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Mining Pots of Gold – (GAMEBURGER) SLOT REVIEW

Mining Pots of Gold: Slot Overview

Mining Pots of Gold, a creation by Games Global partner Gameburger Studios, combines the popular themes of mining and leprechauns. The game begins with a gaming panel beside a pot of gold under a rainbow, placed on top of dynamite sticks. The backdrop features a rocky landscape, grass, flowers, and a cloudy blue sky. While not the most visually striking, the game gains charm as it unfolds. Mining Pots of Gold falls into a category similar to the Rainbow Riches series, with its low-budget, retro appearance. The cheerful tune adds a jolly atmosphere, though the game’s design may not reflect an exhaustive creative effort from Gameburger Studios.

Mining Pots of Gold is classified as ‘very high’ volatility, which might give pause to players seeking a casual mining/leprechaun blend. The game offers four RTP configurations, with the default set at 96%. At this level, the hit frequency is 18.84%, and players can choose stakes ranging from 20 p/c to £/€60. The game features 20 paylines across a 5×3 reel matrix.

The paytable includes standard symbols like J to A card ranks as low pays, followed by boots, a hat, a harp, a bag of coins, and a cart of nuggets. A line of 5 low pay symbols yields a payout of 2 to 6 times the stake, while a 5-symbol hit with premium symbols pays out 10 to 50 times the bet. The wild symbol, featuring a fist-pumping leprechaun, appears on all reels, substitutes for all symbols except scatters, and multiplies wins by x2 when substituting. Stacked wilds can appear on the reels, with a maximum payout of 100 times the bet for a 5 wild winning line.

Mining Pots of Gold: Slot Features

Wild symbols trigger one of the most thrilling moments in Mining Pots of Gold – the Wild Blackout. This feature is complemented by Bonus Enhancers and the main bonus round.

Wild Blackout

Wilds can appear on all positions during the base game, creating a Wild Blackout. When this occurs, an impressive 2,000 times the bet is awarded, on top of any line pays.

Bonus Enhancers

The game features Bonus Enhancers, which are small overlay tokens appearing on scatters. These tokens contribute to their respective Bonus Enhancer meters. The number of tokens collected determines the rewards in the bonus feature:

  • The green Bonus Prize token contributes to the Bonus Prize Indicator and awards a certain number of Bonus Prizes, with up to 9 Bonus Prizes collectible in the base game.
  • The blue Bonus Prize token adds a 0.5x increase to the multiplier indicator, allowing players to collect up to a 10x multiplier in the base game.
  • The pink Bonus Prize token contributes a bonus spin to the Bonus Spin Indicator, offering up to 12 bonus spins in the base game.

It’s worth noting that Bonus Enhancers reset when the bonus feature is completed, providing up to 3 Bonus Prizes, a 2x Bonus Multiplier, and 5 Bonus spins upon returning to the base game.

Bonus Game

Dynamite stick scatters are accumulated on the pile when they appear on reels 2, 3, and 4, and this may randomly trigger the bonus feature. Upon activation, the game transitions below ground, revealing 20 four-leaf clover bonus symbols on the screen. The number of Bonus Prizes achieved in the base game determines how many bonus symbols flip over to display prize values. During each spin, bonus symbols may flip to reveal prizes, and these prizes can be randomly multiplied by the multiplier achieved in the base game, with a maximum of 12 prizes. When the spins are depleted, the total value of all prizes on the screen is awarded. Additionally, the number of Bonus Prizes can trigger an extra prize – 5, 10, 15, 18, or 20 Bonus Prizes result in payouts of 5x, 15x, 30x, 50x, or 1,000x the bet, respectively.

Mining Pots of Gold: Slot Verdict

So, did everyone have a good time? Well, yes and no. The initial impression wasn’t the greatest, thinking that here comes another one of these pots of, masks of, whatever of slots from Gameburger Studios, but Mining Pots of Gold is actually quite different from others it is distantly related to, which we’ve reviewed. One of the most desirable outcomes remains getting enough bonus prizes on the screen to collect cash from a list of values like a regular 9 Masks of Fire game, but there’s actually a lot more going on than that. Is it enough to battle through the generic, cost-cutting looks and sounds in an attempt to get to the gold? Eh…

There is very likely to be a cohort of players ready and willing to lap Mining Pots of Gold up, though, fair dues. It’s got quite a substantial build-up effect as Bonus Enhancer Tokens leap from scatters onto their respective collection meters. The frickin pile of dynamite can be a real holdout, looking like it could blow at any moment, taking out the entire mountainous scene along with each and every leprechaun in the area, but just not triggering. Eventually, it would, and the bonus round was quite unique. Not hugely profitable, though, as max winnings in Mining Pots of Gold top out at 4,000x the bet.

Mining Pots of Gold, it’s hard not to envisage this one ending up being quite divisive. On the one hand, if you think the world’s got more than enough mining and leprechaun games already, then bringing both things together into one jolly, knee-slapping, ore-busting place will feel about as desirable as a sand wedge strike to the goolies. For those in this camp, Mining Pots of Gold’s eye-aching old-fashioned design will likely be straight-up meh. However, there might be a squad of gamblers out there for whom Mining Pots of Gold will be right up their street, and more power to them. It’s hard to see much middle ground here.

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