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Fire and Roses Jolly Joker – (TRIPLE EDGE STUDIOS) SLOT REVIEW

Fire and Roses Jolly Joker, an online slot by Games Global partner Triple Edge Studios, emerged as one of the early Christmas-themed slots in 2023. Demonstrating both eagerness and a measured approach to the festive season, this slot is a Yuletide adaptation of the previously launched Fire and Roses Joker, resulting in a close kinship between the two games. However, in this iteration, the focus shifts to a joker theme, aiming to infuse the Christmas spirit into the gameplay and see if it can generate additional holiday cheer.

The familiar lady joker from the original slot returns, now adorned as one of Santa’s helpers and going by the name Santa Jolene. Santa Jolene adds a festive touch by gracing players with her presence beside the reels, holding a burning flower in her hand. Above her, another flower is ablaze, surrounded by additional flames along the bottom of the screen, creating a vivid scene reminiscent of a Christmas celebration with a fiery twist. It’s a departure from the previous game’s flaming classic slot/circus theme, embracing a more fiery Christmas ambiance.

The statistical aspects of Fire and Roses Jolly Joker seem to remain consistent with its predecessor, maintaining a default return to player rate of 96.01% within a highly volatile mathematical model, as rated by Triple Edge. With a hit rate of 24.74%, this festive slot adopts a bidirectional payout system, rewarding players for winning combinations from both right to left and left to right across its 5-reel grid arranged in a 3-4-5-4-3 formation. Players looking to join the holiday festivities can do so by selecting wagers ranging from 20 p/c to $/€50.

Implementing a 720 ways-to-win pay structure, payouts are triggered by landing matching symbols on a minimum of 3 consecutive reels, commencing from either the left or right side of the gaming grid. The low symbols feature decorative clubs, diamonds, hearts, and spades, while the high-paying symbols include a stocking, a gingerbread man, bells, and a gift-wrapped present. A five-of-a-kind card suit win fetches 0.8 to 1.2 times the bet, while a 5-premium symbol win yields 2 to 8 times the bet. The lady joker assumes the role of the wild symbol, appearing on reels 2, 3, and 4. Wilds can land in stacked formations and substitute for any regular pay symbol.

Fire and Roses Jolly Joker: Slot Features

Beneath the festive façade of Fire and Roses Jolly Joker, players can unwrap enticing features, including a Jackpot Wheel boasting progressive jackpots and free spins adorned with a win multiplier.

Jackpot Wheel

Positioned above each of the 5 reels in Fire and Roses Jolly Joker is an individual jackpot, denoted as a multiple of the bet. Each instance of a Jackpot Trigger symbol landing on a reel contributes to the growth of the jackpot on that specific reel, accumulating by 0.5x the bet up to a predetermined limit. The accumulation of 1 or more Jackpot Trigger symbols provides an opportunity to spin the Jackpot Wheel. Following the awarding of a jackpot, it resets to its initial value. When the Jackpot Wheel is triggered, players secure one of five guaranteed jackpots:

  1. Mini – Starts at 5x and has the potential to grow to 75x the bet.
  2. Minor – Commences at 10x and can expand to 100x the bet.
  3. Major – Initiates at 50x and can extend to 250x the bet.
  4. Mega – Launches at 200x and can progress to 1,000x the bet.
  5. Ultra – Begins at an impressive 1,000x and has the capacity to reach 5,000x the bet.

Free Spins

Acquiring a scatter symbol on each reel, forming the word J, O, L, L, Y, acts as the catalyst for triggering free spins in Fire and Roses Jolly Joker. Upon activation, each scatter that contributed to the trigger provides either +1 extra free spin or elevates the free spins win multiplier by +1x. The feature initiation also awards players with 1x the bet, ensuring a minimum of 6 free spins.

Notably, free spins can be retriggered, featuring a win multiplier applicable to ways wins and retrigger pays. The free spins multiplier sees increments of 0.5x when a free spins scatter lands on precisely 4 reels during the base game, with a maximum potential of reaching x10. However, the maximum value when entering free spins might escalate to x15. The multiplier resets to x1 upon the conclusion of the free spins round.

Fire and Roses Jolly Joker: Slot Verdict

With the introduction of Fire and Roses Jolly Joker, Triple Edge Studios has technically checked off the ‘Xmas slot’ box for the year. However, the effort invested in this endeavor appears to be on the lower side, and the overall impression of Fire and Roses Jolly Joker leans towards low-interest. Reskinning is a common practice for Christmas games, and in this regard, Fire and Roses Jolly Joker aligns with the trend. Unfortunately, this doesn’t prevent it from being a somewhat uninspiring slot that fails to evoke much in the way of seasonal cheer.

Among the brighter aspects of Fire and Roses Jolly Joker are its numerous ways to win on a gaming grid that pays in both directions. The potential for fully stacked wilds, although not occurring frequently, adds a positive note. The game maintains a lively atmosphere with Jackpot Trigger scatters and free spins scatter symbols contributing to the on-screen activity. The enthusiastic voiceovers from Santa Jolene might also resonate with some players. However, the abundance of on-screen action doesn’t necessarily translate into substantial monetary outcomes, even with a 5,000x the bet maximum win technically possible.

In the realm of Christmas reskins, Fire and Roses Jolly Joker, like many others, doesn’t seem poised to make a significant impact. While some players may appreciate the rising jackpots feature or the charismatic presence of Santa Jolene, it’s challenging to envision Fire and Roses Jolly Joker leaving a lasting impression by the time Boxing Day arrives.

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