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Chambers of Ancients – (PLAY’N GO) SLOT REVIEW

Chambers of Ancients: Slot Overview

Today seems to be a day for exploring portals, especially in the world of online slots. Shortly after delving into Pragmatic Play’s Fire Portals, we’ve encountered Play’n GO’s Chambers of Ancients. This game features a captivating portal in its backdrop, setting a mystical tone distinct from Fire Portals, yet both games intriguingly explore metaphysical themes. Chambers of Ancients stands out by drawing upon a rich tapestry of Gods from various cultural pantheons, reflecting the immense diversity found among the world’s estimated 4,000 to 10,000 religions. The slot pays homage to these deities through dedicated bonus chambers, alongside offering engaging gameplay mechanics like the hold ‘n Coin feature and free spins.

The adventure in Chambers of Ancients starts in a picturesque outdoor setting, framed by majestic mountains, where Gods emerge from a portal set within a tranquil meadow. The bonus games transport players to chambers uniquely themed around the deity that activated them, while the free spins unfold in an ethereal setting illuminated by the Northern Lights. The variety of settings is as expansive as the array of Gods featured, providing a comprehensive experience for those keen to explore. The game is visually stunning and accompanied by an equally impressive soundtrack, perfectly complementing the slot’s focus on a diverse pantheon of five distinct Gods.

In both the base game and the free spins round of Chambers of Ancients, gameplay unfolds across a 5-reel, 3-row grid, featuring 10 paylines to assess winning combinations. Players can adjust their bets to suit their preferences, ranging from 10 cents to $/€100 per spin, using the minus or plus buttons found on the game’s menu bar. This slot is known for its high volatility, so players should brace themselves for an intense gaming experience. Additionally, it’s important to note that Chambers of Ancients comes with five RTP (Return to Player) models, with the default setting at 96.31%.

The most exhilarating moments in the game often revolve around coin wins, although regular line wins also play a crucial role. These occur when matching symbols align on adjacent reels starting from the leftmost reel, across one of the paylines. The symbols include lower-value 10 through A card ranks and higher-value deities such as Eset, Caishen, Ganesha, Athena, and Thor. Landing a 5-of-a-kind win with the royal symbols yields a 5x bet payout, while a line of five matching high-value symbols can award between 10 to 30 times the stake. The game also features a golden star symbol that serves as a wild, appearing on all reels. This wild can expand across the reels to facilitate more winning combinations, substituting for any regular pay symbol and even offering its own wins, up to 40x the bet.

Chambers of Ancients: Slot Features

Line wins add steady excitement to the gameplay, but the real thrill in Chambers of Ancients comes from its unique features, including Bonus Keys, Bonus Chambers, and free spins, which offer bigger adrenaline rushes.

Bonus Keys: Each god and the wild symbol are associated with specific keys. The Wild master key can substitute for all other keys. Landing 3 or more identical keys during a single spin unlocks a Bonus Chamber, whereas 3 or more master keys open all chambers sequentially.

Bonus Chambers: These are special bonus games set on a 3×3 grid where Coins can appear in each cell. Players start with 3 free spins, which reset every time a Coin lands. Each chamber has Coins of varying values and special Coins that can be collected or activate special features. Filling all positions with Coins concludes the round, after which Coins are tallied, cleared, and the spins counter resets. The God Coins—Thor, Athena, Ganesha, Caishen, and Eset—offer payouts of 25x, 12.5x, 7.5x, 5x, or 2.5x the bet, respectively. Special Coins activate in the following sequence: Mystery Coin, Value Booster Coin, Single Multiplier Coin, Multiplier Coin, and Collector Coin:

  • Collector Coin: Collects and removes the values of all visible value Coins.
  • Value Booster Coin: Reveals and adds a random value to another Coin before disappearing.
  • Single Multiplier Coin: Applies a multiplier (x2, x3, x4, or x8) to a single Coin and then vanishes.
  • Multiplier Coin: Doubles the values of all Coins on the screen before disappearing.
  • Mystery Coin: Reveals either a special or a God Coin.
  • Value Coins: Offer rewards ranging from 0.1 to 5x the bet, depending on the chamber.

Free Spins: Landing 3, 4, or 5 mask scatters triggers 8, 10, or 12 free spins, respectively. During free spins, God symbols don masks and generate more keys, as do all wild symbols. Free spins can be retriggered, with up to 50 free spins available. Should free spins and bonus games be triggered simultaneously, the bonus games are played first, followed by the free spins.

Chambers of Ancients: Slot Verdict

It’s indeed thought-provoking how diverse the spectrum of beliefs is, with many claiming to be the singular truth, dismissing others as misguided. This phenomenon becomes even more intriguing when considering that a person’s faith often reflects their upbringing, leading to a conviction that theirs is the correct path, while others are mistaken and face less favorable outcomes in the afterlife. This raises the possibility that each belief system might hold a fragment of truth, or perhaps none at all. It’s conceivable that all these beliefs might stem from a singular, ancient truth—a proto-truth—that offers every individual the opportunity to connect with the divine, provided they can look beyond the superficial to the underlying wisdom each contains.

Shifting focus to the present and for those fascinated by global religions and theology, the Chambers of Ancients slot offers a rich tapestry of world beliefs. While slots featuring deities like Thor, Athena, or Caishen are not uncommon, it’s rarer to see such a diverse pantheon gathered in a single game. Each deity is associated with a unique Bonus Chamber, although, in practice, these chambers are visually similar and operate identically. This isn’t a critique per se, just an observation. Despite the compact nature of the 3×3 grid, Chambers of Ancients efficiently utilizes this space, especially with features like the Collector Coin which clears the grid, though all special Coins contribute to the gameplay.

The game also boasts substantial winning potential, with advertised wins reaching up to 20,000x the bet. While imagining such winnings materializing might be challenging, it’s an impressive figure, fitting for a slot that assembles such an illustrious array of deities from various cultures and eras. This aspect is likely to appeal to fans of the hold ‘n win mechanic or those drawn to themes of divinity.


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