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Lobster Bob’s Crazy Crab Shack – New Pragmatic Play Slot

“Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? SpongeBob SquarePants.” Oops, my mistake, that’s the wrong Bob! Instead of SpongeBob SquarePants and his wacky undersea adventures, we have Lobster Bob’s Crazy Crab Shack, a slot game developed by Pragmatic Play and Reel Kingdom. While it’s a different Bob, Lobster Bob’s Crazy Crab Shack features a cheerful lobster character inviting players to join him in his underwater world. In this whimsical underwater setting, players can explore a world reminiscent of 9 Masks of Fire, complete with instant cash prizes, free spins with win multipliers, and various other entertaining features.

While Lobster Bob’s Crazy Crab Shack isn’t affiliated with SpongeBob SquarePants, drawing a comparison to the popular cartoon show isn’t entirely unreasonable. In this oceanic adventure, Lobster Bob’s Crazy Crab Shack offers an array of amusing and peculiar items scattered throughout its underwater environment. Interestingly, the game also gives off the impression that it’s confined within a fish tank, with a Moai statue peering in from one side. This clever design concept hints at the idea of nested realities, where the bizarre existence of aquatic creatures is contained within a fishbowl located in a larger, land-based world. It prompts contemplation about whether our own lives are similarly contained within a greater, incomprehensible reality. After all, theoretical frameworks like string theory propose the existence of ten dimensions, which can be quite mind-boggling to consider. But let’s move on from these philosophical musings.

Lobster Bob’s Crazy Crab Shack takes place on a transparent 5×3 gaming grid featuring 20 paylines. In this highly volatile slot, the game’s RTP (Return to Player) varies depending on how you choose to play:

  1. Regular Bets: Betting amounts ranging from 20 p/c to £/€240 per spin provide an RTP of 96.03%.
  2. Ant Bet: Activating the Ant Bet option results in a slightly reduced RTP of 96.02%.
  3. Buying Free Spins: When you purchase free spins, the game offers an increased RTP of 96.04%.

Please note that alternative RTP models with lower values may also be available for the game.

The paytable includes eight regular pay symbols, a wild symbol, a free spins scatter symbol, and a crucial Crab symbol. Among the regular pay symbols are five lower-value card ranks (10 to A), followed by higher-value symbols such as an anchor, a chest, and a pearl in an oyster. Achieving a winning combination of five low-value symbols results in a payout of 1 to 3.25 times your bet, while a five-symbol win with high-value symbols awards 7.5 to 37.5 times your bet.

The Lobster wild symbol can help complete winning lines by substituting for any regular pay symbol. Wild symbols can appear on any reel and offer a substantial payout of 125 times your bet when you land a winning combination of five wilds.

Lobster Bob’s Crazy Crab Shack: Slot Features

Lobster Bob’s Crazy Crab Shack certainly embraces a whimsical and cartoonish theme, but it doesn’t introduce a plethora of groundbreaking features. The game primarily revolves around two key features:

  1. Crab Symbol Instant Wins: Players have the opportunity to land Crab symbols, which provide instant cash prizes when they appear on the reels.
  2. Free Spins with a Win Multiplier: The game also offers a free spins feature with the added excitement of a win multiplier. During the free spins round, you can potentially boost your winnings through this multiplier.

While the features may not be exceptionally innovative, they are designed to provide players with entertaining gameplay and the chance to score some rewarding payouts within the amusing underwater world of Lobster Bob’s Crazy Crab Shack.

Lobster Crab Symbol Instant Wins

In Lobster Bob’s Crazy Crab Shack, Crab symbols can land anywhere on the reels. When you have at least three of these Crab symbols in view, you’re awarded a prize determined by the prize ladder located next to the reels. Here are the payouts for hitting various numbers of Crab symbols in its base form:

  • 3 Crabs: Pays 1x the bet.
  • 4 Crabs: Pays 5x the bet.
  • 5 Crabs: Pays 15x the bet.
  • 6 Crabs: Pays 40x the bet.
  • 7 Crabs: Pays 100x the bet.
  • 8 Crabs: Pays 500x the bet.
  • 9 Crabs: Pays 2,000x the bet.

In the base game, if you land two scatter symbols without a third one, and these symbols can move down one position without falling out of view, a respin is triggered. During this respin, the reels with scatter symbols on them move down one position, while the reels without free spins symbols respin. Any Crab symbols that land during these respins are collected and pay out according to the prize ladder at the end of all respins.

Free Spins

To initiate the free spins bonus round in Lobster Bob’s Crazy Crab Shack, you need to land three scatter symbols on reels 2, 3, and 4. Here’s how the free spins feature works:

  1. Wheel Spin: Before the free spins round begins, a wheel will spin to determine the number of free spins and the win multiplier you’ll receive. The wheel can award you with 10, 12, 15, 20, 25, or 30 random free spins and a random multiplier of either x2 or x3.
  2. Multiplier: The multiplier granted by the wheel applies to all wins during the free spins round, including any Crab symbol rewards.
  3. Retrigger: If you manage to land three scatter symbols during the free spins feature, it will retrigger the round. The retriggered round will play after the current one ends and comes with a new set of random free spins and a win multiplier.

This feature offers the potential for extended gameplay and increased winning opportunities, making it an exciting aspect of Lobster Bob’s Crazy Crab Shack.

Lobster Crab Bonus Buy

In Lobster Bob’s Crazy Crab Shack, players have two additional options to enhance their gameplay:

  1. Ante Bet: This feature can be activated during the base game. It increases your stake by 50% and results in more scatter symbols appearing on the reels. Having more scatters on the reels can improve your chances of triggering the free spins bonus round.
  2. Buy the Free Spins Round: If you’d like to skip the base game and go directly to the free spins round, you have the option to buy it for 100 times your current bet. This allows you to access the exciting free spins feature without having to wait for the scatter symbols to land naturally.

These options offer flexibility for players who may want to accelerate their gameplay or increase their chances of entering the rewarding free spins bonus round in Lobster Bob’s Crazy Crab Shack.

Lobster Bob’s Crazy Crab Shack Review: Slot Conclusion

Lobster Bob’s Crazy Crab Shack brings a familiar concept to the slot gaming world, reminiscent of titles like 9 Masks of Fire and others that feature instant scatter prize wins. While it may not introduce groundbreaking gameplay mechanics, it has its own charm and warm underwater vibes. The cheerful character of Lobster Bob and the lively music create a pleasant atmosphere for players.

However, Lobster Bob’s Crazy Crab Shack faces competition in a market flooded with similar games. Its success will depend on whether players are drawn to its colorful, cartoonish style and the allure of chasing instant scatter prizes. The 6,000x win cap adds to its appeal, offering the potential for significant rewards.

In the end, Lobster Bob’s Crazy Crab Shack may find a place among players who enjoy its lively theme and straightforward gameplay, but it will need to stand out in a crowded sea of similar slots to make a lasting impression.

Free Play Lobster Bob’s Crazy Crab Shack Casino Slot

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