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Meerkat Misfits Review

RTG powered betting sites offer Meerkat Misfits

RTG continues to storm the top online casinos that benefit from its services. This time, it is with the new Meerkat Misfits slot machine that it has decided to offer players moments of entertainment like no other. By betting on this title, they will have the opportunity to pocket a jackpot of 2,000 times the stake at the end of their sessions.

With the interesting bonuses available at the best online casinos, it’s impossible not to want to trigger the spins on a new slot machine. If you are looking for a thrilling adventure that will result in big jackpots, the free game Meerkat Misfits is certainly the best option for you. RTG, who is responsible for this production, puts all their ingenuity into designing their slot machines and Meerkat Misfits is no exception to the rule. After trying it out, we realized that it is about a trip to the southwest of Namibia. The graphics of this game are well presented and it is worth noting that players will have the opportunity to benefit from excellent features that will allow them to end their odyssey with big jackpots.

Fight With Meerkats To Win Up To 2,000 Coins

In Meerkat Misfits free slot, RTG takes French players to the Namib Desert. Located in southwestern Namibia, it is home to many animals. Among them are the meerkats. Still called the sentinels of the desert, they feed on insects, scorpions, reptiles, rats, etc.. Meerkats live in groups and take refuge in large burrows at night. In the new online casino game Meerkat Misfits, their territory is threatened and they are forced to take up weapons like humans to defend themselves. To help the meerkats protect their resources, RTG invites you to bet between €0.30 and €15 on the Meerkat Misfits slot game.

As soon as you load the online casino game Meerkat Misfits you will really find yourself in southwestern Namibia. On the 5 reels and 3 rows of this title, you will see guns, machetes, rat traps, armed meerkats, etc. What you really need to protect in this meerkat group territory is the treasure chest. As soon as you win the battle, you will have the opportunity to return with part of the chest filled with gold nuggets. This loot can be up to 2,000 times your initial stake. The features that will help you accomplish your mission and collect your winnings in a short period of time are multipliers, free spins, etc. The Meerkat Misfits slot game comes with 30 paylines. Moreover, it has a groovy animation that is very engaging. This online casino game incorporates a good payout rate of 97.3%.


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