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Gargantoonz – (PLAY’N GO) SLOT REVIEW

Gargantoonz: Slot Overview

Everyone’s favorite extraterrestrial creatures make a return in Gargantoonz, an online slot developed by Play’n GO and part of the popular Garga series. While E.T. or Yoda might be everyone’s true favorites, the concept remains the same. Gargantoonz introduces a revamped method of incorporating various modifiers onto the game board, culminating in the magical appearance of the three-eyed Gargantoonz. Play’n GO has explored several “toonz”-related slots in the past, including the original Reactoonz, Reactoonz 2, Dr Toonz, and Gigantoonz. What surprises does Gargantoonz have in store this time?

The setting for Gargantoonz is once again space, a familiar backdrop in this slot series. The exception was Dr Toonz, which took place in the doctor’s lab rather than the outer cosmos. The graphics have maintained a consistent quality despite the six-year gap since the release of Reactoonz. Gargantoonz may appear slightly more refined, although this could be subjective. Do the Toonz characters have a bit more definition? Do the stars in the night sky glitter a bit brighter? These details may not matter significantly. The primary focus of these slots is on the engaging gameplay, and Gargantoonz delivers on that front. The retro synth tunes also add a pleasant touch.

Players can select a stake ranging from 10 cents to $/€100 per drop by using the plus and minus buttons on the menu bar. There are no additional ante bets or feature buy-ins to consider. The action takes place on a 7×7 game grid, where a win occurs when at least 5 identical symbols land next to each other vertically or horizontally. Winning symbols are removed, allowing new symbols to drop down and replace them. Cascades continue until no more wins are created, and this mechanism is crucial to Gargantoonz’s performance. With a highly volatile engine, Gargantoonz has a default return to player (RTP) of 96.2%.

There are five one-eyed critters as low-paying symbols and an equal number of two-eyed critters as high-paying symbols. A 5-symbol cluster win pays out 0.1 to 1 times the bet, with larger clusters ranging from 20x to 1,500x the bet for an 18+ sized winning cluster. Wilds, which will be covered soon, can substitute for all symbols, aiding in the completion or expansion of winning clusters.

Gargantoonz: Slot Features

Gargantoonz boasts an array of features, including Fluctuation, Discharge, the Experiment Charger, Gamma Ray Bursts, Black Hole, Supernova, Gargantoon Charger, and… Gargantoonz.


During each round, a randomly chosen one-eyed symbol type undergoes fluctuation. If the fluctuating symbols result in a win, 1 to 2 Quantum Wilds emerge in any of the positions where symbols were removed.


During any non-winning round, the grid may randomly receive 4 to 8 Quantum Wilds.

Experiment Charger

If no experiments are in progress, winning clusters charge the charger. The charger requires a total of 20 symbols to be fully charged. Once fully charged, a random experiment is initiated after the cascades conclude. If a experiment is successful, another experiment follows until all 3 experiments are completed. If unsuccessful, the experiment cycle concludes. At the beginning of an experiment, unique wilds are introduced to the grid, and all existing wilds transform into the same wild. During an experiment, only the wilds contribute to charging the experiment charger with their symbol values. In this state, 40 symbols charge the charger, and an additional 40 symbols overcharge the charger, increasing the Gargantoonz multiplier by +1.


Possible experiments are these:

Gamma Ray Burst – Introduces 7 to 9 wilds to the grid. Winning wilds calculate the number of symbols in their clusters before being removed, counting all instances of the same symbols. Even if multiple winning clusters contain the same type of symbols, removed symbols are counted only once. After counting, the wilds exit the grid, charging the charger before the cascade.

Black Hole – Adds 4 to 6 wilds to the grid. Winning wilds count the symbols in their clusters and remain on the grid until there are no more wins. At the end of cascades, wilds gather adjacent symbols and leave to charge the experiment charger. Symbols removed by an experiment wild are counted once. If 3 or more wilds are in the same cluster, they trigger their effect immediately, leave the grid, and charge the charger instead of staying on the grid.

Supernova – Brings in 3 to 5 wilds to the grid. Winning wilds count the symbols in their clusters, remain on the grid in case of wins, and shift one place diagonally on each cascade if possible without intersecting. When cascades conclude, wilds move 8 steps in any possible direction, collecting symbols in their path, and then leave to charge the charger. If 3 or more wilds are in the same cluster, they activate their effect immediately, exit the grid, and charge the charger rather than staying on the grid.

Gargantoon Charger

Every successful experiment contributes to charging the Gargantoon charger, leading to the evolution of the Gargantoon character. The charger begins with a base multiplier of x1, and each subsequent successful experiment increases this multiplier by +1. Multipliers ranging from x1 to x4 can be applied to the feature. If all three experiments succeed, the Gargantoonz feature is triggered. The feature unfolds in three stages. Initially, eight 1×1 Gargantoon Wilds emerge on the grid, remaining in place to merge if they contribute to a win. The 1×1 Gargantoon Wilds then combine to form two 2×2 Gargantoon Wilds, followed by the merging of the 2×2 Gargantoon Wilds into a single 3×3 Gargantoon Wild. This entire process occurs after win calculations but before the next cascade. Gargantoon Wilds display the relevant multiplier, but if there are multiple Gargantoon Wilds in a cluster, only a single multiplier is applied to the overall win.


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