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Dropz Review – New Slot From ELK

ELK elease of the new online casino game Dropz

The online casino game Dropz is expected to be even more interesting than the previous productions of ELK Studios, which are far from having demerited. Scheduled for release in October 2022, Dropz is a production that deals with sweets, sweets or candies if you prefer. The designer did not fail to please on this one with a title that we will let you discover in the next lines.

ELK’s strength since its creation in 2013 has always been the quality of the productions it has delivered so far. With titles that are always out of the ordinary, the developer has strongly established itself in the online betting industry as one of the innovative leaders in online casino games . With over 100 partner operators worldwide, ELK uses a solid mathematical model and original concepts to bring slot machines such as Dropz to life. This latest production features outstanding mechanics and winning possibilities. Let’s explore the essence of its benefits.

String together Sweet Winning Combinations and Claim Big!

It’s a particularly interesting theme that developer ELK brings to the fore in its new title. Dropz simply appeals to lovers of sweets and treats. To celebrate your love for candy canes, cakes, sweets and many others, the developer offers you to play on his little masterpiece. Having had a glimpse of what ELK has to offer in the Dropz game, our experts believe that it could already be one of the most successful slot games in terms of innovation. You might be surprised at the mechanism it incorporates. In order to claim winnings, you will have to pop as many sweets as possible in a few moves.

When you look at the interface, you will realize at first glance that the graphics of the Dropz slot machine are special. They are designed with great care and an attractive style. In the background you can see a world of sweet things in warm colors where everything looks like sweets. The game grid has 6 reels and as many rows, but with chocolate squares to be unlocked during the game. Apart from chocolate, there are other symbols such as candies, candy canes and muffins. Fruits such as lemon, strawberry, grapes and apple are also mixed in with the sweets on the grid.

As you play, you have level ups that allow you to unlock the chocolate squares and free up a spot on the Dropz grid. So the game initially incorporates 729 paylines, which can expand to 262,144 lines with all the boxes unlocked. The betting range between €0.20 and €100 is wide enough to allow both small and large bettors to bet freely. When you bet in this gem, you can claim up to 25,000 times the amount bet! The RTP is 94%, which is below normal, but against all expectations, the volatility is only moderately high. Overall, Dropz has very good features for a slot machine and you can play it from October in all top Dama N.V. online casinos. If you want boost up your casino balance then you can choose some of top Dama NV casinos with great welcome bonuses.


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