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Mighty Empire Hold & Win – (ISOFTBET) SLOT REVIEW

Mighty Empire Hold & Win: Slot Overview

“Join me in taking over the world,” declares the protagonist in iSoftBet‘s online slot game, Mighty Empire Hold & Win. In this case, the leading character is none other than Napoleon Bonaparte, the renowned French ruler known for his military endeavors. While not to be confused with Napoleon Dynamite and his slick dance moves, Napoleon Bonaparte proclaimed himself Emperor of France and experienced both triumphs and setbacks in his military campaigns. Ultimately, he spent his later years in exile on the remote island of St Helena in the South Atlantic Ocean.

Mighty Empire Hold & Win focuses on Napoleon’s military exploits rather than his later exile, delivering a dramatic gaming experience. The slot is accompanied by a stirring soundtrack that may evoke a desire to march, even if there’s no particular destination. Napoleon himself provides commentary at certain points in the game, and the visuals feature elements of conquest and battle, including cannons, ropes, and flags. The game is set against a backdrop of a fortified position, creating an atmosphere of either attacking or defending, though it remains open to interpretation.

To embark on the journey of world domination in Mighty Empire Hold & Win, it’s essential to understand the game rules. The slot is played on a 5-reel, 4-row grid with 20 paylines for assessing regular line wins. Bets ranging from 20 p/ to $/€20 are available, and players can opt for the Napoleon Bet, which increases the stake by 25% and enhances the chances of triggering the bonus when activated. With medium to high volatility, the RTP stands at 95.56% in the standard game and rises to 96.02% when utilizing the Napoleon Bet.

Napoleon himself represents the most valuable symbol in Mighty Empire, followed by a majestic horse, a hat, and a drum. Premium symbols yield payouts of 5 to 25 times the stake for a winning line of 5 symbols. On the lower end of the paytable, 10 to A card ranks offer payouts of 2.5 to 3 times the bet for a 5-symbol win. The wild symbol is represented by a golden fleur-de-lis against a French Flag background, appearing on all reels. This wild can substitute for any pay symbol and shares the same payout values as the premium Napoleon symbol.

Mighty Empire Hold & Win: Slot Features

In the quest for conquest in a game primarily centered around Hold & Win, line wins alone may have their limits. However, Mighty Empire introduces three Napoleon modifiers that can be randomly triggered on any spin, providing additional assistance:

  1. Collector: The cannon fires at 3 to 5 scatter symbols, instantly awarding their values.
  2. Lose to Win: Losing symbols undergo a transformation, leading to a reel reset that either creates a win or triggers the feature.
  3. Attack Wilds: 4 to 10 random wilds are strategically placed on the reels to enhance winning opportunities.

Hold & Win Respin Bonus

Scatter symbols can land on any reel, and when 3 or more connect horizontally on three or more adjacent reels, the Hold & Win Respins Bonus is triggered. The scatters responsible for the trigger are held in place from the beginning of the bonus, and players are granted 3 respins. Scatter values during this feature range from 1x to 50x the bet.

New scatters landing on the reels reset the spin count to 3, but these will only pay a prize if they are connected horizontally or vertically to the originally triggered symbols. At the beginning of the bonus round, each reel is assigned a multiplier of x2, x3, x4, x5, or x10, with only two of the same multiplier allowed to appear. When a reel becomes filled with scatter symbols, the designated multiplier is applied to each of the values. The bonus round concludes when the respins run out or the entire grid is filled. If the grid is filled, players receive the top prize of 2,500x the bet, known as the World Domination prize. No additional awards are given if the World Domination prize is paid out.

Mighty Empire Hold & Win: Slot Verdict

The depiction of military history in Mighty Empire, while somewhat sanitized, provides an entertaining gambling experience for players interested in historical themes. iSoftBet, with its extensive experience in making hold ‘n win style games, offers a well-made trip back in time with a set of neatly intertwined features. The game’s theme and gameplay work hand in hand, creating an enjoyable experience.

Mighty Empire stands out in its creative approach to the hold ‘n win structure. Instead of a straightforward collection of scatter symbols, players must connect them to the triggering scatters before unlocking their values. While this may be a challenge when a round ends with scatter prizes locked, the game compensates with regional conquest reel multipliers. Conquering each region by locking scatter symbols to a whole reel increases the multiplier for each scatter on that reel.

Although the game’s top prize is 2,500x the bet, some players seeking a more aggressive experience might explore other titles like Blueprint’s Napoleon – Rise on an Empire, a game that seems to have heavily inspired Mighty Empire.

In summary, while Mighty Empire may not aim for world domination in the online gambling world, it offers a tight and well-crafted experience with cleverly thought-out ideas, entertainingly presented in a fun slot with somewhat modest ambitions.



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