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Detroit Red Wings Winged Reelers – (PLAY’N GO) SLOT REVIEW

Detroit Red Wings Winged Reelers: Slot Overview

“Detroit Red Wings Winged Reelers,” a PokerStars Michigan exclusive from Play’n GO, is a slot game designed not only for fans of the renowned Detroit-based NHL team but also with an eye on captivating the US market. The Detroit Red Wings, a professional ice hockey team from Detroit competing in the NHL, serve as the central theme for this game. While “Detroit Red Wings Winged Reelers” may initially appear to appeal to a relatively niche audience, it’s worth noting that the NHL enjoys considerable popularity in North America, and ice hockey has a certain charm in some European countries as well.

However, some gamblers might be less enthused by the fact that “Detroit Red Wings Winged Reelers” is essentially a reimagined version of “Legion Gold,” an average Ancient Rome-themed slot. This repurposing could be a drawback for those looking for something entirely new or different.

In “Detroit Red Wings Winged Reelers,” players find themselves virtually seated high up in the stands, overlooking an ice hockey rink complete with an enthusiastic crowd and a gaming grid flanked by hockey sticks. The game kicks off with a brief ice hockey-themed introduction, setting a moderately engaging scene for the gameplay. As with many sports-themed slots, the game’s appeal may hinge significantly on the player’s interest in the sport itself. For die-hard Detroit Red Wings fans, the game could be an adrenaline-pumping experience right from the start. However, for others who might not share the same passion for ice hockey or the team, the game’s allure might not be as strong.

“Detroit Red Wings Winged Reelers” glides across a 5-reel, 3-row gaming grid featuring 25 paylines. Wins are awarded for left-to-right combinations starting from the leftmost reel. The game caters to a broad spectrum of players with betting options ranging from 5 c to $/€100, offering flexibility for various gambling preferences. The gameplay is driven by a medium volatility math model, and there are several RTP configurations available, with the default set at 96.23%. When the spin button is hit, the game enhances the experience with a distinct swishing skate sound as the reels turn.

The game’s symbols adhere to a sporty theme, with the lower-paying symbols being blocky J to A card ranks. These symbols can award up to 2 times the bet for a line of five matching royals. The higher-value symbols include a hockey stick, skates, and two player icons, aligning well with the ice hockey theme. Landing a line of five matching high-pay symbols can award between 8 to 20 times the bet.

Wilds are also a prominent feature in “Detroit Red Wings Winged Reelers,” appearing on all reels. These wilds not only substitute for any regular pay symbol to facilitate winning combinations but also offer significant payouts themselves, worth up to 20 times the bet for a line of five wilds. This combination of thematic symbols and dynamic sound effects makes “Detroit Red Wings Winged Reelers” an engaging slot experience, especially for fans of ice hockey and the Detroit Red Wings.

Detroit Red Wings Winged Reelers: Slot Features

Just like its predecessor “Legion Gold,” “Detroit Red Wings Winged Reelers” is equipped with two main bonus features: a Gold Coin-triggered hold ‘n win style round and Mega Free Spins, each adding a unique dimension to the gameplay.

Gold Re-spins:

  • This feature activates in the base game when 6 gold Coins are landed.
  • During Gold Re-spins, the Coins that triggered the feature are carried over to the bonus round.
  • The round continues until no more spins are left or each position on the grid is filled with Coin symbols.
  • At the end of the respins, the values of all Coin symbols in view are totaled and awarded to the player.
  • Filling all positions with Coin symbols awards the 1,000x Golden Prize, adding a significant win potential to the game.

Mega Free Spins:

  • Triggered by landing 3 scatter symbols on reels 1, 3, and 5.
  • The 3 scatters combine into a single, large 3×3-sized symbol.
  • Players receive 5 Mega Free Spins.
  • In each Mega Free Spin, the large symbol shifts to a random position on the grid.
  • The big symbol functions as 9 regular symbols for the purpose of win calculations, potentially leading to larger and more frequent wins during the free spins.

These bonus features in “Detroit Red Wings Winged Reelers” not only enhance the excitement but also offer players varied ways to achieve substantial wins, making each spin a potentially rewarding experience.

Detroit Red Wings Winged Reelers: Slot Verdict

“Detroit Red Wings Winged Reelers” seems to cater primarily to a niche market of hardcore ice hockey enthusiasts and die-hard Detroit Red Wings fans. While the idea of Play’n GO focusing on a specific team to develop this game is intriguing, possibly due to a business collaboration, it might also narrow the game’s appeal to a broader audience. “Legion Gold,” the game from which “Detroit Red Wings Winged Reelers” is adapted, wasn’t particularly groundbreaking, and it appears that its ice hockey-themed successor hasn’t enhanced the gaming experience either.

One concern is that the game’s features and winning potential, capped at 2,000x the bet, don’t stand out in today’s competitive slot market. The combination of a hold ‘n win round and roaming big symbol free spins, while innovative in earlier games like “Wolf Gold,” now feels somewhat dated. However, there is still a level of excitement in the gameplay, especially during moments like the Gold Re-spins when reels fill with Coins, or when the large symbol in Mega Free Spins aligns well with other symbols for a sizable win.

For a specific segment of players, particularly those passionate about the Detroit Red Wings or ice hockey in general, this slot might be thrilling. It represents an opportunity to engage with their favorite sport in a new format and could even spark dreams of Play’n GO creating slots for other teams. However, for those not particularly invested in ice hockey, “Detroit Red Wings Winged Reelers” may lack the elements needed to draw them in or convert them into fans of the genre.


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