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Ding Dong Christmas Bells – (PRAGMATIC PLAY) SLOT REVIEW

Ding! Dong! Christmas Bells: Slot Overview

Get ready for some dinging and donging, folks, as Pragmatic Play and Reel Kingdom bring the festive spirit with the seasonal slot “Ding! Dong! Christmas Bells.” The title isn’t just snappy; it celebrates the humble bell in a way few slots have done before, with bell ringing serving as the key to unlocking the game’s bonus round. If it already sounds a bit odd, that’s a good teaser because “Ding! Dong! Christmas Bells” is an unconventional game. Some players may love its festive spirit, while others might be taken aback by its twee charm. Join us to discover which side of the argument you may find yourself on.

Pinpointing the exact setting of “Ding! Dong! Christmas Bells” is a bit challenging. It could either be at the North Pole, where Santa and the Elves are busy working and playing, or perhaps somewhere similarly snowy as the year draws to a close, with shorter days and cooler temperatures. Wherever it may be, it’s undeniably quaint, some might even say corny, with five cheerful bells adorning the top of the reels, ringing a tune when the associated high-paying symbol lands. “Ding! Dong! Christmas Bells” feels like stumbling into a Christmas pop-up shop that opens a few weeks before the big day, offering ornaments and decorations to spread holiday cheer throughout the house. It’s the kind of shop that some consumers love to immerse themselves in, while others might go to great lengths to avoid.

Situated beneath the five swinging bells is the 5-reel, 3-row gaming area of “Ding! Dong! Christmas Bells,” employing 10 paylines to assess winning combinations. The slot boasts high volatility, with Reel Kingdom assigning a 5 out of 5 rating to the math model. Regardless of the chosen play method, the default RTP stands at 96.05%. Players have three options: betting 10 cents to $/€250 per spin, buying free spins, or activating the ante bet. The ante bet increases the stake by 50%, introducing additional bell symbols to the reels.

The bell symbols represent the higher value symbols in “Ding! Dong! Christmas Bells,” and there are five of them in total. Colored in green, blue-white, red, pink, and golden hues, each is associated with one of the character bells above the reels. Below the bell symbols in value are the 9-A candy-caned card royals. Landing a line of 5 card ranks rewards 4 to 16 times the bet, while a 5-symbol win with premium symbols awards 30 to 200 times the bet. The base game lacks wild symbols, but upon triggering free spins, they are introduced into the round.

Ding! Dong! Christmas Bells: Slot Features

As previously mentioned, each of the five high-paying bell symbols is associated with one of the bells displayed near the top of the screen. Whenever a bell pay symbol lands, it produces musical notes that strike the corresponding bell above. On a random basis, this event can trigger the activation of free spins.

Free Spins

Free spins are triggered with 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 of the bell pay symbols being converted into wild symbols. The number of transformed symbols depends on how many of the bells were randomly activated when the feature was triggered. Throughout the free spins, these wilds serve as substitutes for all symbols and carry a value of up to 30 times the bet for a 5-of-a-kind combination. Each wild in free spins carries a x2 multiplier that applies to the win of all lines it is a part of. If multiple wilds contribute to the same win, their multipliers are cumulative.

Within the free spins round, bells that were not initially activated may randomly activate when touched by musical notes. Upon activation, the pay symbol associated with the bell transforms into a wild for the remainder of the feature, and an additional +5 free spins are granted. If more than one bell is activated on the same spin, only 5 extra free spins are awarded.

Buy Mystery Bell

Players have the option to purchase the free spins round for 100 times the bet. In this case, 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 bell symbols can randomly land on the triggering spin.

Ding! Dong! Christmas Bells: Slot Verdict

It was a bit challenging to initially take “Ding! Dong! Christmas Bells” seriously, and I apologize for that. The whole concept felt incredibly pleasant, almost to the point of being whimsical. Bells shaped like Christmas decorations ringing and potentially triggering free spins, accompanied by additional bell ringing alongside premium-to-wild transformations—such a unique concept could only come from the creatively distinct minds at Reel Kingdom. “Ding! Dong! Christmas Bells” easily finds its place alongside quirky slots like “Pizza! Pizza? Pizza!,” “Star Pirates Code,” or “Cash Elevator”—games that embody Reel Kingdom’s distinctive, hit-or-miss design style.

The initial skepticism subsided to some extent after witnessing the first 1,000x win. The combination of premium-to-wild transformations and multipliers showcased some impressive capabilities. The fact that some 5-of-a-kind wins come with substantial values certainly helps. However, it’s worth noting that this one significant win accounted for more than half of “Ding! Dong! Christmas Bells'” maximum winning potential of 2,100x the bet. While this figure might seem unexciting in today’s gaming landscape, it’s on par with the potential in “Big Bass Bonanza,” a fishing slot that has received considerable acclaim in the gambling community.

As a result, there’s a bit of uncertainty surrounding “Ding! Dong! Christmas Bells.” On one hand, its whimsical presentation and light-hearted charm may seem too silly for serious consideration. All those bells and musical notes flying around might not appeal to everyone. However, “Ding! Dong! Christmas Bells” has proven its performance capabilities, and who knows? Its unusual style and charm might just win over Reel Kingdom’s fanbase. At the very least, perhaps we should be thankful that “Ding! Dong! Christmas Bells” didn’t become another Christmas-themed version of a “Big Bass” game.

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