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King Kong Cash Even Bigger Bananas – (BLUEPRINT GAMING) SLOT REVIEW

King Kong Cash Even Bigger Bananas: Slot Overview

What is it about an enormous, formidable creature that captivates the public’s imagination? Since 1933, the colossal King Kong has fascinated people, making appearances in numerous movies, cartoons, books, video games, and various spin-offs. Among these spin-offs are online slots, and Blueprint Gaming has shown particular enthusiasm for incorporating Kong into their games. The studio initially introduced the original King Kong Cash slot in 2016, followed by several related releases. Enter another addition to the lineup – King Kong Cash Even Bigger Bananas. This iteration blends the beloved theme with features the studio favors, aiming to attract both fans and new players into its realm for an exhilarating spin.

The domain of King Kong Cash Even Bigger Bananas is a delightful place to explore. A soothing jungle rhythm plays in the background, evoking images of animal inhabitants forming a conga line reminiscent of an old-school Disney film dance scene. Presumably, Kong reigns as the boss, making appearances on various Collect symbols. Initially, most of these symbols are locked, displayed next to the grid for players to monitor their progress. In essence, King Kong Cash Even Bigger Bananas maintains the feel-good Jungle Book vibes of the original game, even seven years later.

Interestingly, at least as of the time of writing, adjusting bets does not reset the process of unlocking Collect symbols in King Kong Cash Even Bigger Bananas. This flexibility allows players to start with a stake as low as 10 cents and increase it to $/€100 when all Collect symbols are available, providing a versatile betting experience. It seems that the RTP may not be influenced by the active collector symbols, maintaining a default value of 96%. The game’s volatility is set at a medium-high level.

The game unfolds on a 6-reel, 4-row gaming grid, offering players 4,096 ways to form winning combinations of 3 to 6 matching symbols. The low-paying symbols consist of patterned 9-A card royals, while the high-paying symbols include a crocodile, bird, tiger, rhino, and a golden Kong. Achieving a 6-of-a-kind low-pay win rewards players with 1 to 1.5 times the bet, increasing to 2 to 5 times the bet for a 6-symbol premium combination. Wild symbols contribute to connecting winning ways by substituting for all pay symbols and appear on all reels except the first.

King Kong Cash Even Bigger Bananas: Slot Features

The original King Kong Cash from Blueprint Gaming was a feature-rich slot, packed with various bonus rounds and gameplay elements. In contrast, King Kong Cash Even Bigger Bananas takes a more streamlined approach, featuring a cash symbol collection system driven by unlockable Collect symbols.

Cash Collect

In each spin, Cash symbols are active on all reels. Initially, the regular Collect Kong symbol is active when the game begins. If a Kong Collect symbol lands on the rightmost reel, it expands to cover the reels and collects the values of any Cash symbols in view. After this initial occurrence, the next type of Kong Collect symbol is unlocked. The unlocking of subsequent Collect symbols happens as they collect Cash symbols during gameplay. Once all four Kong Collect upgrades are unlocked, they remain active in both the main game and free spins. The additional Collect symbols include:

  1. Dual Collect: Unlocks a new Collect symbol on both reel 1 and reel 6.
  2. Lock & Spin: When landing on reels 1 or 6, it holds Cash symbols in place, triggering a respin. This process continues until no new Cash symbols land. If 2 Lock & Spin Collects land, an extra life is granted, allowing for a second Lock & Spin if no new Cash symbols appear.
  3. Cash Boost: Collects all Cash symbols in view and awards a cash boost to the final collected amount.
  4. Golden Monkey: On any spin where Kong collects a win, if a Golden Monkey is present, it accumulates the value of any Cash symbols in view before being collected along with all the Cash symbols by Kong.

Free Spins

Landing 3, 4, 5, or 6 scatter symbols during the base game grants players 10 free spins with corresponding payouts of 20x, 100x, or 500x the initial bet. In the free spins round, gathering 3, 6, 9, or 12 Kong symbols not only adds +5 free spins each time but also triggers a Cash symbol collect multiplier, with values of x2, x3, x5, or x10, respectively.

King Kong Cash Even Bigger Bananas: Slot Verdict

If a casino game developer were to embrace GenAI, Blueprint Gaming might be a suitable candidate. The studio has demonstrated expertise in manipulating and adapting its extensive repertoire of themes, features, and mechanics. Envisioning the team blending its slot components in an online barrel and utilizing artificial intelligence to create novel games is not a stretch. An example of this creative approach is evident in King Kong Cash Even Bigger Bananas.

Blueprint Gaming has already explored various iterations of the King Kong Cash series, including Prize Lines, Jackpot King, and Cashpots versions. The game draws parallels with other Blueprint slots such as Goonies Hey You Guys, D10S Maradona, and Funky Budha, showcasing the studio’s penchant for experimenting with genetic material in the gaming realm.

For players familiar with Blueprint Gaming’s offerings, especially titles like Goonies Hey You Guys, D10S Maradona, and Funky Budha, King Kong Cash Even Bigger Bananas may feel as comfortable as a favorite hoodie. The game’s upbeat cartoon presentation, coupled with encounters with King Kong in a less aggressive stance, contributes to a friendly initial impression. In terms of gameplay, it follows the expected Blueprint Gaming style, making it a recognizable experience for those acquainted with their previous releases. King Kong Cash Even Bigger Bananas, with a €250,000 win cap, stands as a decent cash-collecting game.

While King Kong Cash Even Bigger Bananas may not claim the title of the Eighth Wonder of the World, it offers an enjoyable money-collecting experience. Players who appreciate this type of gameplay will find familiarity here, though innovation may be lacking compared to Blueprint Gaming’s other slots. The essence of the King Kong Cash series appears to be more about amiable great ape antics than groundbreaking gameplay, aligning with the expectation of cheerful money-collecting adventures rather than groundbreaking surprises.

King Kong Cash Even Bigger Bananas Play For Free

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