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Gladiatoro: Slot Overview

Here’s a conundrum for gaming enthusiasts: would you prefer to face off against a wild bull in an arena or go head-to-head with a heavily armed gladiator? It’s a tough choice. One option presents a massive, untamed force of lethal muscle, while the other embodies an unstoppable, fierce warrior. Now, imagine these two formidable entities fused together, and you’ll get the essence of today’s slot game—Gladiatoro—crafted by software provider ELK Studios. If you’ve been keeping tabs on ELK Studios, Toro the bull, the standout character from one of their earlier hits, Wild Toro, might ring a bell. Several years later, Toro embarked on a slot world tour, and now, in Gladiatoro, he finds himself navigating an Ancient Roman setting, blending the ferocity of a bull with the spirit of a gladiator.

ELK Studios has woven a captivating narrative into Gladiatoro, setting the stage for Toro’s journey. In this alternate realm, Toro, once a Roman general, faced betrayal when Matador, the Emperor’s son, murdered his father to seize the throne. Sent into slavery, Toro undergoes a transformation into Gladiatoro, fueled by a determination to ascend through the ranks of the arena and exact revenge. Interestingly, unlike typical gladiator-themed slots, Gladiatoro’s base game unfolds in an armory adorned with an array of combat gear. However, once the bonus round is triggered, the spectacle shifts outdoors to an arena, introducing a hold ‘n win style event. As expected from ELK Studios, players can anticipate a visually stunning experience, complemented by the comedic rivalry between Toro and the Matador, whose clashes have been entertaining audiences for years.

As is customary, one of the primary points of contention with Gladiatoro is likely to be its 94% RTP. Engaging in a playful thought experiment, considering the original Wild Toro boasted a 96.4% RTP and Wild Toro 2 reduced it to 95%, one might speculate on the potential RTP for Wild Toro 3 (should it materialize). However, this remains purely speculative at this point.

In terms of gameplay details, Gladiatoro presents as a highly volatile slot, unfolding on a 5×4 gaming grid initially, offering 187 ways to win. This grid is expandable to 5×6, providing 340 ways to win. Players can place bets ranging from 20 cents to $/€100, and the X-iter feature buy menu offers five different options.

The slot features eight regular paying symbols for forming winning combinations. On the lower end, Roman numerals V, X, C, and M hold values ranging from 0.4 to 0.8 times the bet for a 5-symbol match. Moving up the scale, a vase of grapes, a stabbed watermelon, a helmet, and a rose constitute the higher-paying symbols, with values ranging from 0.9 to 5 times the bet for a 5-of-a-kind arrangement. Notably, wild symbols can substitute for any symbol except coins, Matadors, Diaz, or Toro, adding an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay.

Gladiatoro: Slot Features

Gladiatoro boasts a formidable array of features in its arsenal, contributing to its dynamic gameplay. Among these, players encounter Toro, Diaz, Matador & Toro Goes Wild, Level Up Coins, a Gladiator Bonus, and an assortment of X-iter options. Each element adds a unique dimension to the gaming experience, ensuring that Gladiatoro offers a diverse and engaging range of features for players to explore and enjoy.


When Toro makes an appearance on the reels, he transforms into a roaming wild, traversing the board from right to left and ultimately spinning off the first reel. With each step he takes, a respin is triggered, creating a dynamic sequence of gameplay. Notably, as Toro progresses, he doubles the value of any coins in his path, adding an extra layer of excitement and potential rewards for the players. This unique feature enhances the slot’s overall thrill and introduces an element of strategy as players anticipate Toro’s movements for increased winnings.


Diaz assumes the crucial role of a collector symbol within the game dynamics. Upon landing on the reels, Diaz swiftly gathers and accumulates the values associated with any coins visible on the screen, subsequently bestowing these collected rewards upon the player. This mechanic adds a strategic element to the gameplay, encouraging players to strategically position Diaz to maximize their coin collection and enhance their overall gaming experience.

Matador Symbols & Toro Goes Wild

Upon the landing of two Matador symbols, players are granted a Matador respin, during which these symbols become sticky—retaining their positions on the reels. The anticipation builds as a new Matador symbol landing on the reels triggers another respin, extending the potential for consecutive wins.

In an intriguing twist, if Toro arrives simultaneously with one Matador symbol, the Toro Goes Wild feature is set into motion. Toro takes center stage, actively chasing the Matadors off the reels. During this charged pursuit, Toro leaves behind a trail of wild symbols in his wake, creating opportunities for additional winning combinations and elevating the excitement of the gameplay. This dynamic interaction between Toro and the Matadors adds a thrilling element to the slot experience.

Level Up Coin

Upon the arrival of the level-up coin, a transformative event unfolds as it shoots an arrow upwards, expanding the grid to a maximum of 6 rows and increasing the ways to win to a maximum of 340. This enhancement in the playing field introduces new opportunities for winning combinations and intensifies the overall gaming experience.

