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Feel the Beat: Slot Overview

“Feel the Beat” from Hacksaw Gaming is an online slot that immerses players in a dance-centric world, complete with engaging characters, a plethora of neon lights, and a vibrant soundtrack. This slot brings the party atmosphere straight to your screen, offering an experience that’s both visually and audibly stimulating. The slot’s features are intriguing, but the quality of the tunes is something best judged by music aficionados.

Set in a near-futuristic setting, “Feel the Beat” conjures up a world that’s just a few years ahead of our time. It paints a picture of a bustling, brightly lit urban landscape, where towering structures dominate and the streets are alive with stalls, shops, and a dense population. Amidst this urban jungle, individuals strive to express themselves and have fun, seeking to stand out in their unique ways. The game’s ambiance is a fusion of various influences – reminiscent of Beat Saber’s rhythm-based gameplay, the cyberpunk aesthetic of Neuromancer, the energy of a German Cybergoth Rave, and the electronic feel of Chaos Crew.

For those ready to dive into this rhythmic adventure, “Feel the Beat” promises an engaging experience, complete with the option to shuffle through different tunes. Players can easily switch songs by clicking on the arrow icons at the top of the reels, adding a personalized touch to their gaming session. If this blend of futuristic beats and neon-lit excitement appeals to you, “Feel the Beat” is ready to take you on a thrilling dance journey.

“Feel the Beat” is an engaging online slot game that features two animated ladies wearing funky masks, energetically dancing beside the game’s 5×5 grid. This vibrant setup is sure to inspire players to get into the groove of the game. The grid offers 27 paylines, with wins being awarded when matching symbols land consecutively from the leftmost reel. The game is rated as medium-high in volatility, scoring 4 out of 5, and has an RTP (Return to Player) of 96.2%. However, it’s worth noting that there are three alternative models with lower returns.

The betting range in “Feel the Beat” is quite flexible, allowing players to choose stakes from 10 cents to $/€100. Additionally, the game features a feature buy menu with five different options to enhance the gameplay.

The symbols in “Feel the Beat” include the lower-valued J-A card royals, three mid-value patterned symbols, and the highest paying symbols represented by a cat and a mouse icon. Landing a line of 5 royal symbols results in a win of 2 times the bet, while the pattern symbols can pay between 9x to 18x the bet. The cat and mouse symbols, being the top payers, can award 30 to 40 times the bet for a line of five. Wild symbols are present on all reels, substituting for any regular pay symbol and offering a significant payout of 40 times the bet for a line of five wilds.

Feel the Beat: Slot Features

“Feel the Beat” adds excitement with its diverse mix of features, including Speaker symbols, X symbols, the “Pump Up The Jam!” bonus, the “Get Your Booty On The Floor!” bonus, and various feature buy options.

Speaker Symbols: If at least 2 Speaker symbols land on separate reels, all winning paylines connecting them are highlighted, activating the Speaker Mechanic. In this mechanic, all symbols on these paylines, including wilds, free spin (FS) symbols, and the Speaker symbols themselves, are replaced with a matching type of pay symbol. This mechanic only activates if the Speaker symbols are on different reels. However, if 2 Speaker symbols land on the same reel in a winning combination, they fill the vertical space between them with additional Speaker symbols, creating more winning paylines. The Speaker Mechanic in the base game replaces symbols only with pay symbols, but FS symbols replaced still count towards triggering a bonus game.

X Symbol: The X symbol is activated by a win on the grid, revealing a multiplier from x2 to x200, applied to the total spin win. If part of a payline replaced by the Speaker Mechanic, the X symbol is replaced after its value is revealed.

Pump Up The Jam! Bonus: Triggered by landing 3 FS symbols in the base game, this bonus awards 10 free spins. During these spins, base game mechanics trigger more frequently, and the Speaker Mechanic can replace symbols with wilds. Additional free spins are awarded for hitting more FS symbols.

Get Your Booty On The Floor! Bonus: Activated by 4 FS symbols in the base game, this bonus also grants 10 free spins. Each X symbol that lands reveals a multiplier that contributes to a global multiplier, activated by a win plus an X symbol on the grid. The global multiplier is applied to the total spin win, and the Speaker Mechanic can replace symbols with wilds. Extra free spins are available for hitting additional FS symbols.

Buy Bonus Options:

  1. BonusHunt FeatureSpins: Costs 3x the bet, with each spin having a 5x higher chance of triggering the bonus game. (RTP: 96.32%)
  2. Disco Double FeatureSpins: Costs 50x the bet, guaranteeing at least 2 Speaker symbols per spin, with possible wild replacements. (RTP: 96.31%)
  3. Funky Four FeatureSpins: Costs 100x the bet, ensuring at least 4 Speaker symbols per spin, with potential wild replacements. (RTP: 96.21%)
  4. Pump Up The Jam!: Costs 100x the bet. (RTP: 96.24%)
  5. Get You Booty On The Floor!: Costs 200x the bet. (RTP: 96.3%)

Feel the Beat: Slot Verdict

Hacksaw Gaming, known for incorporating unique characters into its slots like Benny the Bear and Canny the Can, has taken a different approach with “Feel the Beat”. Typically, characters in Hacksaw Gaming slots are more subdued, casually animating on the side of the screen without demanding too much attention. However, “Feel the Beat” marks a departure from this norm, featuring characters that are significantly more dynamic and possibly polarizing.

In “Feel the Beat”, the characters are far from low-key. The animated ladies energetically dancing beside the game may inspire some players to join in with their own dance moves, while others might find the constant Fortnite-style dance emotes either annoying or highly entertaining. This distinct style makes “Feel the Beat” a game that players will either love or not engage with, based on its thematic appeal.

Thematically, “Feel the Beat” explores new ground for Hacksaw Gaming, somewhat akin to the vibe of their slot “Vending Machine”, yet the gameplay remains true to the studio’s signature style. This includes challenging moments when luck isn’t on the player’s side, interspersed with exciting feature activations that can be highly rewarding, especially when the right symbols or combinations appear. A key strategy in “Feel the Beat” involves landing Speaker symbols as far apart as possible. Trying out the Funky Four FeatureSpins, despite its high cost equivalent to a pricey nightclub beverage, can showcase the potential impact of these symbols.

Multipliers in “Feel the Beat” may not seem as central as in other Hacksaw Gaming slots, but they can reach significant values, up to x200 for an individual X symbol. This feature is crucial for aiming at the game’s maximum win of 10,000x the bet, achievable across all game modes. Overall, “Feel the Beat” offers an in-your-face, energetic presentation that might not cater to everyone’s taste, but for those who enjoy its style and get lucky, it promises a thrilling experience with potential for substantial rewards.


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