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Gem Crush: Slot Overview

If the monotony of daily commutes or the unending sight of urban landscapes has you yearning for a change of scenery, “Gem Crush” by NetEnt offers a refreshing escape. This online slot game is steeped in a theme that reconnects players with nature, offering a mystical and tranquil respite from modern life’s hustle and bustle. Emphasizing relaxation, “Gem Crush” focuses more on providing a serene gaming experience rather than the adrenaline-pumping thrills typical of many online slots.

Reflecting a theme consistent with other NetEnt titles like “Druid’s Dream,” “Secret of the Stones,” or “Druid’s Magic,” “Gem Crush” features a base game set against a soothing natural backdrop. The game is played on a 6×8 grid, nestled in a peaceful outdoor setting with gentle water streams, drifting leaves, and dappled sunlight creating a harmonious atmosphere. However, when played on a laptop, as was the case during this review, the grid’s size can feel somewhat small, leading to tiny symbols due to the grid’s ample space.

Betting in “Gem Crush” ranges from 10 cents to $/€20 per spin, with no additional ante bet. Players have the option to purchase free spins at 70 times the stake, where additional features can be discovered. The game exhibits medium/high volatility and boasts an RTP of 96.1%, increasing slightly to 96.13% when opting to buy free spins.

The game employs an avalanche mechanic, where winning symbols are removed from the reels to allow new ones to drop in, continuing until no further wins occur. “Gem Crush” pays out for clusters, requiring 5 or more identical symbols adjacent to each other either vertically or horizontally. The game’s symbols are all gem-themed, with lower values represented by blue, green, purple, and yellow gems, while higher values are denoted by similar gems encased in frames. Payouts range from 0.1 to 0.6 times the bet for clusters of 5-7 gems, with larger clusters of over 30 gems offering 10 to 80 times the bet. Wild symbols can also appear in both the base game and free spins, substituting for regular symbols to form or enhance winning clusters.

Overall, “Gem Crush” provides a calming, nature-inspired gaming experience that contrasts with the typical high-energy online slot, offering players a chance to unwind and enjoy a more laid-back approach to online gaming.

Gem Crush: Slot Features

In “Gem Crush,” players are treated to a dynamic and engaging gameplay experience through various features like avalanches, multipliers, symbol transformations, and free spins.

Multiplier Feature: This feature randomly activates, displaying a multiplier next to the reels. The possible values are x2, x3, x4, or x5, and they are applied to all winning combinations, enhancing the potential for significant wins.

Rainbow Gem Feature: A unique aspect of “Gem Crush” is the Rainbow Gem. When it appears on the grid, it selects one type of symbol and transforms it into another symbol type for that spin. During the free spins round, up to 4 Rainbow Gems can appear, each potentially transforming symbols and increasing win possibilities.

Free Spins: The free spins round is triggered by landing 3 scatter symbols anywhere on the grid, awarding 10 free spins. This round includes four specific modifiers that significantly enhance the gameplay:

  1. Increasing Multiplier: Unlike the base game, the multiplier in the free spins round does not reset. It increases by 1 after every 2nd spin, potentially leading to increasingly larger wins as the round progresses.
  2. Colossal Wild: Each free spin guarantees the appearance of at least one 2×2 wild symbol, which can substitute for all paying symbols. This increases the chances of forming winning clusters.
  3. Symbol Transformation: Up to four symbol transformations can occur during the free spins, and these changes last for the entire duration of the round, adding more excitement and variety to the gameplay.
  4. XStrike Feature: This feature boosts the multiplier by an additional +1 each time it activates, further amplifying the winning potential.

These features collectively make “Gem Crush” a compelling and entertaining slot game, offering players an array of mechanisms to boost their winnings, all set within a visually appealing and thematic environment.

Gem Crush: Slot Verdict

“Gem Crush” begins with a tranquil, almost sleepy ambiance, akin to a contented puppy basking in the sun. This relaxed mood is echoed throughout the game’s elements, from the small gaming grid and miniature symbols to the modest outcomes it tends to produce during gameplay.

While “Gem Crush” is not inherently lacking in potential – with a maximum win of 4,361.4 times the bet – it doesn’t stand out in terms of excitement or the promise of significant wins. The game’s cluster wins often yield unremarkable results, and despite features like a rising multiplier and guaranteed 2×2 wilds in every free spin, the gameplay lacks a sense of impending excitement or suspense. This could be a deliberate choice by NetEnt, focusing on creating a serene and relaxing environment, but it also means that the game lacks a certain thrill that some players seek.

NetEnt’s experience in the slot game industry is well-established, and the design of “Gem Crush” might reflect a strategic choice to target a specific player demographic. The game seems to cater to those who prefer a more mystical and dreamlike gaming experience, without the intensity of high-powered features or dramatic gameplay. This approach suggests that “Gem Crush” is tailored for players seeking a calm escape from the everyday hustle, offering a gentle and soothing gaming experience.

In summary, “Gem Crush” is likely to appeal to players who enjoy a more laid-back, low-intensity slot game, set in a peaceful and mystical environment, rather than those looking for high-energy, suspense-filled gaming sessions.


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