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Football Penny Roller – (GAMES GLOBAL) SLOT REVIEW

Football Penny Roller: Slot Overview

When you think of professional footballers, the term ‘penny rollers’ is probably far from the first thing that comes to mind. Current online information suggests that Premier League players earn an average of over £60,000 a week, making low-stake gambling an unlikely concern for them. However, for the average person, having accessible betting options is a different story altogether. Recognizing this, developer Game Global introduces Football Penny Roller, a one-payline slot game. It accommodates a variety of bets, starting from as low as 1 cent, in a gameplay experience that’s straightforward and uncomplicated.

The gaming grid of Football Penny Roller floats above a neatly kept grass pitch, accompanied by a chart displaying the values of symbol combinations. This view remains constant, even during bonus rounds, which are notably absent in this game. The experience is straightforward from beginning to end. Ambient sounds of a cheering crowd add some depth, yet opinions may vary on whether the music enhances or detracts from the game, or if it feels entirely misplaced. The presentation of Football Penny Roller seems to transport players back in time, with visuals and sounds that appear to have been conceived in a design era gone by. The overall impression is a throwback to earlier times, not the kind of nostalgic journey that warms the heart, but a blunt reminder of the progress in gaming and how this game seems determined to remain a step behind.

Football Penny Roller features a 3-reel grid with a single payline, allowing players to place bets ranging from 1 cent to $/€100 per spin with one coin selected. Opting for 2 or 3 coins can increase the maximum bet to $/€300. The game operates on a medium volatility mathematical model and offers three RTP (Return to Player) variants, with the standard being 95.94%. An interesting aspect is its 8.53% hit rate, suggesting a significant number of non-winning spins.

The game includes eight symbols on its reels, all of which are regular paying symbols, with no wilds, scatters, or additional special symbols. The symbols rank from the lowest paying red jersey, to a football pitch, a referee, and finally, five football player action shots. Landing three jersey symbols yields a 20x bet payout, while three of the highest value symbols can pay out up to 1,000 times the bet. Additionally, the top-paying symbol offers a 10x bet for a single instance and 15x for two. A notable exception is that with 3 coins active, landing three of the highest paying symbols results in a win of 1,111 times the bet for a 3 of a kind (OAK) combination.

Football Penny Roller: Slot Features

The absence of a separate paytable information screen is a clear indicator that Football Penny Roller is a straightforward, no-frills game. It lacks additional features, emphasizing its simplicity and direct approach to gameplay.

Football Penny Roller: Slot Verdict

Football Penny Roller stands as a glaring example of a game that not only fails to captivate but also induces frustration with its monotony and frequent non-winning spins. The game’s basic design feels more like a chore than a form of entertainment. It’s akin to transitioning from a modern smartphone with ubiquitous internet access, capable of keeping you connected and entertained with the latest online content, to a rudimentary old mobile phone that offers nothing beyond calling and texting — or perhaps, even one that struggles to send a text message.

This game might catch the attention of those who prefer an extremely simplistic gaming experience or those who find some bizarre appeal in its lack of sophistication. However, the slow pace and the monotony of dead spins, combined with a disappointing maximum payout, make it feel almost mocking in an industry known for its dynamic and rewarding opportunities.

Football Penny Roller may appeal to a small group fascinated by its minimalistic approach or those looking for a challenge in its scarcity of features. Yet, for most, it serves as a stark illustration of the progress made in gaming and how significantly this game falls short. Far from being a nostalgic journey, it represents a significant regression into obsolescence.


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