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Mongol Treasures 2 Review – New Slot From Endorphina

Endorphina launches Mongol Treasures 2 game

A game of archery is in store for you, if you are a fan of combat-themed slots. It happens Endorphina launches new online casino game called Mongol Treasures 2. It is a title that has several positive aspects that we will talk about in this article.

A giant in the IGaming industry and one of the most popular providers, Endorphina is a software company based in Prague since 2012. During a decade, this software developer has made a real name for itself by providing casino players with around 100 entertainment options. Among these, we can mention Little Panda Dice, Tribe, Akbar & Birbal, without forgetting the great game Mongol Treasures. Players who tried this one couldn’t help but ask for a sequel. As Robert Harutyunyan, the head of business development at Endorphina, said, they heard the voice and demand of the fans and thus Mongol Treasures 2 slot was born. So get ready to experience unforgettable moments at the best Dama N.V. online casinos by enjoying this title. In the following article we will tell you about the features of the Mongol Treasures 2 entertainment option.

Take on the Native Tribes in Mongol Treasures 2

A great archery competition is taking place in the Mongolian lands, and Endorphina invites you to take part in it on its new slot Mongol Treasures 2. The battle takes place in the heart of the Mongolian empire, where players are called upon to fight against native tribes. Your ultimate mission is to keep your cool, aim accurately and shoot your arrows into the target. This is the fantastic adventure that you will live on the free machine without downloading Mongol Treasures 2. This title offers you not only a wonderful set of features, but also a beautiful graphic design.

With Mongol Treasures 2 slot, you will be able to test your archery skills. As mentioned above, it was the Mongolian culture that inspired Endorphina to design the theme of this game. That’s why you’ll see on the interface as soon as it loads, a Mongolian camp between the mountains in the background, as well as the figure of a smiling woman. This is a slot with a medium volatility and an RTP of 96.06%. Featuring 5 reels, 3 rows and 10 paylines, you can trigger the rotation of this entertainment feature by making a bet between €0.01 and €108. This will allow you to hit the jackpot, which can be as high as 4,000 times your initial bet. On the reels of Mongol Treasures 2, several symbols are present. We can mention the horses of different colors namely brown, black and white; the male and female knight and also poker card symbols.


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