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Empress Charm Review – EGT

EGT unveils Empress Charm casino game

Online betting platforms using EGT casino software have welcomed a brand new slot game called Empress Charm. A perfect combination of entertainment and winning, this production offers you the opportunity to win a jackpot of 15,000× the initial bet.

If there is one software company that is used to releasing free slots with a Chinese theme, it is EGT. In the past, it has been seen in action with titles like Emperor’s Palace and Laughing Dragon, which offer super jackpots and feature a Chinese emperor and a dragon respectively. In the first quarter of 2022, EGT has decided to bring you another game with a Chinese theme for your enjoyment. Called Empress Charm, this new production makes you discover the beauty secrets of Asian women. It comes with great graphics and has a big earning potential. We invite you to discover it in the following lines.

Chinese Women: Their Beauty Secrets

Asian women are among the most beautiful in the world. According to many experts, their beauty is not only due to genetics, but also to the way they take care of their skin on a daily basis. Indeed, these women are accustomed to paying special attention to their diet. They generally rely on Chinese pharmacopoeia and a very healthy diet by consuming much more rice, Chinese mushrooms, fruits and vegetables. This has a direct impact on the beauty and youthfulness of their skin. And of course, we will not forget the soup made with lotus, sugar cane and mushrooms that they drink to avoid wrinkles.

Chinese women consume many other natural products that help them to keep fit and take care of their skin. EGT’s Empress Charm slot machine invites you to learn about these tips used by Chinese women. This game is available at new top online casinos and has 5 reels, 3 rows and 25 paylines. On its interface, you will see a pretty princess in a jade hut. We have to admit that EGT has done an excellent job, as the graphics are of exceptional quality.

To play the Empress Charm slot, you need to bet between £2.5 and £50. With this betting range and the bonus features it incorporates, you can try to win the jackpot of 15,000× the initial bet during your sessions, which is a sum of €750,000. Speaking of bonus features, you will have the chance to enjoy wildcards and 15 free spins while playing at best online casinos. The RTP of the Empress Charm game is 96.27% and the symbols you will find on the reels include poker cards, a small wooden chest, a koi fish, a white tiger and the pretty princess.


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