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Money Minter Review – Evoplay

Evoplay release of the online casino game Money Minter

Evoplay is planning the launch of its new title Money Minter which, right from the name makes you understand that it is about a lot of money. Gambling is the essence of what a slot machine is all about. Lovers of land-based casinos can already rub their hands together at the thought of rediscovering the atmosphere of feverish casino nights.

If one were to define Evoplay in the world of igaming, it would be the one that changes the codes, that redefines the market. This has always been its goal. Since its creation, the developer has set itself the goal of surpassing itself and constantly innovating compared to the usual productions. By persisting in this direction, he has ended up winning several awards. Today, the entire online casino gaming industry recognizes Evoplay as one of the biggest innovators in the business. Will it surprise even more people with its new Money Minter slot? Read on for the answers.

Money Minter – Win Up to 5,000 Times Your Stake

On its Money Minter slot, Evoplay invites you to make your own money using its ready-to-use machine. Like crypto-currency miners, you will have to dig relentlessly to find the different combinations and ways to mine money. In terms of free slot games, we can say that Evoplay has been inspired by the slots found in the best land-based casinos.

This production is endowed with a sober design and a bit of class. It is as if you are alone in front of a slot machine placed on a support like in the physical casino establishments. The grid is composed of 5 reels and 3 rows on which you can recognize several symbols such as gold coins and bars, money bags, bundles of bills, in short, everything that has to do with money. Numbers and letters also scroll along with some special symbols like the ”W” that help you trigger interesting features.

Money Minter doesn’t just feel like a money making machine. The game has features that allow you to win up to 5000 times your bet. As far as the betting range is concerned, you are allowed a wide margin that ranges from €0.1 to €200. There are 20 paylines to choose from. With a bit of luck you will win the most money possible on this slot machine.


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