Princess Power of Love” stands as a solid choice, consistent with the high quality of the Moon Princess slot series.


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