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Fast Fruits DoubleMax – New Slot From REFLEX GAMING

Do DoubleMax slots seem to be multiplying like the rising multiplier feature they’re built around? Yes, indeed. Here’s another addition to the lineup, this time in the form of Fast Fruit DoubleMax, courtesy of Reflex Gaming, a partner of Yggdrasil Gaming.

As the title suggests, Fast Fruits DoubleMax is a fruity extravaganza and one of the most retro-looking DoubleMax slots to date. It incorporates the rising win multiplier and cascade wins system, along with the inclusion of not one but four wild symbols, each with its unique characteristics. So, grab an apple, peel an orange, and let’s dive into the details.

In terms of appearance, “retro” is the most fitting word to describe Fast Fruits DoubleMax. The game screen is dominated by a large grid adorned with oversized fruit symbols, each appearing incredibly juicy and tempting. These fruits exude an explosion of flavor, making Fast Fruits DoubleMax a visually refreshing and classic slot. The remaining part of the screen consists of a static lined image in the base game. However, when you trigger the free spins feature, the background comes to life, giving the impression that the grid is hurtling through hyperspace.

Beneath the veneer of healthy fruit, Fast Fruits DoubleMax conceals a highly volatile mathematical model, offering four different RTP configurations. The highest RTP available is 95.5%, with three lower values that may vary depending on the market. Players can place bets ranging from 20 p/c to £/€100 per spin. The game boasts a hit frequency of approximately 1 in 4 spins. Alternatively, players can activate the Golden Bet option, which increases the stake by 25% while doubling the chances of triggering free spins.

In Fast Fruits DoubleMax, winning symbols are removed from the game grid, and one or more extra wild symbols are introduced into the gaps, allowing other symbols to cascade and fill the vacant spaces. If another winning combination occurs after a symbol drop, this process repeats.

The game is played on a 5-reel, 3-row grid with 20 fixed paylines. While winning combinations primarily pay from left to right, there is a special wild that reverses this pattern, enabling wins to pay from right to left starting from the rightmost edge of the grid. The paytable consists of classic slot symbols, ranked from lowest to highest value: cherries, oranges, lemons, grapes, plums, watermelons, a lucky 7 symbol, and the game’s logo. Achieving a 5-of-a-kind win yields payouts ranging from 1 to 5 times the bet. Although the base values may not be exceptionally high, multipliers can escalate rapidly in such games, compensating for the relatively modest initial payouts. Furthermore, wild symbols play a crucial role by substituting for all symbols except the free spins symbol, enhancing your winning potential.

Fast Fruits DoubleMax: Slot Features

In addition to the standard Wild symbol, Fast Fruits DoubleMax introduces three other unique wild symbols, along with features such as the win multiplier, free spins, the free spins gamble feature, and the bonus buy option. These elements add depth and excitement to the gameplay, enhancing your chances of landing significant wins and making your gaming experience more engaging.


When you achieve a win in Fast Fruits DoubleMax and wild symbols are added to the reels, you have the chance to encounter not only the standard wild but also three unique wild symbols, each with its distinct attributes:

  1. Super Wild: This wild symbol acts as a substitute for all symbols except the bonus symbols. It has the special ability to stack and fill all available spaces on a reel following the removal of symbols.
  2. Boost Wild: The Boost Wild also serves as a substitute for all symbols except the bonus symbols. However, it brings an added dimension to the game by boosting the multiplier trail by a random amount, potentially enhancing your winnings.
  3. Each Way Wild: Similar to the other wild symbols, the Each Way Wild substitutes for all symbols except the bonus symbols. What sets it apart is its unique capability to pay wins from both left to right and right to left when it contributes to a winning combination, providing additional opportunities for payouts.

These various wild symbols not only add excitement to the gameplay but also increase the potential for significant wins, making Fast Fruits DoubleMax an engaging and rewarding slot experience.


In Fast Fruits DoubleMax, the win multiplier system operates differently in the base game and during free spins:

Base Game:

  • In the base game, every win results in the win multiplier doubling.
  • When a losing cascade (symbol removal) occurs, the win multiplier resets.

Free Spins:

  • During the free spins feature, the win multiplier starts at x1.
  • The multiplier progressively increases as you continue to play through the free spins.
  • Importantly, the win multiplier only resets when the free spins session concludes.

This variation in the multiplier mechanic adds an extra layer of strategy and excitement to the game, especially during the free spins feature, where the multiplier can continue to grow with each winning cascade, potentially leading to more substantial rewards.

Free Spins

To initiate the free spins feature in Fast Fruits DoubleMax, you need to land a specific number of bonus symbols anywhere on the game grid:

  • Landing 3 bonus symbols awards you 7 free spins.
  • Achieving 4 bonus symbols grants you 10 free spins.
  • If you manage to land 5 bonus symbols, you’ll receive an impressive 13 free spins.

Before the free spins round begins, if 3 or 4 bonus symbols triggered the feature, you have the opportunity to participate in a gamble feature to potentially increase the number of free spins you receive. During the free spins round, it’s important to note that the multiplier trail does not reset, offering the potential for substantial winnings as the multiplier accumulates with each winning cascade. This feature can make the free spins particularly lucrative and exciting.

Gamble & Bonus Buy

In Fast Fruits DoubleMax, players have the option to gamble their free spins in an attempt to win a higher number of spins. A successful gamble results in an increase in the number of free spins you receive. However, it’s important to note that unsuccessful gambles result in the loss of all your free spins.

Furthermore, if you prefer not to rely on triggering free spins during regular gameplay, you have the option to buy them directly. The cost of purchasing free spins is typically set at 100 times your current bet, providing a convenient way to access the exciting free spins feature without waiting for it to be triggered organically in the game.

Fast Fruits DoubleMax Review Conclusion

Yggdrasil Gaming’s DoubleMax feature has made appearances in various slot themes, from Irish and Christmas to dinosaurs. It has proven to be quite successful across different genres, and it was only a matter of time before someone incorporated this mechanic into a retro, old-school slot environment to see how it would fare. It may not come as a huge surprise that Reflex Gaming, a studio experienced with the DoubleMax feature (this being their third slot featuring it), took on the challenge. However, what is surprising in some ways is that the resulting slot, Fast Fruits DoubleMax, turns out to be rather enjoyable.

Fast Fruits DoubleMax retains most of the standard features commonly found in these games, while also introducing innovations not typically seen in this type of slot. The key innovations revolve around its three unique wild symbols, and since wilds are added after each win, players can expect to encounter them frequently. These clever modifiers, including the random multiplier increase and the ability to pay both ways, as well as the wild expansion, add depth to the gameplay. None of these features are lackluster, and they contribute to an engaging gaming experience.

One minor point of consideration is the game’s use of paylines instead of a pay-all-ways system, but this doesn’t detract significantly from the overall experience. The 20 paylines in Fast Fruits DoubleMax serve their purpose effectively, and the rising DoubleMax Multiplier has the potential to deliver substantial rewards. While it may not be the highest paying DoubleMax slot, with a maximum win potential of 20,024x the bet, it’s hard to find fault with its potential.

In conclusion, Fast Fruits DoubleMax pleasantly surprised players by successfully blending the old-school, retro charm with innovative features. Reflex Gaming’s expertise in creating retro-themed games shines through, and they have seamlessly integrated old and new elements into a potentially thrilling fruit-themed slot.


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