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DJ Fox: Slot Overview

Imagine if animals could perform jobs like humans. Picture cool foxes as DJs in nightclubs, spinning records and setting the mood for human partygoers. This might be hard to visualize, but “DJ Fox” from software provider Push Gaming offers a glimpse into such a world. “DJ Fox” is a sequel to “Generous Jack,” known for its unique “Win What You See” gaming mechanic introduced by Push Gaming. Unlike the sophisticated aura of “Generous Jack,” “DJ Fox” is all about the wild and eccentric atmosphere of a club.

The theme of “DJ Fox” is a stark contrast to “Generous Jack.” Instead of a 1920s speakeasy vibe, “DJ Fox” immerses players in a club scene with massive speakers and thumping bass. DJ Fox, cool and mysterious in sunglasses, spins tracks in the top right corner, a symbol of serious clubbing.

“DJ Fox” also differs in its grid layout. The game features a 5-row structure, with each row holding 3 positions. Players can choose to activate between 1 to 5 rows at the start of each spin, affecting both the stake and the potential returns. The default setting is one active row with a 96.28% Return to Player (RTP), and stakes range from 10 cents to $/€100 per spin. Activating more rows increases both the bet multiplier and alters the RTP:

  • 2 active rows: 2.5x the bet, 96.42% RTP.
  • 3 active rows: 5x the bet, 96.21% RTP.
  • 4 active rows: 7.5x the bet, 96.36% RTP.
  • 5 active rows: 10x the bet, 96.31% RTP.

Wins in “DJ Fox” are calculated based on the base bet, not the enhanced bet from activating additional rows. The game is noted to be less volatile than “Generous Jack,” yet it still maintains a high volatility rating. The gameplay involves spinning the entire grid, with each reel position potentially landing Duds, record symbols with numbers, or VIP symbols. Only symbols on active rows count towards wins, which are the displayed value divided by 10. For example, landing a combination like dud-1-dud on an active row results in a win of 0.1x the bet, while a dud-9-9 combo would award 9.9x the bet. A combination like 7-dud-7 would yield a win of 1.4x the bet.

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DJ Fox: Slot Features

“DJ Fox” is a game that may seem light on features, but it includes a unique VIP symbol that enhances gameplay with respins, a Multiplier meter, and a Meter Lock feature.

VIP Symbols The VIP symbol plays a crucial role in “DJ Fox.” Landing a VIP symbol on an active reel triggers the activation of the next locked row and awards a respin. This symbol is then collected on the Multiplier meter and removed from the grid. If VIP symbols appear on a newly activated row, they too are collected by the Multiplier meter. During respins, dud symbols re-spin, while Number symbols stay locked in place. Once the respins conclude, all active rows are evaluated for wins.

Multiplier Meter The Multiplier meter is key for accessing win multipliers. As VIP symbols are collected, they fill the lower segments of the meter. After each spin, the total win is multiplied by the value highlighted on the Multiplier meter. Importantly, the Multiplier meter resets at the beginning of each new game round, with all positions becoming inactive.

Meter Lock The Meter Lock feature adds an element of randomness. It locks the progress on the Multiplier meter for the next spin and can only be triggered at the end of a round where VIP symbols have been added to the meter. When Meter Lock is active, all unlocked rows and meter positions are held for the next paid round. However, this feature is linked to the current bet level. If the player changes their bet or activates the Push-Up feature, the meter positions become inactive.

These features in “DJ Fox” combine to create dynamic gameplay, where the focus is not just on spinning the reels but also on strategically activating rows and maximizing multipliers for bigger wins.

DJ Fox: Slot Verdict

“DJ Fox” distinguishes itself from other slots, including its predecessor “Generous Jack,” by offering a unique gaming experience, albeit with fewer features. Unlike “Generous Jack,” “DJ Fox” doesn’t include a free spins bonus round. Instead, it focuses on features like respins and the Meter Lock, which add length and excitement to the base game spins. This approach contributes to a fast-paced and dynamic gameplay, likely to be appreciated by players who enjoy quick action.

One interesting aspect of “DJ Fox” is its “Win What You See” principle, which comes with a twist – the actual win is the visible amount divided by 10. This might initially cause some disappointment, especially for players not fully familiar with the rules. For example, a combination of 1-0-0 on the reels would pay out 10x the bet, not 100x, due to this division factor. The game, however, does make this clear on the screen.

The VIP symbol is a key feature in “DJ Fox,” playing a critical role in activating extra rows and increasing the potential for wins. As players hit VIP symbols, they unlock more rows, enhancing chances to collect Number symbols and progress on the Multiplier Meter, which ranges from x2 to x20. The x20 multiplier is particularly significant for players aiming for the maximum win of 10,000x the bet.

While “DJ Fox” shares some core concepts with “Generous Jack,” the two games offer distinctly different experiences. “DJ Fox” might have the slight drawback of the divide-by-10 rule, but it compensates with a more lively theme, a faster pace, and a more straightforward gameplay, offering a fresh and exciting experience to slot enthusiasts.


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