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Cai Shen 168 Review – Red Tiger New Slot

Red Tiger announces the release of the Cai Shen 168 slot machine

The year 2023 is starting with some very good things. The first news we bring you here is the launch of the Cai Shen 168 game which is scheduled for January 12, 2023. The theme of this slot is Asian culture and can offer players the opportunity to win up to 19,950 times the stake at the end of their sessions.

From the statistics and the various prizes won, we can say that Red Tiger has made 2022 a successful year. Not one to rest on its laurels, it has mobilized the necessary resources to design the Cai Shen 168 slot machine. Since this game is about Asian culture, it can be said that it is a vibrant tribute to players who enjoy playing slots that have a Chinese style design. In order to ensure that the experience offered is not lame, Red Tiger has integrated several features into its new Cai Shen 168 game that will not leave any casino player unmoved. As soon as this slot machine clears the development stage, players will have the chance to play it at the best French online casinos powered by Red Tiger.

Cai Shen 168 : Receive the Blessings of the God of Fortune Cai Shen

In Chinese culture, Cai Shen represents the god of wealth and abundance. He is revered in Taoism and even in Chinese folk religion. In China, the name of this deity is frequently mentioned during the Lunar New Year. In Cai Shen 168, Red Tiger invites you to join the god Cai Shen in a mythical world with beautiful melodies of flutes, drums and string instruments. Since this god is associated with wealth, you’ll pocket big winnings on your epic journey that can be as much as 19,950 times the original bet.

To play the new Cai Shen 168 slot machine upon its release, players can wager anywhere from 0.10 to 4€. It is also worth remembering that this game will come with 1,024 ways to win. On the 5 reels and 4 rows of the Cai Shen 168 game you will find jade rings, gold coins, red envelopes, animals as well as the god of wealth, Cai Shen himself. The graphics of this Red Tiger production are well presented. The interface of this title is well detailed and attractive, so casino players will have no trouble spending pleasant moments of entertainment.

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Join the wealth god on your one path to prosperity as the mythical world of Red Tiger’s Cai Shen 168 unfolds before your feet. As you ride Cai Shen’s black tiger, the many jewels of the oriental world scatter the 5 reels and 4 rows of Cai Shen 168. The melody of Chinese flutes, string instruments and drums accompany your journey seeking health, wealth and well-being. If you burn incense at the start of the Lunar New Year, as superstition suggests, the wealth god may bless you for your perseverance with growth. The Cai Shen Wilds may bestow riches on you if you are a devout follower of him, while Free Spins may bring you magnificent protection and grand fortune in the face of Multipliers!

Tag along with this jolly, majestic figure robed in exquisite silk in Red Tiger’s Cai Shen 168. The temperamental deity may bring opulence, growth and well-being to your life.


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