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Dam Beavers: Slot Overview

Welcome to the charming world of Dam Beavers, where the four adorable beavers are on a mission to collect symbols, navigate through levels, and infuse every spin with their delightful personality. The game unfolds like a lively cartoon show, with the beavers creating a warm and cozy atmosphere in their home during Level 1. As players progress through the levels, the adventure takes unexpected turns, introducing various features that add excitement to the gameplay.

Get ready for a rollercoaster of emotions as Dam Beavers unfolds its multi-faceted layers, offering a unique and entertaining experience. From the serene setting of the beavers’ house to the dynamic and energetic atmosphere of the lower levels, the game promises to keep players engaged and delighted throughout their journey. Buckle up for an unforgettable ride with these spirited beavers!

Enter the Dam Beavers world with a bet selection ranging from 20 cents to $/€100 per spin. Additionally, players can explore five options from the X-iter feature buy menu to enhance their experience. While the game offers an exhilarating journey, it comes with a 94% RTP, a familiar characteristic in ELK Studios’ games. Despite this, many players have embraced the studio’s unique approach to volatility.

Dam Beavers unfolds on a 5×5 grid in the first level, gradually expanding to 6×6, 7×7, and finally reaching its maximum size of 8×8 by Level 4. The game introduces four endearing beaver characters, each associated with a specific color (blue, green, orange, and red). These charming characters collect fruit symbols of the same color in adjacent positions as they navigate through the levels. Players will witness the pay symbols being upgraded, starting from a baseline value of 0.05 to 0.1 times the bet, and reaching up to 5 to 50 times the bet at the highest symbol level (Level 8).

Dam Beavers: Slot Features

The beavers receive assistance and augmentation in their mission through various game elements, including Breaking Point, multi-levels, Beaver Night Fever, feature symbols, coins, passages, MAX WIN, a feature meter, feature cards, the bonus game, and X-iter. Each of these components contributes to the overall excitement and engagement of the gameplay.

Feature Meter

Above the reels is the feature meter, diligently keeping track of the collected fruit and wild symbols. Positioned next to the meter are three feature cards, one facing up and the others awaiting revelation as the feature meter reaches its limit. Once progress on the grid stalls, and the meter has been successfully filled, the face-up feature card, along with any others pending, is unleashed. The potential features include:

  1. Wild scatter – Initiates a substitution of a random number of symbols with wilds.
  2. Refresh symbols – Completely renews all symbols on the grid.
  3. Symbol Swap – Initiates an exchange of positions between two random symbol types.

With the meter filled, anticipation builds as up to three feature releases may be pending, activating sequentially to add layers of excitement to the gameplay.

Feature Symbols

A feature symbol becomes active when it is fully revealed and successfully collected by a diligent beaver. The first five feature symbols emerge on the symbol grid, while the last three remain cunningly hidden under the floorboards, only to be destroyed when a beaver makes its move:

  1. Firework – Elevates the symbol level of the beaver that collects it.
  2. TNT – Triggers explosions to obliterate floorboards.
  3. Blender – Initiates an instantaneous filling of the feature meter, overcharging any remaining capacity when possible.
  4. Wild – Acts as a substitute for any fruit symbol at its current payout level.
  5. Coins – Large symbols concealed beneath floorboards that are collected upon full revelation. Coins can overlap, and those at the top are collected first.
  6. Passages – Enables a beaver to move to another random position or swap positions with another beaver.
  7. Breaking Points – 2×2 progression points. When fully revealed, the game progresses to the next level, with Level 4 being the lowest level where the grid reaches 8×8. Additionally, all symbols receive an upgrade by 1 level when a breaking point is activated. At Level 4, corner tiles have no floorboards, and a MAX WIN coin is tucked away beneath. Revealing this coin awards the remaining amount needed to reach Dam Beavers’ maximum win. Upon removing all floorboards from a level, the mini-bonus feature “Beaver Night Fever” is triggered, causing all paying symbols to drop out, with new ones dropping in at a higher level where applicable. Upgraded symbols reset to their respective levels after the Beaver Night Fever feature concludes—this happens before the breaking point is activated, if applicable.

Free Spins

When the beavers diligently collect three pie scatters during the base game, they trigger the bonus round, where 5 free spins are generously awarded at the existing floor level. The floor level, feature meter progress, pay symbol level, and scatter symbol collection persist throughout the free spins. In case the beavers manage to collect three more scatters within the round, an additional +5 free spins are graciously bestowed upon them, with no predefined limit. The pie scatters truly prove to be a gateway to extended spinning enjoyment in Dam Beavers.


Engaging the X-iter mode in Dam Beavers opens up the option to purchase various bonus features, each offering a unique opportunity for an exciting gameplay experience:

  1. Bonus Hunt – For 3 times the bet, enjoy one drop with 1 bonus symbol already collected, providing a 4 times greater chance of triggering the bonus.
  2. Eager Beaver – A cost of 10 times the bet grants you one drop, commencing at floor level 2.
  3. Dambuster – Invest 25 times the bet to initiate one drop, starting at floor level 3.
  4. Bonus – A thrilling option for a cost of 100 times the bet.
  5. Super Bonus – For a more extravagant adventure, spend 500 times the bet to commence on level 3, where all symbols are upgraded to level 3, promising an enhanced gaming experience.

Dam Beavers: Slot Verdict

Dam Beavers by ELK Studios is a revolutionary slot game that takes the online slot experience to new heights. The game showcases the cutting-edge CollectR mechanic, creating an immersive and entertaining gameplay environment. ELK Studios has successfully blended elements of an animated cartoon with the traditional slot concept, resulting in a unique and engaging gaming experience.

The game’s standout features include the whimsical animations, dynamic level changes, and the charming beaver characters. The attention to detail, such as the movement through levels, the variety of animations, and the distinct vibe changes during different game phases, adds a delightful touch to Dam Beavers. The inclusion of features like Beaver Night Fever, floorboard clearing, and rocket-firing further contributes to the game’s excitement.

While Dam Beavers offers an unparalleled and entertaining experience, it may not appeal to players who prefer a more traditional or straightforward slot gameplay. The game’s pacing, characterized by the beavers’ gradual collection of fruit symbols and movement through levels, requires a patient and curious player. The potential for lengthy animated sequences and the anticipation of discovering the MAX WIN coin contribute to the thrill of the game.

However, it’s important to note that Dam Beavers may not cater to all tastes, especially those of traditionalists or players who prefer immediate outcomes. The return value of the game may leave room for improvement, but for players open to a unique and innovative gaming experience, Dam Beavers stands as a testament to ELK Studios’ commitment to pushing the boundaries of online gambling.

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