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Dawn of Kings: Slot Overview

Holding the position of a modern-day ceremonial monarch might seem like the ultimate leisurely role—filled with gestures of royal acknowledgment, ceremonial duties, affluence, and public reverence. It’s a life many might imagine as filled with comfort, simplicity, and widespread admiration. However, the reality could be more complex and demanding than it appears. Historically, the life of a monarch was fraught with uncertainty: the constant threat of betrayal, power struggles, and the daunting task of discerning friend from foe, including the risk of treachery from their own kin. Then came the introduction of parliamentary systems, which aimed to dilute royal power by distributing it among the broader populace—a stark shift from the traditional consolidation of authority in a single, divinely endorsed figure.

This brings us to the realm of Hacksaw Gaming’s online slot, Dawn of Kings, reminiscent of iconic games like Book of Dead and Book of Ra, but with its unique spin. Dawn of Kings is an Egyptian-themed slot that captivates with its expanding special symbols and pay-anywhere feature. The game introduces a vibrant young female protagonist akin to the adventurous spirits of Lara Croft, Cat Wilde, or Jane Hunter. Clad with a fedora hat, satchel, map, and burning torch—embodying the essence of a female counterpart to Indiana Jones, minus the whip—Amy Dawn embarks on a journey through an ancient Egyptian chamber. The base game setting, bathed in cool blue lighting, might come across as somewhat understated yet is executed with an undeniable elegance.

While Dawn of Kings offers gameplay elements that may seem familiar to seasoned slot players, Hacksaw Gaming has introduced a few notable tweaks to the formula. Unlike the typical 5×3 grid with 10 paylines found in many slots, this game expands its territory to 13 paylines, providing a subtle but impactful alteration to the standard layout. Contrary to what one might expect, the studio hasn’t compromised on symbol values to balance this change; in fact, they’ve incorporated significantly higher-valued symbols into the mix. The game’s volatility is rated at a moderate 3 out of 5, positioning it within the medium range, and it boasts a default Return to Player (RTP) rate of 96.24%. This RTP applies to bets ranging from 10 cents to $/€100 per spin, with adjustments occurring when players engage with the feature buy options.

The array of symbols in Dawn of Kings includes the lower-paying 10-A card ranks, as well as higher-value icons represented by a scarab and deities such as presumably Bastet, Anubis, Horus, alongside the intrepid explorer Amy. Achieving a line of five royal symbols yields rewards from 5 to 10 times the bet, while securing a five-of-a-kind (5 OAK) with premium symbols can lead to wins ranging from 75 to a staggering 1,000 times the bet. In addition, the book symbol serves a dual purpose as both the wild, substituting for any regular pay symbol, and the scatter, further enriching the game’s dynamic features.

Dawn of Kings: Slot Features

In Dawn of Kings, the allure of free spins and expanding symbols is matched by the introduction of innovative gameplay mechanics and a variety of feature buy options.

Base Game Book Mechanic A highlight of the base game is the chance occurrence of the Book mechanic, which randomly selects a symbol to become special. When activated, 3-5 instances of this chosen symbol appear and subsequently expand to cover their respective reels, following the distribution of any standard wins. These expanded special symbols then pay from any position across all lines, regardless of intervening symbols.

Book of Dawn Bonus Securing 3 Book scatters triggers 10 free spins in the Book of Dawn Bonus round. A pay symbol is randomly designated as special at the onset. Should this symbol land on three or more reels, it expands, covering them completely and paying out across all lines from any position post regular wins. Additional free spins are awarded for landing more Book scatters within this round, with 2 scatters yielding 2 extra spins, and 3 scatters providing 4 extra spins. Landing 4 scatters escalates the game to the Triple Book of Dawn bonus, including 4 additional free spins.

Triple Book of Dawn Bonus Achieving 4 or 5 Book scatters grants 12 free spins in the Triple Book of Dawn Bonus, with a 1,000x payout for 5 Books. This mode enhances the standard bonus by selecting 3 pay symbols as special expanding symbols, guaranteeing one is a high-value symbol. Expanded symbols activate wins sequentially when landing on at least 3 reels. Like in the single version, 2 or 3 Book scatters during this bonus add more free spins.

Best of Bonuses Unique to Dawn of Kings, the Best of Book of Dawn and Best of Triple Book of Dawn Bonuses trigger when Book scatters land alongside the Best of Bonus symbol. These features sequentially play out three instances of their respective bonuses, ultimately awarding the most lucrative result.

Buy Bonus The feature buy menu offers an array of options to directly access these bonus features, each with its own RTP percentage, emphasizing the game’s high volatility. From BonusHunt FeatureSpins to the Best of Triple Book of Dawn Bonus, players can customize their experience by purchasing their preferred type of bonus round.

These enhancements and buy options cater to players seeking dynamic gameplay and the potential for significant wins, set against the backdrop of the intriguing Dawn of Kings theme.

Dawn of Kings: Slot Verdict

Hacksaw Gaming is no stranger to the Ancient Egypt theme, yet Dawn of Kings carves out its own niche distinct from previous outings like Temple of Torment and Hand of Anubis, which leaned heavily into horror aesthetics. In contrast, Dawn of Kings channels a lighter, action-packed B-movie vibe. Despite occasionally appearing somewhat simplistic in its design, the game is visually appealing. Nonetheless, it navigates the well-trodden path of Ancient Egypt, a setting that, while familiar, risks becoming overused. The trope of the female adventurer, once a novel nod towards gender equality and breaking new ground, has now become somewhat commonplace.

This observation isn’t to cast Dawn of Kings in a negative light. On the contrary, Hacksaw Gaming has imbued the slot with inventive elements. Notably, the decision to double the top Amy pay symbol’s value to a striking 1,000x for 5 OAK sets Dawn of Kings apart, effectively doubling its winning potential to an impressive 10,000x the bet. While it might have been intriguing to see the game reach for a 13,000x ceiling to match its 13 paylines, the choice to cap it at 10,000x doesn’t detract from its allure. The game introduces fresh mechanics, such as the potential for expanding symbols in the base game, up to three special expanding symbols in free spins, and the innovative Best of Bonus concept, first seen in Chaos Crew 2.

The array of bonus buy options stands as a significant draw for players, offering everything from FeatureSpins to multiple free spin rounds. Known for their high volatility, these features can deliver wildly unpredictable outcomes, ranging from disappointingly modest to explosively rewarding. The feature buys, especially accessible in demo mode, provide a convenient way to explore the slot’s full capabilities. Dawn of Kings may not push the envelope of gaming innovation to its limits, but it solidifies its position as a reliable and engaging addition to the ‘Book of’ slot genre, built on a foundation as enduring as the pyramids themselves.


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