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Fortuna Gold: Slot Overview

In an industry deeply intertwined with the concepts of luck and fortune, it’s somewhat surprising that the figure of Fortuna, the embodiment of luck and the goddess of fortune in Roman mythology, isn’t more prominently featured. Fortuna, whose influence persists in Italian culture, as seen in expressions like ‘La [dea] fortuna è cieca’ (‘Luck [goddess] is blind’), encapsulates the whimsical nature of chance. This theme is central to Fantasma Games’ online slot, Fortuna Gold, which not only highlights the deity but also incorporates features such as coin collection, an intriguing coin avalanche, jackpot prizes, and a round of free spins.

Drawing inspiration from Roman mythology, Fortuna Gold is expectedly adorned with imagery of columns, marble, and ethereal, cloud-filled landscapes, reminiscent of Thunderkick’s Midas Golden Touch. This parallel in design is fitting, given the shared cultural and religious influences between Ancient Greece and Rome. Fortuna Gold presents a visually appealing setting that harmoniously blends various elements, creating an immersive experience that reflects the elegance and opulence associated with the goddess Fortuna.

Fortuna Gold exemplifies the principle of symmetry with its distinctive 6-reel grid layout, featuring a unique 4-5-5-5-5-4 pattern of symbols. Abandoning traditional paylines, the game embraces a ways-to-win system, allowing for winning combinations across any row as long as the symbols appear on consecutive reels starting from the leftmost reel. This innovative approach opens up 10,000 potential ways to win in a slot characterized by medium volatility and a return to player (RTP) rate of 96%. Betting options range widely, from 20 cents to an impressive $/€1,000 per spin.

At the higher end of the paytable, Fortuna Gold features three character symbols as its highest-value icons, followed by three gems representing the medium-value symbols, and the letters Q, K, and A as the lowest-value symbols. For players, landing a combination of six matching symbols translates to rewards of 1x the stake for low-value symbols, 1.5x for medium-value symbols, and between 2.5x to 5x the stake for the high-value character symbols. Additionally, wild symbols can appear on reels 2 through 5 during the base game, serving as substitutes for all regular symbols to aid in forming winning combinations.

Fortuna Gold: Slot Features

Diving into the intricacies of Fortuna Gold reveals a treasure trove of features, including the Coin Collect, jackpot prizes, the Fortuna Coin Avalanche, free spins, Scatter Boost bet mode, and feature buys, each adding layers of excitement and potential rewards.

Coin Collect Feature: In both the base game and the Fortuna Coin Avalanche, coin symbols appear on reels 2 to 5, bearing values from 0.25 to 25 times the bet. During free spins, these coins can appear on all reels. Collect symbols may emerge on the game’s outer reels in the base game. The appearance of Coin symbols alongside a Collect symbol triggers the payout of the coin values.

Jackpot Prizes: Jackpot prizes, ranging from the Mini to the Grand jackpot, offer payouts from 10x to a staggering 5,000x the stake. These can be won during the free spins round or through the Fortuna Coin Avalanche, providing a significant boost to the potential winnings.

Fortuna Coin Avalanche: Triggered by landing two Collect symbols in the base game, this feature focuses on reels 2 to 5, with non-Coin symbols removed for the duration. The Avalanche continues until no new Coin symbols land or when every position is filled, potentially unlocking jackpot prizes if a row is completely filled with Coin symbols.

Free Spins: Four scatter symbols on the middle reels initiate a session of 10 free spins, transforming each reel position into an individual reel. These spins feature blanks, Coins, Jackpot symbols, and Thunder symbols, with each position’s multiplier increasing the value of Coin wins. The Thunder symbol randomly boosts multiple position multipliers, enhancing the payout potential.

Scatter Boost Bet Mode and Feature Buys: The Scatter Boost mode doubles the likelihood of triggering free spins for an additional 25% of the bet, slightly enhancing the RTP to 96.19%. Players also have the option to directly purchase the Fortuna Coin Avalanche for 40x the bet or free spins for 80x the bet, each with an increased RTP of 96.36%, offering a fast track to the game’s most lucrative features.

Fortuna Gold encapsulates a rich blend of thematic elements and innovative gameplay mechanics, presenting players with numerous paths to uncover the wealth of the Roman Goddess.

Fortuna Gold: Slot Verdict

Introducing a pixelated rendition of a goddess of fortune into a slot game naturally raises the question: does it bring more luck to the player? While the immutable laws of probability remain indifferent to such thematic embellishments, the presence of an unconventional character like Fortuna is a refreshing departure from the more commonly featured mythological figures such as Hades or Zeus, which dominate the gambling scene. Fortuna Gold, with its appealing visual design and comprehensive feature set, appears to target a broad audience rather than catering exclusively to those who seek out slots with high volatility and intense gameplay mechanics.

One of the standout aspects of Fortuna Gold for its intended audience is the reasonably priced option to buy bonuses, a boon for players who may not have the patience to wait for free spins to trigger naturally—given their relatively sparse hit frequency of 1 in 320 spins. While Fantasma Games hasn’t disclosed the specific odds for triggering the Fortuna Coin Avalanche feature, the potential maximum win of 5,542 times the stake serves as an enticing incentive, akin to a “plump red cherry” that might entice players.

In conclusion, while Fortuna Gold may not revolutionize the slot game landscape with its innovations, it represents a solid entry into the genre, offering a “pleasant” (a term duly noted for its repeated use) gaming experience. The game’s creative approach and array of features provide a compelling option for players looking for a moderately challenging coin collect slot experience.


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