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Manimals: Slot Overview

The portrayal of the future in online slots often leans towards dark and dystopian themes, rather than idyllic visions of a world that has overcome its greatest challenges. This trend is vividly exemplified in Stakelogic’s slot game, Manimals. In this grim future scenario, humanity has vanished, and in its place, genetic engineering has birthed animal-human hybrids, led by a figure known as Tigarius. The game immerses players in a struggle for survival within the urban decay, guiding them through dilapidated streets to a final confrontation in a venue simply dubbed “the arena.” Stakelogic’s creative team presents a universe reminiscent of The Expendables’ slot games, albeit with characters that are more genetic aberrations than action movie stars. The game’s aesthetic channels a cyberpunk vibe inspired by the likes of William Gibson, characterized by its neon-lit darkness and a gritty atmosphere where possessing sharp claws or formidable jaws is less about thriving and more about mere survival in a fiercely competitive world.

Manimals not only features prominently large characters but also boasts a game board with the potential for expansiveness. It is structured with 5 reels, yet the innovative design allows symbols to compress, unlocking up to 32,768 ways to win. For those eager to bypass the routine of the base game, there are three feature buy options available, complemented by a wide betting range from 20 cents to $/€100 per spin. The game operates on a medium-high volatility mathematical model, maintaining a default theoretical Return to Player (RTP) of 96.01%, with no indication that this percentage alters whether free spins are purchased or not.

Wins are awarded from left to right, starting from the leftmost reel, with Manimals presenting ten regular paying symbols. The less captivating symbols are the card ranks from 10 to A, serving as the low pays, while the more intriguing symbols are the genetically modified (GM) species, representing the high pays. Landing a combination of five matching royals yields a payout ranging from 0.4 to 1 times the bet, escalating to 1.6-10 times the bet for securing a high pay combination. Wild symbols play a pivotal role in the base game, substituting for any regular pay symbol to facilitate winning connections, appearing on all reels except the leftmost. During free spins, an added twist is that wilds are excluded from appearing on the second reel.

Manimals: Slot Features

Manimals introduces players to three distinctive Reel Modifiers, a free spins round featuring sticky wilds, and a direct purchase option for accessing these spins, enriching the gameplay with varied and dynamic elements.

Reel Modifiers Explained:

  • Stacks: This modifier can randomly replace 4 to 8 symbols with top-tier symbols in the base game or 4 to 16 symbols during free spins. Occasionally, a massive reel symbol might appear and land on the reels, forming either a Mega Stack, which fills an entire reel, or an Epic Stack, covering two adjacent reels.
  • Quake: Triggered randomly, the Quake modifier eliminates all low-value symbols following a spin and any resulting wins. High-value symbols, along with scatters and wilds, then drop to the bottom, and a new set of symbols occupies the grid.
  • Blaster Disaster: Exclusive to the base game, this modifier activates when a grenade symbol selects a symbol for elimination. The affected symbols are then removed and replaced, enhancing the potential for wins. Specifically, when a single symbol is taken out, it’s substituted by a stack of two symbols.

Free Spins: To initiate the free spins round, players must land 3, 4, or 5 scatter symbols, which grant 8, 10, or 15 free spins, respectively. This round allows for the possibility of winning additional spins. Importantly, any expanded winning ways remain throughout the round, as do sticky wilds, which settle at the bottom of the reels until the conclusion of the free spins. Note that during this round, wilds will only appear on reels 3, 4, and 5, excluding reel 2.

Buy Feature: For players eager to bypass the wait for free spins, Manimals offers a buy feature. Investing 100x the current bet secures 8 free spins, 150x the bet awards 10 free spins, and 200x the bet guarantees 15 free spins, providing a shortcut to the potential high excitement and rewards of the free spins round.

Manimals: Slot Verdict

While Manimals may not ascend to the pinnacle of dystopian-themed slots, like the renowned Nitropolis series, it nonetheless offers a compelling and unique experience. The title itself is ingenious—Manimals, a blend of man and animals, seems like such an obvious concept you might wonder why it hasn’t been more widely used. A quick dive into the annals of pop culture reveals a 1980s TV show named “Manimal,” featuring a protagonist, Jonathan Chase, with the extraordinary ability to transform into any animal to combat crime, miraculously maintaining his attire in pristine condition upon reverting to human form.

Reflecting on the flamboyant creativity of the 80s, Manimals introduces a gameplay filled with potential for excitement through its three distinct reel modifiers and a free spins round adorned with sticky wilds. Although the absence of multipliers might be felt, the game compensates with an expansive array of winning ways, made possible by full reel symbols and persistent wilds confined to the final three reels during free spins, ensuring they stay active until the round concludes. This setup allows for wins of up to 5,000 times the stake.

However, given the game’s vast potential for generating winning combinations, coupled with its wild, genetically modified cast of characters, one might have anticipated an even loftier maximum payout than 5,000x the bet. Ultimately, while Manimals could have pushed the envelope further with its genetic experimentation theme, it still delivers memorable gameplay and an innovative theme. This makes the slot a worthy exploration for those intrigued by unconventional and futuristic visions.


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