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Brawlers Bar Cash Collect – (QUICKSPIN) SLOT REVIEW

Brawlers Bar Cash Collect: Slot Overview

Have you ever imagined a leprechaun creatively dispensing rainbows and coins in an unexpected manner? If you have, you’ve explored some unique corners of the Internet! But even if not, Quickspin’s slot game, Brawlers Bar Cash Collect, offers you a glimpse into such a whimsical world. Leprechaun-themed slots are quite common, but Quickspin aims to set itself apart by leaving the clichéd green landscapes for an urban setting with a ‘naughty leprechaun’ twist, reminiscent of Push Gaming’s Shamrock Saints. The game’s appeal lies in chasing Cash Prize symbols that increase in value with each collection.

The backdrop of Brawlers Bar Cash Collect shares similarities with Shamrock Saints, featuring a gaming grid nestled between city buildings and flanked by imposing bouncer figures. The excitement peaks when triggering free spins, accompanied by an energetic Irish Pub tune, animated flying bottles, and an enhanced festive atmosphere. Despite its edgy theme, Brawlers Bar Cash Collect manages to balance provocative elements with a touch of politeness, presenting a mixed but intriguing image to players.

Brawlers Bar Cash Collect features a dynamic 5-reel, 3-row symbol grid with 25 paylines, offering players a blend of traditional and thematic elements in its design. With a betting range of 20 cents to $/€100 per spin, the game caters to a variety of budgets, offering a theoretical Return to Player (RTP) of 96.02%. For those opting to use the Extra Bet option, the RTP slightly adjusts to 95.98%, while the game’s volatility remains high, promising substantial but less frequent wins.

The game’s paytable begins with the lower-valued symbols, represented by the card ranks from Jack to Ace. These symbols offer payouts ranging from 2.5 to 5 times the stake for a winning combination of five of a kind (5 OAK). Moving up the paytable, the symbols become more thematic and valuable: a piece of wood with a nail through it, a glass of beer, boxing gloves adorned with spikes, and a golden horseshoe. These symbols deliver heftier rewards, paying out from 10 to 75 times the bet for landing a winning line of five high-value symbols.

Skull wilds, which appear on all reels, further enhance the game’s potential. Landing a line of five wilds yields a payout of 125 times the bet, and these wilds serve the crucial role of substituting for all regular paying symbols, creating more opportunities for winning combinations.

Brawlers Bar Cash Collect: Slot Features

In this unique section of the bar, Brawlers Bar Cash Collect offers a menu of engaging features including Tumbling Reels, Cash Collects, Cash Prizes, free spins, the Extra Bet option, and a bonus buy menu, each designed to enhance gameplay and increase winning opportunities.

Tumbling Reels: After a win, all symbols part of the winning combination are cleared from the board, except for Cash Collect symbols and free spin scatters. If a Cash Collect symbol is involved, all non-winning symbols on reels with a Cash Prize are also removed, leaving space for new symbols to tumble down. This process repeats as long as new winning combinations or Cash Prize collections occur.

Cash Collect & Cash Prize: The Cash Collect symbol triggers the collection of all visible Cash Prize symbol values. It can appear on reels 3, 4, and 5 during both the base game and free spins. Cash Prize symbols, which can land on any reel, start with a value of 1x the bet. If at least one Cash Prize is collected, their value doubles as indicated next to the reels, resetting between spins in the base game.

Free Spins: Landing free spins scatter symbols, which can appear on any reel with values ranging from 1 to 5, alongside Cash Collect symbols, sums the scatter values to determine the number of free spins awarded. The Cash Prize value from the base game carries over to the free spins round without resetting until the round concludes, with the potential for retriggering more free spins.

Extra Bet: Activating the Extra Bet feature for an additional 50% of the stake allows Cash Collect symbols to appear on reel 2, significantly enhancing the odds of collecting Cash Prizes and activating free spins. This increases the likelihood of landing a Cash Collect symbol by 55%.

Buy Free Spins: Players can purchase free spins directly from the base game. Without the Extra Bet, free spins cost 25x, 75x, or 90x the bet for guaranteed 1, 2, or 3 free spins scatters, respectively. With the Extra Bet active, the cost adjusts to 25x, 60x, or 80x the total bet for the same number of guaranteed scatters. The RTP for these options is detailed in the paytable, ensuring transparency and informed decision-making for players.

Brawlers Bar Cash Collect: Slot Verdict

Brawlers Bar Cash Collect presents an intriguing blend of bravado and courtesy, painting itself as a brash, confrontational game while maintaining an underlying politeness reminiscent of a loveable rogue. Initially, the game might hint at chaos with its vibrant imagery of rainbows and coins in unexpected manners, alongside more aggressive symbols of conflict. However, its gameplay reveals a more lenient nature, offering a thrilling yet manageable experience. It’s not overly generous, not freely handing out its treasures, but it creates a space where players can safely engage with their brawler fantasies within the confines of a controlled environment.

Quickspin introduces a refreshing twist on the conventional money symbol collection mechanism in this game. Each Cash Prize symbol lands with an identical value, which then doubles every time they’re collected within a single base game spin, resetting at the end of each spin. This mechanic evolves during the free spins round, where the accumulated prize value doesn’t reset between spins, enhancing potential wins. The game’s paytable highlights a maximum multiplier of 512 in the base game and an impressive 2,048 during free spins. Notably, the highest win recorded in a simulation of 100 million spins reached 6,925 times the stake, showcasing the game’s high volatility and substantial payout potential.

Quickspin’s 2023 portfolio was notable for its sequels, such as Cash Truck 2, Golden Glyph 3, and Big Bad Wolf Pigs of Steel, and the trend continued into 2024 with releases like Sticky Bandits Unchained and Cash Truck 3. Despite this focus on extending existing franchises, Brawlers Bar Cash Collect stands out for its originality. It’s a testament to Quickspin’s creativity and willingness to innovate, suggesting the potential for more unique titles in the future, depending on whether the studio opts to explore fresh ideas or remains anchored to its successes of the past.


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