CleoPatrick DoubleMax – (JELLY) SLOT REVIEW

CleoPatrick DoubleMax: Slot Overview

In the words of Jelly, the developer behind the online slot game CleoPatrick DoubleMax, it’s described as the “hybrid we didn’t know we needed and will soon love.” This bold claim is intriguing and prompts us to put it to the test. This game represents a unique fusion of Ancient Egyptian royalty and Irish folklore, a combination not commonly seen. Jelly has successfully merged two distinct characters from different realms and combined two gaming mechanics that are usually not paired together. This includes the DoubleMax mechanic, a creation by their partner Yggdrasil Gaming, and a hold ‘n win money symbol bonus round that could potentially include a multiplier.

It’s a rare occurrence to see a leprechaun and Ancient Egypt featured together prominently in a game. This was somewhat explored in Play’n GO’s 2013 release, Leprechaun Goes Egypt, but CleoPatrick DoubleMax takes this concept to a new level. This brings us to ponder whether the game’s name or concept was developed first. It’s plausible to speculate that the name “CleoPatrick” might have been coined spontaneously at Jelly, sparking the fusion of Irish mythological creatures with the mystique of Ancient Egypt. This blend could be the reason behind the game’s development since 2022. The game characters also reflect this unique combination; Cleo, representing Ancient Egypt, appears possibly bemused or slightly displeased by her counterpart. On the other hand, Patrick, embodying the Irish folklore element, is depicted with a level of physicality not typically associated with leprechauns in slot games.

CleoPatrick DoubleMax comes with four RTP (Return to Player) settings, with its standard RTP set at 96%. This game is recognized for its high volatility, presenting a significant challenge with potentially high rewards. Players can place bets ranging from 20 cents to $/€80 per spin. The layout consists of 5 reels and 4 rows, offering 1,024 ways to win instead of traditional paylines. Wins are awarded for combinations from left to right on adjacent reels, starting from the leftmost reel, with a hit frequency of 29.14%. The game features cascading reels and the DoubleMax multiplier, enhancing the winning potential.

The game’s unique blend of Ancient Egyptian and Irish folklore is evident in its ten regular pay symbols. These include the card ranks from 10 to A, a harp, tools, a top hat, a scarab, and Cleo herself. Landing a five-of-a-kind (5 OAK) combination of the lower-value symbols pays out between 0.5 to 1 times the bet, while the higher-value symbols can pay between 2 to 10 times the stake. The wild symbol, featuring Patrick, appears on all reels except the leftmost one. These wilds can substitute for all regular symbols, aiding players in forming winning combinations.

CleoPatrick DoubleMax: Slot Features

Winning combinations in CleoPatrick DoubleMax activate the cascading wins feature and the DoubleMax multiplier, enhancing the game’s dynamics. Additionally, players should be alert for special features like Patrick’s Modifiers, Cleo’s Respins bonus, the option to purchase respins, and the Golden Bet option, enriching the gameplay experience.

DoubleMax Feature: Each winning combination initiates a cascade, removing winning symbols and allowing new ones to fall into their place, simultaneously increasing the DoubleMax multiplier for subsequent wins. This multiplier is applied to wins during the cascade and is reset at the end of a cascade sequence. Notably, the DoubleMax multiplier is carried over to Cleo’s Respin Bonus when activated.

Patrick’s Modifiers: These modifiers can be activated randomly on any spin, including:

  • Patrick’s Mystery Symbols: Mystery symbols are added to the reels, transforming into any symbol except wilds upon stopping. These symbols can also activate Cleo’s Respins bonus.
  • Patrick’s Expanding Wilds: Wilds landing on reels 2 to 5 can expand, covering all positions on the reel.
  • Patrick’s Lose to Win: Patrick can transform a losing spin into a winning one.

Cleo’s Respins Bonus: This feature is centered around money symbols, which display values ranging from 0.5x to 100x the bet. Landing these symbols contributes to a pot, with a chance to trigger the bonus round. The bonus is guaranteed to activate upon accumulating 5 or more money symbols. During this bonus, only money symbols appear on the reels, and landing a new money symbol resets the respin count to three. Filling a reel with money symbols applies the DoubleMax multiplier to their values, potentially increasing with each full reel.

Respins Purchase and Golden Bet: Players have the option to directly buy into Cleo’s Respins bonus for 100 times their current bet or utilize the Golden Bet feature, which increases their stake by 50% to enhance the likelihood of triggering the bonus round.

CleoPatrick DoubleMax: Slot Verdict

According to “Irish Wonders” by D. R. McAnally, Jr., a 19th-century text, leprechauns were often depicted as cobblers who frequently mended their shoes due to extensive wear from their constant running. This detail humorously highlights the notion that Patrick, the leprechaun character from CleoPatrick DoubleMax, would have traveled an extraordinary distance to reach Egypt from Ireland. This playfully points out an anachronism in the game’s premise, as leprechauns were first mentioned in the 8th century, whereas Cleopatra’s reign over Egypt was from 51 to 30 BC. Such a temporal discrepancy showcases Jelly’s creative liberty in uniting the game’s central figures.

This creative decision contributes to the game’s charm, especially with the clever blending of the characters Cleo and Patrick in the title. The game also innovates by combining gameplay mechanics that are typically not found together. While DoubleMax games traditionally feature free spins as a bonus round with a non-resetting multiplier, CleoPatrick DoubleMax introduces a streak respin round instead. This is a deviation from the precedent set by games like Raptor DoubleMax, where the multiplier’s potential explosiveness during free spins is a highlight. In CleoPatrick DoubleMax, although the multiplier can increase during Cleo’s Respins bonus through filled reels with locked coins, reaching the astronomical multipliers possible in other games (like x1,024, x2,048, or higher) is more challenging unless luck prevails from the outset.

Despite its maximum win cap of 5,000 times the bet, which is modest compared to the 20-25,000 times potential in other DoubleMax titles, CleoPatrick DoubleMax is not necessarily vying for supremacy in the DoubleMax genre. Rather, it aims to refresh the familiar multiplier mechanic with a streak respins feature, offering a novel experience to players seeking an alternative to the traditional persistent multiplier free spins. This approach allows for a unique gaming experience that could captivate players with its DoubleMax enchantment under the right conditions.


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