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Hearts Highway: Slot Overview

Push Gaming has a knack for both innovating in the realm of online gambling and reinvigorating classic slot concepts for contemporary audiences. A prime illustration of this skill is seen in “10 Swords,” a game that builds upon the instant prize win mechanic—popularized by titles like “9 Masks of Fire”—by introducing additional features to rejuvenate the experience. Continuing on this trajectory, “Hearts Highway” serves as a derivative yet evolved counterpart to “10 Swords,” incorporating a few mechanical tweaks.

The challenge with introducing mechanical innovations lies in their presentation; a lackluster delivery can diminish their impact. Fortunately, “Hearts Highway” faces no such dilemma. Although it embraces traditional slot symbols, it sets itself apart with a backdrop of a distant future, offering “cyborg patrons a taste of simpler times.” While the cyborg theme is not overly emphasized, “Hearts Highway” captivates with an atmosphere that echoes the evocative work of Simon Stålenhag, known for “Tales from the Loop.” The game’s aesthetic is dreamy and futuristic, yet strikingly familiar, complemented by a meticulously crafted retro synth soundtrack. This blend positions “Hearts Highway” as a standout example of a “classic slot,” showcasing Push Gaming’s prowess in creative audiovisual production.

“Hearts Highway” masterfully blends vintage charm with modern aesthetics, featuring a gaming grid with 5 reels, 3 rows, and 20 paylines. Positioned above the grid is a display listing various prize values alongside the requisite number of Heart symbols needed to claim them. Players are offered a wide range of betting options, from 10 cents to $/€100 per spin, inclusive of the Push Bet feature and an option to buy into the bonus directly. The Push Bet, an innovative wagering option, increases the stake by 20% while significantly boosting the likelihood of triggering the feature by 74%, showcasing Push Gaming’s attention to detail in game design. With its medium-high volatility, “Hearts Highway” presents a default Return to Player (RTP) rate of 96.43%, which can be elevated to 96.95% when engaging the Push Bet.

The paytable of “Hearts Highway” revisits classic slot imagery, incorporating symbols such as grapes, limes, watermelons, cherries, green and red BARs, bells, and sevens. A full line of five matching symbols (5 OAK) rewards players with winnings ranging from 3.5 to 30 times the stake. The diamond symbol serves as the wild, appearing on all reels and mirroring the value of the seven symbol for wild wins. It also substitutes for any regular pay symbol, enhancing the potential for lucrative combinations.

Hearts Highway: Slot Features

“Hearts Highway” transcends the typical scatter symbol instant prize win game by incorporating a series of intricate features that enrich the gameplay. These features include wins from Red Heart symbols, Slot Machine symbols, a Heart Slot feature, free spins, a unique free spins Heart Slot feature, and the option for a bonus buy.

Red Heart Symbol & Slot Machine Symbol: Red Heart symbols function as instant win bet multipliers, appearing in both the base game and during free spins. Landing 4 or more Red Hearts on the reels results in wins ranging from 2x to a whopping 10,000x the bet, contingent on the number of Red Hearts present. Slot Machine symbols, appearing on either the leftmost or rightmost reels during the base game or free spins, activate a Mini feature when landing alongside a Red Heart symbol. This feature spins a 3-reel matrix, potentially landing more Red Heart symbols or none, with the final prize depending on the cumulative number of Heart symbols.

Heart Slot Feature: Triggered by two Slot Machine symbols on the outermost reels, this feature plays on a 6-reel matrix where Red Heart symbols, Double Red Heart symbols, or blanks can land. Red Hearts or Double Red Hearts that hit are retained, and the feature continues until no new Hearts land, followed by a win evaluation based on the gathered Hearts.

Free Spins: The free spins round is activated by landing 3 to 5 scatter symbols, awarding 10 to 15 free spins and introducing Golden Heart symbols on middle reels, which substitute for Red Hearts. Golden Hearts are collected in a meter, and gathering three in a single meter results in an additional free spin and a reel filled with locked Red Heart symbols for the remaining spins.

Free Spins Heart Slot Feature: Similar to the base game’s Heart Slot feature but played during free spins, this variant can also land Golden Hearts alongside Red and Double Red Hearts. The feature persists until no new Heart symbols appear, with wins calculated based on the Hearts collected and any Golden Hearts randomly distributed to meters.

Bonus Buy: For players eager to directly access the free spins round, the game offers a bonus buy option for 75 times the bet. This feature guarantees a random number of scatter symbols to trigger the round and operates with an enhanced RTP of 96.69%.

Through these features, “Hearts Highway” offers a dynamic and engaging twist on traditional slot mechanics, blending instant win excitement with the strategic depth of its unique Heart Slot and free spins features.

Hearts Highway: Slot Verdict

In the wake of the success of “9 Masks of Fire” and its ilk, the gaming community has become quite familiar with scatter symbol instant prize win games. Within this sub-genre, there exists a range of quality, and “Hearts Highway” distinguishes itself by ascending to the higher echelons. While it may not be the definitive final word in this category, “Hearts Highway” stands out as a noteworthy entry. Its futuristic theme does well to elevate it above what might otherwise have been a run-of-the-mill classic slot experience, complemented by a catchy soundtrack that ensures the gameplay feels modern rather than outdated.

The introduction of feature innovations significantly contributes to the game’s appeal. The “reels within reels” mechanism, activated by Slot Machine symbols, injects a layer of excitement and anticipation, drawing inspiration from a Push Gaming excursion to Las Vegas—a city synonymous with slot machines, as evident from the moment one arrives at the airport. While Slot Machine symbols may not appear frequently in “Hearts Highway,” their presence is a strategic addition that can potentially unlock greater rewards. Similarly, the collection of Golden Hearts during free spins presents a lucrative opportunity, especially if players manage to fill all three meters, transforming the middle reels into a sea of locked Red Heart symbols. Achieving a cluster of nine Red Hearts nets a 1,000x multiplier, and just one additional Red Heart can propel the win to the game’s maximum of 10,000x the stake.

Overall, “Hearts Highway” proves to be an engaging example of its genre, offering a dynamic base game and bonuses that trigger with gratifying regularity. It provides ample entertainment for casual players, though those accustomed to Push Gaming’s more challenging titles might seek deeper complexity.



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