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Excalibur Unleashed – New Pragmatic Play Slot Review

Fans of legendary stories will be delighted to be entertained by Pragmatic Play’s new online casino game. The title Excalibur Unleashed takes you on a journey through the adventures of King Arthur and his exploits.

Pragmatic Play is no longer a household name in the online casino industry. Known for being one of the most sought-after providers for its numerous quality productions, it excels in the variety of casino games offered. Between multiple award-winning slot machines, live casinos, bingo, sports betting and more, punters are in for a treat. A new title called Excalibur Unleashed has been added to the more than 250 slot machines in the publisher’s library. Let’s find out about the title that already promises great and lucrative entertainment.

Excalibur Unleashed: An attractive game that gives you hope

The developer Pragmatic Play has done everything possible to provide casino players with unparalleled entertainment on its new Excalibur Unleashed slot. To make it attractive, they have provided it with high quality graphics. To put you in the middle of the action, Pragmatic Play challenges you to remove the sword stuck in the stone by the magician Merlin. Whoever does so will be entitled to sit on the throne of Britain. The interface of Excalibur Unleashed shows the location of the challenge.

The new online casino game from Pragmatic Play takes place on a greenish game area consisting of 5 reels and offers up to 20 possibilities of winning. Instead of real characters, you’ll be treated to cute animals like owls, mice, crowns, magic orbs, swords and more. Throughout your sessions, you’ll experience a thrilling adventure with a sweet melody to keep you going through the challenge.

The jackpot in play at Excalibur Unleashed

Pragmatic Play has been accustoming its fans to winning large amounts of money on these titles. This time it’s offering up to 5,000x your original stake to win around 500,000 gold coins in a single spin. Yes, it is possible! What is more encouraging is its above average RTP of 96.05%. However, with such high volatility, bettors will have to be patient to make big wins.

How much should I bet to play Excalibur Unleashed?

Pragmatic Play has made sure that all types of bettors can have fun at Excalibur Unleashed. On this title players can spend as little as £0.20 in real money per spin, but those with a big gambling budget who are aiming for the jackpot can put in up to the maximum stake of £100. Whether on mobile or PC, the Excalibur Unleashed slot will be available at the new reliable best Dama N.V. online casinos that Pragmatic Play powers.



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