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Monkeys Go Bananas MultiMax – (YGGDRASIL GAMING) SLOT REVIEW

Monkeys Go Bananas MultiMax: Slot Overview

Yggdrasil Gaming, a notable casino game designer, unveiled its slot game Multifly! in 2020, introducing the innovative MultiMax reel multiplier system. Since its launch, however, the studio has made relatively limited use of this mechanic, with a few titles like Rock Star Santa MultiMax and Firekick! MultiMax, as well as some offerings from partner studios, but it hasn’t become as prominent as other Yggdrasil innovations such as Gigablox or DoubleMax. Our recent review of Monkeys Go Bananas MultiMax suggests that this game hasn’t significantly revitalized the MultiMax feature, despite the potentially appealing theme of monkey pirates.

The game features charming visuals with five monkey pirates managing the MultiMax multipliers, setting a scene filled with rough seas and barrels. It aligns with the thematic universe of pirate-themed slots like Pirates: Smugglers Paradise or Pirates 2: Mutiny, also by Yggdrasil. For those seeking a more distinctly pirate-themed adventure, Peter & Sons’ Barbarossa DoubleMax, a partner studio game, offers a grittier alternative. The soundtrack of Monkeys Go Bananas MultiMax is notably unique, though it might not perfectly match the monkey pirate theme, possibly serving as a placeholder in the demo version.

Monkeys Go Bananas MultiMax faces criticism for its lower-than-usual maximum RTP of 94%, a figure slightly below Yggdrasil’s standard. The game’s volatility is described as “super-high,” which may intimidate some, but it also promises significant winning potential for those who find the action swinging in their favor. Bets range from 20 cents to $/€25 per spin, and there’s an option to buy into the free spins bonus directly.

The game operates on a 5-reel, 3-row format with 243 ways to win, offering payouts in both directions during the free spins feature. The symbols range from 9-A royals for lower payouts to five character symbols for higher values. Landing a five-of-a-kind (OAK) combination with low-pay symbols yields a return of 0.4 to 0.8 times the bet, while matching premium symbols can award 1.6 to 3.6 times the stake.

Monkeys Go Bananas MultiMax: Slot Features

Monkeys Go Bananas MultiMax builds upon features from its predecessor, Multifly!, by maintaining the mechanics of Avalanches, Reel Multipliers, and free spins, and introduces new elements like the pay both ways mechanic in the bonus rounds and Bomb symbols to enhance gameplay.

Avalanches: The game employs Avalanche wins, where winning symbols are cleared off the reels to allow new symbols to cascade down, offering additional chances to win within the same spin. With each Avalanche win, a wild symbol is placed in a random vacant spot before the spaces are filled again.

Wilds and Reel Multipliers: Wild symbols can substitute for all standard pay symbols. Adding a wild to the grid post-win increments the reel multiplier for that reel by +1. This multiplier affects any win that includes at least one symbol from the reel. When wins involve multiple reel multipliers, their values are multiplied together, significantly boosting the win potential. Reel multipliers reset after a losing Avalanche in the base game, starting at a minimum of x2, without a cap on the maximum multiplier.

Free Spins: Activating free spins requires landing 3 scatter symbols on the middle reels, granting 8 free spins. Unlike in the base game, reel multipliers do not reset in the free spins round, and wins are paid out from both directions—left to right and right to left, except for 5 OAK wins, which only pay from left to right. A unique addition in free spins is the Bomb symbol, enhancing win opportunities in three escalating power levels:

  • Level 1: Bombs destroy the symbol they land on, triggering an Avalanche.
  • Level 2: These bombs clear the symbol they land on and adjacent positions.
  • Level 3: The most powerful, these bombs obliterate the central position and all positions within a 2-symbol radius.

Bonus Buy: For those eager to jump straight to the action, the free spins bonus round can be purchased for 95 times the current bet, offering direct access to the game’s potentially most lucrative phase.

Monkeys Go Bananas MultiMax: Slot Verdict

Monkeys Go Bananas MultiMax, as hinted earlier, doesn’t quite revolutionize the MultiMax mechanic or elevate it to new heights. It avoids being a mere replication of Multifly!, such as what was observed with the studio’s football-themed game, yet it doesn’t emerge as a highly refined or thrilling advancement of the mechanic either. The impression given is that Yggdrasil might not have allocated its top talent to develop Monkeys Go Bananas MultiMax. The gameplay, while satisfactory during testing, didn’t surpass a basic level of enjoyment.

However, the game does have moments where it can truly shine, especially when the reels align favorably. The concept of having multipliers on each reel that can combine to enhance wins was a groundbreaking feature introduced by Multifly! and retains its appeal in Monkeys Go Bananas MultiMax. The addition of Bomb symbols that trigger Avalanches and the ability for the game to pay both ways during free spins are commendable enhancements, focusing players’ attention on reaching the bonus round. Yet, these additions do not impact the maximum win potential, which remains at 10,000 times the bet, and the reduction in RTP might leave a bit of a bitter taste.

While Monkeys Go Bananas MultiMax manages to keep the MultiMax feature relevant in the realm of online slots, it doesn’t stand out as a stellar offering. It provides fans of the MultiMax mechanic another opportunity to enjoy its dynamics, with a few new twists. Nonetheless, in comparison to its predecessor, its presentation and overall impact fall short, making it a less memorable experience.


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