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FatStacks Miami Cash – (LUCKSOME) SLOT REVIEW

FatStacks Miami Cash: Slot Overview

The Floridian city of Miami evokes various iconic images, from warm weather and sandy beaches to Art Deco architecture, neon lights, and a luxurious lifestyle. Lucksome’s FatStacks Miami Cash captures the essence of this vibrant city in a retro-themed slot that combines old, reworked, and new features.

Set in an 80s-era game world, FatStacks Miami Cash offers a mix of pleasing visuals and sounds. While it doesn’t feature hardcore 8-bit graphics, there is a nostalgic blockiness in elements like the prize ladder. The bleeping sound effects add to the old-school vibe, creating a laid-back atmosphere reminiscent of cruising Ocean Beach with the top down at sunset.

The chrome-coated gaming grid consists of 6 reels with 4 rows each, framed by high-rise buildings and palm trees. The slot aims to capture the spirit of an earlier era, providing players with a retro gaming experience.

In FatStacks Miami Cash, players can choose their approach to the game by selecting a stake ranging from 10 p/c to $/€15. They can then decide whether to wager on individual spins or opt for one of the three available bonus buy options. The game’s base RTP is 96.11%, which increases to 96.22% when purchasing free spins. The volatility is medium by default but can change based on the chosen bonus buy option.

The slot uses a ways-to-win pay system with a default 6×4 grid, providing 4,096 ways to win. However, certain features can expand the ways to win to as much as 1 million.

The symbols on the reels include classic slot icons such as ‘X’, cherry, BAR, bell, grey 7s, purple 7s, blue 7s, red 7s, and a diamond. Achieving a full left-to-right 6 OAK win results in payouts ranging from 0.8 to 30 times the bet. The wild symbol appears anywhere on all reels except the leftmost one and substitutes for all other symbols except Luxpots and modifier symbols.

FatStacks Miami Cash: Slot Features

FatStacks Miami Cash stands out from the crowd with a variety of features that go beyond the surface appearance of a 9 Masks of Fire lookalike. The extensive list of features includes cascades, FatStacks, Luxpots, modifiers, free games, and bonus buy options. This diversity adds depth and excitement to the gameplay experience.


The cascade feature in FatStacks Miami Cash removes winning symbols from the reels, creating empty spaces that are filled by symbols dropping down from above. Cascade sequences continue until no new win occurs or FatStacks are not possible. It adds a dynamic element to the gameplay, allowing for consecutive wins in a single spin. Winning Luxpots symbols, however, do not trigger cascades.


In FatStacks Miami Cash, when 2 to 3 identical single symbols align on the same reel, they merge into double or triple symbols known as FatStacks. This merging process allows the symbols to fall through other symbols if necessary. The spaces created by the merging process are then filled with symbols falling from above. FatStacks effectively increase the ways to win for that particular symbol. Each reel can have up to 3 FatStacks, providing additional opportunities for winning combinations. However, it’s important to note that Luxpots symbols do not contribute to the creation of FatStacks.


FatStacks Miami Cash features two types of Luxpots symbols – regular and bonus. If you have 3 or more Luxpots symbols anywhere on the grid at the end of a spin, after cascades have finished, you’ll be awarded a cash prize based on the values on the prize ladder. To win the top prize on the ladder, you need 10 Luxpots symbols to land. Additionally, the Bonus Luxpots symbol plays a crucial role in triggering the Bonus Chance, which leads to the free spins feature.


In FatStacks Miami Cash, each modifier type can appear on the reels in both the base game and during free spins, except for the Platinum Upgrade and the Transform. These modifiers modify the Prize Ladder before transforming into Regular Luxpots. The modifications to the Prize Ladder reset at the beginning of each base game spin. Here’s a breakdown of the modifiers:

  1. Shuffle: Increases your current Prize Ladder value to a randomly chosen higher one. It works with the Upgrade Modifier for even higher values and only appears in the base game.
  2. Upgrade: Upgrades all Prize Ladder values to the rung above. A new higher value is added for the top prize. In the main game, the Bonus Chance label moves one rung down. It appears in both the main game and free spins, limited to once per free spins session.
  3. Transform: Transforms a random number of symbols (including itself at least) on the reels, excluding Luxpots and other Modifiers, into Regular Luxpots, Upgrade Modifiers, and/or Shuffle Modifiers in the main game. In free spins, it transforms symbols into Regular Luxpots only.
  4. Merge: Merges two adjacent rungs of the Prize Ladder so that both get the higher prize value of the two. This modifier appears only in free spins and is limited to once per session.
  5. Platinum Upgrade: Upgrades the Prize Ladder to the one with higher values at the start of free spins. It can only be won in the free games picker, and a maximum of two upgrades are possible.

Free Games

Free games in FatStacks Miami Cash are triggered by landing one of the following combinations:

  1. 1 Bonus Luxpots + 6 Regular Luxpots.
  2. 2 Bonus Luxpots + 4 Regular Luxpots.
  3. 3 Bonus Luxpots + 2 Regular Luxpots.
  4. 4 Bonus Luxpots symbols.

However, landing the Upgrade modifier reduces the number of Regular Luxpots needed to trigger free games by 1 for each instance. Free games start with the free games picker, where players click positions on the grid until 3 matching values are revealed to determine the number of free spins. It is possible to win up to 2 Platinum Upgrades in the picker session. In free spins, the Prize Ladder remains modified for the whole session by Upgrades, Platinum Upgrades, and/or Merge modifiers.

Bonus Buy

From the bonus buy menu, players can access these three choices in FatStacks Miami Cash:

  1. X-Plosive: 60x the bet for 10 to 25 free spins with more FatStacks. This is the highest volatile option.
  2. DeLux: 100x the bet for 15 to 15 free spins with a guaranteed Platinum Upgrade and more modifiers. It’s the middle volatile option of the three.
  3. DoubleLux: 300x the bet for 20 to 25 free spins with a guaranteed Platinum Upgrade and the most modifiers. This is the least volatile option, and players get a retrigger if the win is 60x the bet or less.

FatStacks Miami Cash: Slot Verdict

It’s clear from the review that FatStacks Miami Cash offers a unique and innovative gaming experience, breaking away from the traditional retro-styled slots. The incorporation of features like FatStacks and the Prize Ladder seems to add depth and excitement to the gameplay. If you have any more reviews or games you’d like information on, feel free to let me know!


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