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Kensei Blades Review – Betsoft

Software developer BetSoft is going all out to launch a new slot game called Kensei Blades. This title takes you to the heart of Japan. To be more precise, it will take you to a samurai town. This game will entertain you to the max and offer you big wins.

BetSoft Gaming has been offering games for more than 20 years that provide unparalleled entertainment in the top online gaming world. In its game library you will find many games with various themes that leave no one indifferent. Its next title entitled Kensei Blades will be no exception to the rule. Dama NV casinos can already look forward to an exceptional and very lucrative entertainment option. Here is a preview of what to expect.

Kensei Blades

Fight With Japanese Warriors

Kensei are samurai warriors. They have been trained in martial arts since childhood. As children, they have learned to fight and are ready to die for their emperor without question. They are usually dressed in armor and armed with a nodachi (a sharp sword). Their entire existence is summed up in combat. Would you be brave enough to join two samurai to fight the enemy side in the casino game Kensei Blades? You will certainly find out when the game is released.

On the reels of BetSoft’s Kensei Blades online casino game, you’ll see several different colored gems cut in the shape of a star, heart and moon. You will also see swords and powerful Kenei warriors in front of you. In the background, you will see a green plain where two young Kensei are waiting. They are both armed and ready for the confrontation. Your mission will be to help them win the battle and steal the treasures of the powerful emperor Naruhito. Will you be able to do it?

The slot machine is Kensei Blades with 5 reels and 3 rows. It offers 720 ways to win. To participate in this battle, you need to bet between 1 and 50€. With a little luck, you can walk away with the jackpot of 3414x the initial bet. The wild card that substitutes for other symbols will help you reach your goal. Better yet, the free spins will maximize your chances of winning without staking any money. Also note that the Kensei Blades online casino game comes with an RTP of 95.12%.


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