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Funny Hunting – Evoplay Full Review

This season seems to be very busy for Evoplay. Indeed, the designer has already launched a good number of games in online casinos. Its latest title is Funny Hunting. What does this production have in store for you in terms of winning and entertainment? Find all the answers in the following lines.

Evoplay‘s reputation in the free online casino games industry is undoubtedly due to its titles with excellent graphics. Several players have given positive testimonials about these productions; besides being attractive, they also offer big jackpots. The publisher has just released a new slot machine called Funny Hunting. This one, oriented towards a hunting game, is no exception to the rule: let’s discover the exciting features that the new game has in store for you.

Funny Hunting graphics and features

Funny Hunting is a traditional folk festival. It evokes a charming feeling of nostalgia that takes you back to your carefree childhood. The ultimate goal here is to defeat the haughty King of Ducks and his subjects. If you manage to shoot and hit the King of Ducks, you’ll be showered with great rewards. Even if the targets are not real, the thrill conveyed through the precise graphics is. Several features have been incorporated into this online casino game to help fill your pockets. These include the wild card and multipliers.

Funny Hunting Payouts and RTPs

To trigger the spinning of the 5 reels and 3 rows of Funny Hunting slot, you need to place bets that range from $0.5 to $500. Even though the payout rate of this 94% production is not the best in the world, the jackpot in play amounts to 1,001 coins if you bet real money! What’s more, thanks to state-of-the-art HTML5 technology you can enjoy this title on your Android or iPhone phone from your desktop or even sitting in your living room.


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