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Jingle Bells Bonanza – (NETENT) SLOT REVIEW

Jingle Bells Bonanza: Slot Overview

Greetings, players! How about a round of online gambling accompanied by the cheerful presence of a bearded man donning a red jumpsuit, going by various monikers like Santa Claus, St. Nick, or Father Christmas? If that piques your interest, NetEnt has just the thing to elevate your Christmas spirit with its online slot, Jingle Bells Bonanza. This game caters to enthusiasts who find excitement in features that set the stage for wild/wild multiplier activation in subsequent spins, along with a moderately engaging hold ‘n win bonus round – or perhaps a combination of both. For those curious about the surprises Jingle Bells Bonanza holds beneath the tree, join us as we unveil the contents and determine whether it brings delight, disappointment, or perhaps an ambivalent reaction.

At the very least, Jingle Bells Bonanza offers a distinctive perspective to savor its offerings. Picture this: imagine you’re positioned at the rear end of Blixem or Dunder, Santa’s reindeer team hitched up to his sleigh. What’s your view? Bingo! We have Santa comfortably seated on the sleigh while a group of elves clings on desperately as gifts cascade to the ground. Ever thought about the humor in Santa delivering gifts this way if he were real? Picture gifts randomly showering down on the planet, leaving parents clueless about their children’s Christmas surprises. Boxes popping up everywhere on Christmas day, kids engaging in battles for their coveted plastic treasures – anarchy reigning supreme. Ho ho ho!

Embark on a festive journey by selecting a stake ranging from 10 cents to $/€20 per spin, fasten your seatbelt, and brace yourself for a medium-high volatile ride. Explore the game’s mechanics by navigating to the how-to-play section in the menu and clicking on Game Number, unveiling Jingle Bells Bonanza’s default RTP value set at 96.12%. The playing field comprises a 5-reel, 3-row layout with 20 paylines, while above it, a progress bar hints at potential upgrades in the upcoming Cash Drop event.

Jingle Bells Bonanza features Gingerbread 10 to A card ranks as its low-paying symbols, offering rewards of 3.7 to 5 times the bet for a 5-symbol winning line. Elevating the excitement, high-paying symbols include a spinning top, a snowman, a wooden horse, a bird with a drum, and a teddy bear, each charmingly worth 7.5 to 50 times the bet for a 5-symbol win. Stay tuned for a demonstration of how wilds, as we’ll see shortly, have the ability to substitute for any regular pay symbol.

Jingle Bells Bonanza: Slot Features

Christmas gifts add a delightful touch to the festive season, and in Jingle Bells Bonanza, they play a significant role. These gifts are the key to triggering the Cash Drop feature, adding an exciting element to the gameplay. Additionally, another crucial symbol to keep an eye out for in the game is the Bell.

Bells and Frames

Upon landing a Bell on any of the central three reels, the game highlights its position with a frame. Subsequent Bells that land on framed positions contribute to increasing the multiplier on that specific frame. Triggering the appearance of a gift box scatter activates all frames and transforms them into Wild Christmas Bells. Furthermore, frames adorned with multipliers undergo a transformation into wilds, incorporating those multipliers into the gameplay.

Cash Drop

Achieving a scatter on both the first and last reel initiates the Cash Drop bonus in Jingle Bells Bonanza. This feature grants players three spins during which only blanks or Cash Drop symbols make an appearance. The scatter that triggered the bonus transforms into Cash Drop symbols, each carrying a cash prize equivalent to 3 times the bet upon entry. Subsequent Cash Drop symbols that land become locked, resetting the spin count. These symbols showcase values ranging from 1x to 100x the bet, adding an extra layer of excitement to the bonus round.

Cash Drop Progress

The landing of Bells also contributes to advancing the Progress Bar in Jingle Bells Bonanza. Reaching specific points on the bar enhances the next Cash Drop trigger with up to 4 Progress Prizes. These prizes are randomly triggered, and no two identical prizes can occur simultaneously. Upon entering the bonus round, the Progress Bar resets. Upon achieving a complete fill of the Progress Bar, all frames transform into wilds, unlocking the Ultimate Cash Drop bonus. The various Progress Prizes include:

  1. Multiplier: This prize doubles the final amount obtained from the bonus.
  2. Expand: When awarded, two extra rows are added to the gaming grid.
  3. Spin: This prize increases the Cash Drop counter to 4 for the bonus.
  4. Mystery: When awarded, the Golden Cash Drop can appear in the bonus.

When a Golden Cash Drop symbol lands, it reveals a prize ranging from 3x to 20x and activates one of the following bonus mechanics:

  1. Four Arrows: Gathers all prizes horizontally and vertically from where the symbol landed.
  2. Plus Sign: Increases all prizes that have landed.
  3. Single Arrow: Gathers all prizes from the direction indicated by the arrow to where the symbol landed.

Jingle Bells Bonanza: Slot Verdict

As the gifts were distributed, the reindeer safely returned to their barn, and the elves called it a night, Jingle Bells Bonanza unfolded as a joyous game. It features an excellent setup and a base game with a humorously unique perspective. The game rewards patient players who accumulate a substantial number of Bells to advance the Progress Bar, all while framing positions and filling them with wilds or wild multipliers. The atmosphere is light, festive, and undeniably Christmassy.

However, Jingle Bells Bonanza falls slightly short in its bonus round, feeling like a bit of a letdown after the promising base game setup. While the Cash Drop round isn’t disappointing—being an average, perhaps slightly above average, hold ‘n win game—it appears somewhat plain. Unless Golden Cash Drop symbols come into play, the bonus round unfolds rather straightforwardly. The Progress Prizes, featuring multipliers, grid expansions, and extra spins, add excitement. Although Jingle Bells Bonanza may not compete with heavyweight hold ‘n win slots, it offers enjoyable mid-level Christmas-themed festivities, providing wins of up to 4,186 times the bet.

In summary, Jingle Bells Bonanza may not clinch the slot of the year award in the general gaming category, but it could fare well in a dedicated Christmas-themed competition. Among seasonally focused games, Jingle Bells Bonanza stands out as quite memorable. Its distinctive perspective in the base game contributes to its uniqueness, and overall, it delivers a satisfying gaming experience without the need for extravagant dazzle. Get Dama NV Casinos Bonuses and win begger!


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