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Mafia Clash: Slot Overview

Hacksaw Gaming‘s partner in crime, or rather, partner in creating slots, Bullshark Games, takes a stroll on the Cosa Nostra side with the release of Mafia Clash. This bullet-ridden, crime-infested gambling adventure features three rival gangs battling it out for control of the street and ‘untold riches.’ These characters live by the saying ‘the end justifies the means,’ making it a mantra for their way of life. The clash of mafia gangs isn’t just a backstory; it provides cover for a Shootout feature where surviving wilds multiply wins. The game climaxes in a round of Hideout free spins. If you’re ready to kiss the don’s ring or challenge him for the hot seat, read on.

Dimly lit is one way to describe Mafia Clash in all phases of play. The base game is set in a grimy warehouse filled with stacked boxes before transitioning to free spins, which take place in a Don Corleone-style lounge/office. It’s funny; you’d think that with all the money these crooks are allegedly raking in, they could afford better lighting. However, a dark and dingy atmosphere suits the theme better than a cheerfully well-lit room would. A menacing soundtrack provides one side of the aural experience, while much of the rest is filled with the ringing of gunshots, especially during a rapid-fire win count-up. There’s not much else to say other than Mafia Clash means business on the front end.

Four out of five highlighted bullets suggest that Mafia Clash is a medium-high volatile slot, offering a default RTP of 96.35%. The game unfolds on a 5-reel, 4-row gaming grid in both the base game and free spins, featuring 20 paylines for players to secure wins. The betting range spans from 10 cents to $/€100 per paid game round, and for those who tire of the dingy warehouse ambiance, two bonus buy options are at their disposal.

In Mafia Clash, winning combinations of 3 to 5-of-a-kind can be formed from the leftmost side of the reels onwards. Card ranks 10 to A constitute the lower value symbols, paying out 0.5x the bet for a 5-matching symbol result, or 1.2 to 2 times the bet for landing 5 handcuffs, bottles, pistols, a bag of cash, and an automobile. While these values may not be the highest, multipliers can be introduced into the equation by one of Mafia Clash’s features. Additionally, wild symbols appear on all reels, ready to replace any regular paying symbols and offering a reward of 10 times the bet if a line of 5 wilds hits. The wilds also feature three different people representing the three distinct gangs.

Mafia Clash: Slot Features


Achieving a landing of 2 or more rival gang wilds is the key to unlocking the thrilling Shootout feature in Mafia Clash. The game introduces three distinct types of wilds: Thugs, Triad, and Wise Guys. Once the Shootout is triggered, these wilds unveil their respective multipliers, initiating a bullet-ridden showdown. The surviving wilds bring their multipliers into play, contributing to a Global multiplier that is then applied to any wins from the spin. The additive multiplier values range from x2 to an impressive x100, while the multiplicative multipliers span from x2 to x10, injecting a dose of excitement into the gameplay.

Hideout Free Spins

Securing 3, 4, or 5 Free Spin (FS) scatters in the base game proves to be a rewarding feat, unlocking 6, 8, or 12 free spins, respectively. The free spins feature not only offers players an extended playtime but also enhances the likelihood of triggering the captivating Shootout feature, elevating the overall excitement and potential rewards.

Bonus Buy

For those daring enough to cut straight to the chase, Mafia Clash offers not one, but two bonus buying options, both steeped in high volatility. The first choice presents a standard purchase of 6, 8, or 12 free spins for 100 times the bet, delivering an intense experience with an RTP of 96.31%. Meanwhile, the second option, available at 200 times the bet, provides 8 or 12 free spins, sweetened with improved odds of triggering the adrenaline-pumping Shootout feature, boasting an RTP of 96.33%. In the treacherous world of Mafia Clash, these bonus buy options offer a shortcut to the heart of the action, where risks and rewards collide.

Mafia Clash: Slot Verdict

Bullshark Games steps into the gritty underworld with Mafia Clash, presenting a slot that, while not groundbreaking, holds some intriguing concepts. However, the experience left a subtle sense of something missing – perhaps an additional feature or a nuanced twist to the Shootout feature in free spins. The base game occasionally felt slow, akin to watching water drain from a sink, with limited multipliers triggering in the Shootout feature. Despite occasional moments of balance restoration, there was an overarching feeling of anticipation for something more special to unfold.

Mafia Clash thrives on the chaos of bullets and wilds, with the Shootout feature holding the promise of significant multipliers. Yet, during the testing phase, the slot seemed to dwell in a realm of waiting, creating an atmosphere more stagnant than anticipated. However, the slot does boast substantial multiplying and additive multiplier potentials, coupled with a commendable max win of 10,000 times the bet, suggesting that brighter moments may be waiting to illuminate the underworld of Mafia Clash. While the test session didn’t fully showcase its potential, the allure of significant wins could still await those willing to navigate the tumultuous streets of this crime-infested slot.


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