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Devil’s Crossroad – (NOLIMIT CITY) SLOT REVIEW

Devil’s Crossroad: Slot Overview

In the realm of online slots, Nolimit City has ventured into the mystical with “Devil’s Crossroad,” drawing inspiration from the rich folklore around crossroads and their association with supernatural dealings. Internet sources, like Wikipedia, often mention crossroads as symbolic locations where the natural and supernatural worlds intersect. A notable example is the legend of Robert Johnson, the American blues musician who, according to lore, sold his soul to the devil at a crossroads in exchange for unparalleled guitar skills.

Nolimit City is no stranger to themes that tread on the darker side of life. Prior to “Devil’s Crossroad,” the developer has released several slots with sinister undertones, including titles like “Book of Shadows,” “Blood & Shadow,” “True Kult,” among others. While these games may not be directly related, they each explore dark themes in unique ways. “Devil’s Crossroad” continues this trend, embracing the darkness through the depiction of the devil himself, positioned at the center of the base game’s reel set. The setting is both foreboding and atmospheric, with the reels placed in a hole encircled by jagged teeth, evoking the image of a portal teetering on the edge of an abyss leading to the underworld, right at the point where two roads converge.

“Devil’s Crossroad” not only captivates players with its haunting visuals and theme but also serves as a metaphorical reminder. It echoes the timeless cautionary tale that shortcuts to fame, glory, or the fulfillment of one’s deepest desires often come with a hefty price. The game subtly hints at the idea that regardless of how enticing these shortcuts may seem, there’s always a cost to be paid eventually – a cost that might not be as pleasant as the initial rewards. This thematic depth adds a layer of intrigue and reflection to the gaming experience, making “Devil’s Crossroad” a thought-provoking addition to Nolimit City’s portfolio of dark-themed slots.

Set firmly in the virtual world, “Devil’s Crossroad” by Nolimit City presents an intriguing and unusual grid layout for its gameplay. The grid is divided into four cross sections, with each section containing four symbols. These sections are interconnected at the middle position by a Devil Wild, creating a distinctive and engaging reel structure. In this game, winning combinations are removed, causing symbols to gravitate towards the center, while new symbols appear to fill the resultant empty spaces.

Players can engage with “Devil’s Crossroad” without risking their souls, instead placing stakes ranging from 20 c to $/€200 per round. The game is characterized by its high volatility, with a default Return to Player (RTP) of 96.06%. When opting for feature buys, the RTP varies slightly between 96.04% and 96.1%.

The symbols in “Devil’s Crossroad” add to its eerie theme. Low-value symbols are represented by grimy road sign symbols featuring the numbers 10 to A, offering payouts of 0.4 to 1.2 times the bet for a five-of-a-kind (5 OAK) hit. The high-value symbols are five characters, each with their own backstory and reasons for striking deals with the devil. These characters pay between 2 to 10 times the bet for a line of five matching symbols.

The central devil symbol acts as a wild, and any paying symbol adjacent to the center position may randomly transform into a Cross Wild. All wilds in the game serve the purpose of substituting for any regular pay symbol, enhancing the chances of forming winning combinations.

“Devil’s Crossroad” combines a unique gameplay structure with a dark, compelling theme, offering players a slot experience that is both visually striking and filled with intriguing mechanics.

Devil’s Crossroad: Slot Features

“Devil’s Crossroad” offers a base game that stands out for its unconventional approach, complemented by hold ‘n win bonus rounds like Redemption Spins and Upgraded Redemption Spins, each featuring a variety of special symbols that add complexity and excitement to the gameplay.

Cross Multiplier:

  • When a winning combination occurs, the same symbols in other cross sections are removed if they aren’t part of the win, increasing the cross-section multiplier by +1 for each removed symbol.
  • Wins are then multiplied by their respective cross-section multiplier.


  • Scatter symbols can land in the center row or column of their cross section.
  • Landing a scatter next to the center position inactivates the remaining symbols in its cross section, removing similar symbols from other sections.
  • Each removed symbol boosts its cross section multiplier by +1.

Redemption Spins:

  • Triggered by landing 4 scatter symbols.
  • Starts with 3 spins, resetting to 3 with each new coin landed.
  • Coins display a bet multiplier, and filling a column with coins activates a modifier for that column on subsequent spins.
  • Modifiers include Gluttony, Wrath, Lust, Greed, Envy, and Pride, each with unique effects on the coin values or game mechanics.
  • Redemption Spins can be upgraded by filling 4 levels on the upgrade bar or landing all 4 scatter symbols next to the center position in the base game.
  • Upgraded Redemption Spins activate modifiers for both filled rows and columns.

Nolimit Bonus Buy:

  • Players have the option to directly purchase Redemption Spins for 80x the bet (RTP 96.04%), Upgraded Redemption Spins for 500x the bet (RTP 96.05%), or opt for a 50/50 Lucky Draw for 250x the bet (RTP 96.1%).

“Devil’s Crossroad” thus combines a distinctive base game with intricate bonus rounds, creating a layered and engaging slot experience. The variety of modifiers and the opportunity to upgrade spins add depth to the gameplay, offering players multiple ways to potentially increase their winnings.

Devil’s Crossroad: Slot Verdict

“Devil’s Crossroad,” as Nolimit City’s inaugural release of 2024, sets a tone for the year that is intriguing for fans of the studio’s unique approach to slot games. While it may not have debuted with the explosive impact of Nolimit City’s 2021 hit “San Quentin,” “Devil’s Crossroad” still merits exploration, particularly for those drawn to its theme of supernatural crossroads dealings or followers of Nolimit City’s creative endeavors.

In comparison to some of Nolimit City’s other titles, such as “Blood & Shadow,” “Devil’s Crossroad” doesn’t delve as deeply into its thematic material. The game is less controversial than typical offerings from the developer, which comes as a surprise. While there was potential for more intense, diabolical imagery to craft a more shocking experience, “Devil’s Crossroad” takes a more restrained approach, save for elements like the eerie four-eyed cat in the bonus rounds and captivating win-count narratives.

The gameplay strikes a balance between being innovative and straightforward. The sectional design of the base game is ingenious, reminiscent of titles like “Gluttony” or “The Cage,” yet it remains accessible and easy to grasp. The process of forming combinations in unique ways adds to the game’s enjoyment. A solid max win potential of 13,180x the bet, with a theoretical hit frequency of around 1 in 3.9 million spins, is commendable, though not groundbreaking.

Despite these qualities, “Devil’s Crossroad” doesn’t quite dazzle. The game’s thematic execution feels somewhat muted for a Nolimit City title, and the gameplay pace could be more dynamic. The bonus rounds, capable of delivering respectable outcomes, don’t quite reach the heights of excitement found in games like “Fire in the Hole xBomb” or “Dead Canary.” While “Devil’s Crossroad” distinguishes itself from the plethora of standard slots featuring fruit or joker themes, it somewhat lacks the fiery innovation and groundbreaking spirit that characterized earlier Nolimit City releases. Fans of the studio might have expected a bolder and more adventurous offering, suggesting a shift in the developer’s creative direction with “Devil’s Crossroad.”



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