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Legend of the Dragon Wins DoubleMax – (BOOMERANG) SLOT REVIEW

Legend of the Dragon Wins DoubleMax: Slot Overview

Yggdrasil Gaming’s DoubleMax slot mechanic has been utilized by several of its partner studios, including Peter & Sons and Reflex Gaming. Now, Boomerang has taken its turn with this mechanic, but in a refreshingly unconventional way. Their new slot, Legend of the Dragon Wins DoubleMax, diverges from the expected path by incorporating a unique twist to the DoubleMax feature. In the base game, the win multiplier can both double and halve, adding an intriguing layer of unpredictability. However, during free spins, the game takes a different approach by keeping the multiplier constant and introducing roaming wild stacks for added excitement.

Set in a fantastical dragon-filled world, Legend of the Dragon Wins DoubleMax offers a visually stunning experience. The backdrop is beautifully crafted, showcasing a dragon soaring over mountains, a valley, and a castle. The high-quality artwork is sure to delight fantasy enthusiasts, particularly those fond of flying dragons. The game also features dramatic music and a wild symbol character that adds a touch of anime flair. Overall, the game’s presentation is quite impressive.

Players can access a range of betting options in Legend of the Dragon Wins DoubleMax, starting from 20 cents to $/€12 per spin. There’s also a bonus buy feature available. The regular gambling return to player (RTP) rate is 96.2%, which increases to 96.5% for the purchased free spins. The game is marked by high volatility and is played on a 5-reel, 3-row grid with 20 win lines.

Wins are calculated from left to right starting from the first reel. There are nine regular paying symbols: J to A card ranks as low pays, followed by higher-value symbols like a scythe, pendant, flaming claws, necklace, and a dragon. A five-of-a-kind low pay combination yields 0.75 times the bet, while a line of five high pays offers 1 to 2.5 times the bet. Wilds in the game can substitute for all symbols except the scatter, enhancing the potential for winning combinations.

Legend of the Dragon Wins DoubleMax: Slot Verdict

Having reviewed various DoubleMax games, Legend of the Dragon Wins DoubleMax by Boomerang offers a distinctive experience that deviates from what one might expect. Typically, DoubleMax games feature a multiplier that doubles after wins and cascades, resetting to x1 for the next base game spin. During free spins, this multiplier doesn’t reset until the feature concludes, potentially reaching very high values. However, Legend of the Dragon Wins DoubleMax takes a different approach, abandoning these standard mechanics and charting its unique course. This bold move by Boomerang is commendable, but it raises the question of whether these changes will attract more players or deter them.

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For those undecided about the game, it’s worth noting that Legend of the Dragon Wins DoubleMax offers a substantial win cap of 20,000x the bet, aligning it with the higher tier of DoubleMax games. This means that, despite the altered mechanics, the game can still lead to exciting outcomes. The base game’s doubling/halving multiplier effect presents a slower pace compared to traditional DoubleMax games. This change might not suit players who prefer rapid cascading action, but it could appeal to those looking for a more gradual gameplay experience. However, players should be aware that the multiplier is specific to each bet level, preventing strategies like building a multiplier at a lower stake and then increasing the bet for potentially larger wins.

The decision to lock the multiplier during free spins, particularly when buying the bonus round, might be a point of contention. Players could find themselves with a consistent x2 multiplier throughout the free spins, which diverges from the typical DoubleMax dynamic. However, those who patiently play through the base game could find their efforts rewarded, especially with the addition of roaming full reel wilds during free spins.

Ultimately, Legend of the Dragon Wins DoubleMax is a refreshingly innovative take on the DoubleMax slot genre. Its willingness to explore new directions makes it an intriguing option for DoubleMax enthusiasts. Whether it will surpass the popularity of more conventional DoubleMax slots is yet to be determined, but its unique approach certainly makes it worthy of attention. Ygddrasil casino slots can play in almost all Dama NV Casinos.



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