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Ice Yeti Review

For those looking for new entertainment to kill time or make a fortune, online casinos have just integrated the new Yeti Ice Ice slot machine into their toy libraries. It’s a great way to welcome the winter season and the holiday season.

Provider NoLimit City used an original theme for this entertainment. The Yeti is a myth that is still being discussed by people. If it is only a local legend for some, for others the creature has existed. Known as the Abominable Snowman, many agree that the creature may still exist.

The scene of the game takes place in a charming setting. Indeed the landscape is quite similar to the landscapes of a great Walt Disney. Here we are in the middle of winter, the snow has covered with its white coat the countryside where our little animals live. Some shrubs and a dead tree trunk are present in the foreground. The weather is beautiful despite everything, the sun’s reflections illuminate this beautiful winter scenery brightened by the few birds singing.

In the middle of the screen stands an enormous block of ice to represent the slot machine itself. To accompany this cousin of the bigfoot in the game, the editor uses several symbols such as the polar bear, the levee, the small lynx and the fox. During the game, the player accompanies these young adventurers who have decided to set out to discover the creature.

Features of the free – bonus game

In addition to its unique structure, Ice Ice Yeti is a slot machine published by NoLimit City. The machine features 3 rows and 5 payout reels. It is possible to activate the 243 paylines of the iSlot before each spin. Several features are of course included in the software to make the entertainment more intense. For example, one feature will help the bettor to unfreeze certain slots in order to enlarge the playing surface. The slot machine will metamorphose into a 5 reel, 7 row iSlot when all the slots have been unfrozen. In addition, payout opportunities increase to 16,807 times. The mega-structure allows punters to win up to 5,000 times their initial bet. The presence of the Yeti on the screen means that the internet user will be entitled to free spins as well.


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