Hugo Legacy – New Slot From Play’n GO

It’s amusing how a cartoon character originally designed for children has found a solid foothold in the world of online slot games. Hugo the Troll, or ‘Skærmtrolden Hugo’ in Danish, has been a consistent presence in the gambling scene for several years now, thanks to Play’n GO. The latest addition to this charming character’s repertoire is Hugo Legacy, which proudly bears the tagline ’30th Anniversary.’ Although, if we do the math, the TV game show featuring Hugo premiered in 1990, making it 33 years old (at the time of this review). But let’s not dwell on that minor discrepancy.

Hugo, the lovable mischievous troll, takes center stage in this cluster-paying grid slot game. He’s ever cheerful, standing atop a rock beside the game grid, radiating an irresistible charm. The game’s backdrop is a tranquil meadow nestled beside a forest, presumably Troll Forest, reminiscent of Hugo’s fictional abode in the game show. Delicate leaves flutter to the ground, butterflies dance in the air, and the sun bathes everything in a warm glow. This picturesque setting adds to the overall emotional appeal of Hugo Legacy, making it arguably even more heartwarming than other slots in the Hugo series.

In Hugo Legacy, the primary gameplay revolves around a cascading grid matrix with a 7×7 layout. A winning combination occurs when matching symbols appear adjacent to each other either vertically or horizontally. When a winning cluster forms, these symbols are removed from the reels, and new symbols cascade down to fill any vacant spaces. If another win emerges after the cascade, the process continues, repeating until no more winning clusters are generated. This exciting cascading action operates under a medium volatile mathematical model, rated at 6 out of 10. The game offers various RTP (Return to Player) configurations, with the default set at 96.2%. Players can choose their bets from a range of options, starting at 10 p/c and going up to £/€100 per paid drop.

Hugo Legacy features a diverse set of regular pay symbols, including miscellaneous items and characters. On the lower end of the paytable, you’ll find a key, a bundle of dynamite, a mining cart, gold bars, and a hat. Meanwhile, the high-paying symbols include Jean Paul, Fernando, Don Croco, Scylla, and Hugo himself. Landing a cluster of 5 symbols yields rewards ranging from 0.1 to 2.5 times the initial bet, with the potential to increase significantly. For instance, achieving a cluster of 20 or more symbols can result in substantial payouts of 40 to 1,000 times the bet. Adding to the excitement, Hugo Legacy features a prominent wild symbol in the form of a dazzling diamond, capable of substituting for any regular pay symbol to create winning combinations.

Hugo Legacy – Slot Features

In Hugo Legacy, every winning symbol contributes to the Telephone meter by adding +1 charge. As the charge meter reaches specific levels, it triggers various modifiers and offers the chance to win free spins with different strengths. Once you accumulate 15 or more charges, you unlock a random character modifier:

  • Hugo: Hugo’s modifier introduces 5 to 8 wild symbols onto the grid, potentially leading to more wins.
  • Scylla: Scylla’s modifier provides protection for 1 or 2 symbol types and wilds while eliminating all other symbols, giving you a better shot at forming winning clusters.
  • Don Croco: Don Croco’s modifier transforms 2 to 5 symbol types into different symbols, creating new opportunities for winning combinations.
  • Fernando: With Fernando’s modifier, a single symbol type is transformed into a wild symbol, increasing your chances of creating winning clusters.
  • Jean Paul: Jean Paul’s modifier lets you select a symbol, and he then constructs a winning cluster with it, further boosting your potential rewards.

Free Spins

When you accumulate a minimum of 35 charges on the Telephone meter in Hugo Legacy, it triggers a free spin. However, the strength of this free spin can be enhanced based on the number of charges you’ve collected:

  • 35 charges activate the default free spin, which includes 2 character modifiers.
  • With 40 charges, you’ll receive a stronger free spin featuring 3 character modifiers.
  • At 45 charges, you unlock an even more potent free spin with 4 character modifiers and the collection of 5 wild symbols.
  • If you manage to gather 50 charges, the most powerful free spin is awarded, providing 5 character modifiers and the collection of 30 wild symbols.

When the free spin feature is triggered, players have the option to gamble for a chance to reach higher levels of the feature. However, failing the gamble results in receiving just a single character feature. During the free spins, there’s a wild collector mechanism in place. Initially, all winning wild symbols are collected in the first phase, and these collected wilds are then reintroduced to the grid in the second phase after all the character modifiers have been applied. Only 5 to 10 wilds are used at a time, and more wilds are added as extra wins occur. This process continues until all of the collected wilds have been utilized. It’s important to note that any wild symbols landing during the second phase are not collected.


Play’n GO has taken the Hugo slot series on quite a journey, with Hugo Legacy marking a significant departure from its predecessor, Hugo Carts. While Hugo Carts was known for its high volatility and the potential for a massive 25,000x maximum bet win, Hugo Legacy takes a different approach. It dials back the mathematical model and max win, capping out at 3,000x the bet. This might lead you to believe that Hugo Legacy is better suited for a more laid-back gambling audience. Indeed, it offers a more accessible and entertaining experience, with features that trigger quite regularly.

You only need 15 winning symbols to activate a random character feature, and at least 35 charges on the Telephone meter for a shot at a free spin. Admittedly, it’s just one free spin, but there’s a gamble option that can potentially lead to a more powerful free spin if you haven’t accumulated extra charges on the Telephone meter. Additionally, the Wild Collection feature adds an interesting dimension to prolong your free spin sessions.

Hugo the Troll’s enduring appeal over three decades is a testament to the character’s ability to connect with audiences. Hugo Legacy caters to fans by incorporating familiar characters, prominently featuring Hugo, and paying homage to the telephone element that resonates with those who interacted with the TV video game. While understanding the complete lore and history of Hugo is not necessary to enjoy the game, it can add depth to your experience, much like learning about the history and culture of a place deepens your connection to it.

However, even without extensive knowledge of the Hugo phenomenon, Hugo Legacy offers a delightful and charming gaming experience. If you’re looking for a light-hearted game with a steady pace of features, then Hugo Legacy might be just the game you’re looking for. You can play this slot in almost all top Dama NV casinos


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