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Galactic Racers Dream Drop – (RELAX GAMING) SLOT REVIEW

Galactic Racers Drea

Relax Gaming, known for its innovative approach to gaming, has ventured into the futuristic realm with “Galactic Racers Dream Drop.” This game is a notable departure from their previous titles, such as “Hot Rod Racers,” known for featuring automobiles. In “Galactic Racers Dream Drop,” players are transported to a possibly distant galaxy where extraterrestrial racing is the central theme. This game is integrated into Relax Gaming’s jackpot network, offering a substantial top prize of up to €3,000,000. Additionally, a non-Dream Drop version of the game is also available for players.

Upon starting “Galactic Racers Dream Drop,” players might initially notice some similarities to Quickspin’s “Cash Truck,” especially in terms of the gaming grid and the moving background. However, “Galactic Racers Dream Drop” differentiates itself with its backdrop, featuring a futuristic cityscape, reminiscent of a planet like Coruscant from the “Star Wars” universe – a city that spans an entire planet without any natural landscapes.

The game is played on a 5-reel, 4-row matrix offering 1,024 ways to win. Players can place bets ranging from 20 cents to $/€100 per spin, with higher bets increasing the chances of hitting a jackpot. The game’s RTP (Return to Player) is 96.08% for the non-jackpot version, while the Dream Drop version has an RTP of 94%. The game’s volatility is high, appealing to players who enjoy a more dynamic gaming experience.

The paytable of “Galactic Racers Dream Drop” includes lower-value symbols that resemble sim cards, and higher-value symbols represented by seven alien racers. Wins are calculated with a variety of combinations, with the lower symbols paying out 1x the bet and the higher symbols offering between 2x to 10x the bet. Wild symbols are also present, aiding in forming winning combinations by substituting for regular pay symbols.

“Galactic Racers Dream Drop” stands out for its unique setting and engaging gameplay, offering both visual appeal and the excitement of potentially large wins, particularly through its jackpot network.

Galactic Racers Dream Drop: Slot Features

“Galactic Racers Dream Drop” offers a straightforward yet engaging set of bonus features, focusing on Multiplier Frames, free spins, and the Dream Drop jackpot.

Multiplier Frames Feature This feature randomly places Multiplier Frames on 1 to 5 positions on the reels. Any winning combination that passes through these frames gets multiplied. If a win intersects more than one frame, the multiplier values are cumulatively added. However, in the base game, these frames are reset after each spin, making each round a fresh opportunity.

Free Spins The game also includes a free spins feature, activated by landing 3, 4, or 5 scatter symbols, which awards 8, 12, or 15 free spins respectively. Any Multiplier Frames present during the triggering spin are carried over into the free spins round. Unlike in the base game, these frames remain sticky throughout the free spins, and their multiplier values increase with each non-winning spin. Additional scatter symbols landing during this round grant extra free spins, enhancing the potential for big wins.

Dream Drop Jackpot The most distinctive feature of “Galactic Racers Dream Drop” is the Dream Drop jackpot. This can be randomly triggered before a standard spin. If a DD (Dream Drop) symbol lands on each reel during the Jackpot Spin, it leads to the Dream Drop Bonus. This bonus round is played on a 5×4 grid, retaining the DD symbols from the triggering spin. The jackpot awarded depends on the number of reels filled with DD symbols – one reel for the Rapid jackpot, two for Midi, three for Maxi, four for Major, and all five for the Mega jackpot. These jackpots are progressive, with starting values ranging from €1 for the Rapid to a whopping €500,000 for the Mega.

In summary, “Galactic Racers Dream Drop” offers a balanced mix of features, including the exciting Multiplier Frames and free spins, along with the highly anticipated Dream Drop jackpot, making it an engaging choice for players seeking both entertainment and the chance for significant payouts.

Galactic Racers Dream Drop: Slot Verdict

Reviewing “Galactic Racers Dream Drop” sparks some intriguing thoughts, extending beyond the realm of galactic racing. It inspires a fascinating musing about an intergalactic Olympic games scenario, where various species from different planets could showcase their unique strengths. For instance, beings from high-gravity planets might excel in events like high jump or weightlifting, and the concept of advanced alien technology being used for gene splicing or creating undetectable performance-enhancing drugs presents a curious parallel. Conversely, it’s equally intriguing to consider that Earth’s scientists and athletes might be among the galaxy’s elite, potentially dominating these cosmic competitions.

The game’s presentation is a significant aspect of its appeal. While “Galactic Racers Dream Drop” doesn’t feature overly complex mechanics that would challenge a seasoned developer like Relax Gaming, it offers a streamlined, efficient design reminiscent of a rally car optimized for speed. The Multiplier Frames, a key feature in the game, enhance the gameplay experience. These are similar to elements in another Relax Gaming title, “Wild Chapo,” but with the added advantage of not having to wait until a final free spin to benefit from the accumulated multipliers. The increasing multiplier values during non-winning free spins add a layer of excitement to the game.

When setting aside the jackpot element, “Galactic Racers Dream Drop” still presents the potential for substantial wins, with payouts of up to 10,000x the bet. Although this is not the largest prize offered by Relax Gaming, it remains an attractive prospect for players. The game might not be Relax Gaming’s most groundbreaking release, but it offers an engaging and visually appealing experience, particularly for players with a fondness for sci-fi themes. “Galactic Racers Dream Drop” provides an immersive gaming world where players can indulge in their sci-fi fantasies and pursue the elusive Dream Drop jackpot.


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