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Luck of the Devil POWER COMBO: Slot Overview

Absolute zero represents the lowest possible temperature, where all molecular motion ceases, but there appears to be no definitive upper limit to temperature. In the realm of extreme temperatures, supernovae can reach over 100 billion degrees, while a CERN experiment with quark-gluon plasma achieved a staggering 9.9 trillion degrees Fahrenheit, a temperature far surpassing that of a sun-heated car steering wheel. This concept of unfathomable heat provides a fitting backdrop for today’s review of the online slot game “Luck of the Devil POWER COMBO” by All For One Studios.

The online slot market is awash with flame-themed games, where the motif of fire often pairs with fruit, creating a classic combination. However, few of these games venture into the territory of featuring the devil or similar characters. An exception is the recent Red Tiger game “Play With the Devil.” In “Luck of the Devil POWER COMBO,” the devil character is portrayed with a suave and sophisticated demeanor, complete with a top hat, suit, and gloves. Despite this refined appearance, there’s an underlying sense of unease, akin to a dubious real estate agent who highlights the positives while glossing over significant negatives, such as a noisy neighborhood. The game impresses not only visually but also through its engaging soundtrack, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

In “Luck of the Devil POWER COMBO,” a notable characteristic of POWER COMBO slots is their extensive array of feature buys, and this game follows suit. Before delving into these features, players must first select their base bet, which ranges from 20 cents to $/€20 per spin. This game might particularly appeal to those who favor volatile slots, as All For One Studios categorizes its volatility as ‘very high’. Reflecting a common trend among Games Global family slots, “Luck of the Devil POWER COMBO” offers several RTP (Return to Player) models, with the highest being 96.2%.

The game’s layout is set in a flashy gold cabinet with vibrant lights, featuring a 5-reel, 40-payline grid. Wins are calculated from left to right on adjacent reels, starting from the leftmost reel. The game incorporates 10 traditional slot symbols, ranked from lowest to highest value as follows: cherries, lemon, orange, grapes, plum, four-leaf clover, bell, BAR, diamond, and the number 7. A five-of-a-kind win on a payline yields a payout ranging from 0.8x to 5x the player’s bet. Assisting in forming winning combinations is the wild symbol, which appears on reels 2, 3, and 4 and can substitute for any regular pay symbol.

Luck of the Devil POWER COMBO: Slot Features

The central attraction of “Luck of the Devil POWER COMBO” is its LINK&WIN feature, which is activated in a unique way. Players can trigger this round either by landing one of three different scatter symbols, each conferring a distinct Power, or by landing multiple scatters simultaneously, which activates multiple Powers.

The LINK&WIN round always begins with three spins on a grid where only blank spaces or coin symbols (worth 0.5x to 20x the bet) appear. Scatters that trigger the feature transform into coin symbols and stay fixed on the reels until the feature concludes. Each new coin symbol that lands resets the spin count and also remains in place. The round concludes either when all grid positions are filled or when no more spins remain. Filling all positions awards one of three jackpots: the Mini, Major, or Mega Jackpots, valued at 10x, 100x, or 5,000x the bet, respectively.

  • Green Scatter: This scatter triggers LINK&WIN with Twin Power. In this mode, two grids, each with 5 reels and 3 rows, are active. The triggering scatter is replaced with a coin symbol and is duplicated in the same position on both grids, which each have their own spin counter.
  • Red Scatter: Triggering LINK&WIN with Jackpot Power, the Red Scatter makes it possible for coins to appear with red, blue, or green prizes. Collecting three of the same color awards the corresponding Jackpot: Mini for green, Major for blue, and Mega for red.
  • Blue Scatter: The blue scatter initiates LINK&WIN with Collection Power. In this mode, the values of all previously landed coins are collected whenever at least one coin lands in a spin during the feature.

Players also have the option to directly purchase the LINK&WIN feature, with individual Powers or combinations thereof, for a cost ranging from 23 to 117 times the bet. This buy feature allows players to directly engage with their preferred version of the LINK&WIN round.

Luck of the Devil POWER COMBO: Slot Verdict

“Luck of the Devil POWER COMBO” is the latest addition to the POWER COMBO series by All For One Studios, a line that demonstrates a blend of consistency and variation in gameplay. The series has explored various themes, ranging from Ancient Egypt to prehistoric times, with graphics and soundtracks being key distinguishing elements. The theme of flaming hot slots, as seen in “Luck of the Devil POWER COMBO,” is not new to the casino game arena. Despite the saturation of this theme in the market, it remains popular among both game developers and players, potentially making this game one of the more accessible titles in the POWER COMBO series. However, the presence of a somewhat dubious, goateed character in the game might not appeal to everyone, even though it’s presented in a lighthearted manner.

A closer look at the gameplay reveals similarities with another game in the series, “Queens of Ra POWER COMBO.” Both games share many of the same features, figures, and options, suggesting that “Luck of the Devil POWER COMBO” might be a reskin of the earlier title. For those focused on the numbers, the game’s maximum winning potential is notable, reaching up to 15,000x the bet, despite the Mega Jackpot being capped at 5,000x the bet.

While the gambling community often seeks innovation, the repetition of features and themes in these games can dampen excitement. The swinging, fiery theme of “Luck of the Devil POWER COMBO” does add some charm and could distract from the sense of déjà vu. However, it’s fair to say that this game, like others in the POWER COMBO series, hasn’t been a standout in terms of offering a thrilling gaming experience. On a positive note, the game’s extensive list of feature buys might attract players who enjoy bonus features, and its mainstream fiery theme could have a broad appeal.


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