In addition to the grid expansion, if there are no respins currently in progress, the level-up coin generously awards a respin. This additional gameplay element ensures that the excitement continues to build, and players have the chance to capitalize on the expanded grid and increased ways to win, creating a more dynamic and rewarding slot experience.

Gladiator Bonus

When 3 or more coins land on the reels, the Gladiator Bonus is triggered, transporting players to a unique reel set exclusively featuring coins, special symbols, or blanks. The coins that initiated the bonus round persist from the base game, and players are granted 3 initial respins to navigate this distinct gameplay scenario.

Within the Gladiator Bonus round, the symbols take on distinct roles:

  1. Coins: These sticky symbols showcase bet multiplier values, contributing to potential winnings.
  2. Matador: Upgrades a random number of coins and vanishes on the subsequent spin, enhancing the potential value of the sticky coin symbols.
  3. Persistent Matador: Elevates the value of a random number of coins during the current spin and each subsequent spin, offering persistent enhancement.
  4. Diaz: Gathers the value of all coins on the grid before transforming into a coin himself, displaying the accumulated value. Additionally, Diaz may trigger the Toro Goes Wild feature, leaving behind a coin with double its value upon being displaced from the grid.
  5. Persistent Diaz: Collects the value of all coins at the end of the spin and continues to do so in each subsequent spin, providing a sustained boost.
  6. Level Up: Expands the grid and transforms into a coin, contributing to the overall potential winnings.
  7. Toro: Awards a respin and moves horizontally to the left until eventually spinning off the first reel. These Toro-triggered spins exist independently of the main respin count and do not interact with persistent symbols.

The Gladiator Bonus unfolds with strategic choices and a variety of symbols, offering players the chance to optimize their winnings and explore the diverse features embedded within this engaging round.


The X-iter feature provides players with the option to access specific bonus modes at a predetermined cost, offering a tailored and enhanced gaming experience:

  1. Bonus Hunt – 3x the Bet:
    • Cost: 3 times the bet.
    • Effect: Each spin during the Bonus Hunt mode has three times the likelihood of triggering the main feature, adding an element of anticipation and increased feature activation chances.
  2. Matador Respin – 10x the Bet:
    • Cost: 10 times the bet.
    • Effect: Guarantees a spin with two Matadors. If the bonus is triggered, all Matador symbols transition into persistent Matadors, enhancing the potential for sustained benefits.
  3. Diaz – 25x the Bet:
    • Cost: 25 times the bet.
    • Effect: Ensures a spin with a Diaz symbol. In the event of the bonus triggering, all Diaz symbols transform into persistent Diaz symbols, providing enduring advantages.
  4. Bonus Game – 100x the Bet:
    • Cost: 100 times the bet.
    • Effect: Triggers the standard Bonus Game, offering players an immersive and potentially lucrative bonus round.
  5. Super Bonus Game – 500x the Bet:
    • Cost: 500 times the bet.
    • Effect: Initiates the Super Bonus Game, featuring a bonus game trigger with one persistent symbol. This high-stakes option enhances the bonus round experience with the inclusion of a persistent symbol for sustained benefits.

The X-iter feature allows players to tailor their gameplay experience by selecting specific bonus modes, each offering unique advantages and entertainment value at varying cost levels.

Gladiatoro: Slot Verdict

It’s intriguing to reflect on the hiatus between Wild Toro, when it seemed like the bull and matador had retired, and the emergence of Wild Toro 2. The sequel paved the way for subsequent releases like Book of Toro, Toro 7s, Buffalo Toro, and Toro Shogun, presenting a varied lineup that shared the common theme of the ongoing struggle between man and beast. Despite their differences in function, these releases, all part of the Toro series, brought forth humorous clashes that, for fortunate players, could lead to potentially lucrative outcomes.

While similarities thread through much of the Toro range, one notable element is Toro’s pursuit of the Matador, observable in Gladiatoro during the Toro Goes Wild feature. Here, Toro leaves a trail of wild symbols as he traverses the base game. While this effect is familiar, Gladiatoro diverges by introducing a hold ‘n win bonus round, embellished with special symbols to elevate its allure. Although not wildly groundbreaking from a technical standpoint, this choice aligns with ELK Studios’ signature style. Notably, the addition of Toro and Toro Goes Wild in the bonus round is a novel touch, as Toro doubles the value of coins upon passing over them. While the bonus round doesn’t showcase an extensive array of symbols, the inclusion of persistent symbols proves to be remarkably beneficial.

While the Gladiatoro Bonus may not reach the tier of Money Train 4 in terms of variety and sophistication, and its top prize of 10,000x the bet pales in comparison, it stands as a finely crafted slot adhering to ELK Studios’ high standards. The slot evokes a sense of satisfaction, especially when witnessing the Toro and Matador rivalry unfold within the captivating arena of the hold ‘n win feature.

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