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Blazin’ Rails – (FOXIUM) SLOT REVIEW

Blazin’ Rails: Slot Overview

If you’re captivated by the rhythmic sound of train tracks and the idea of journeying to enchanting destinations, then Foxium’s Blazin’ Rails slot game might just be your ticket. This game is particularly appealing for those who enjoy the online slot mechanic of collecting cash symbols, a feature that lies at the core of Blazin’ Rails, energizing the gameplay much like coal powers a steam engine. The game is enhanced with additional elements such as special symbols, free spins, and super free spins, adding layers of excitement to the experience.

In Blazin’ Rails, players are virtually transported into a luxurious first-class train cabin, designed with an art deco flair. The cabin exudes elegance with its plush green seating, intimate lighting, and high-quality finishes. While the game doesn’t specify the train’s destinations, players can let their imaginations run wild, envisioning journeys to romantic locales like Venice, Innsbruck, Jasper, Alice Springs, or San Francisco.

Although luxury train travel isn’t typically budget-friendly, Blazin’ Rails offers the thrill of significant winning possibilities. For those fortunate in the game, these wins might just cover the cost of an actual train journey, blending the allure of travel with the excitement of online slot gaming.

Blazin’ Rails by Foxium brings a variety of statistical features to the table, starting with its RTP (Return to Player) rate. The game’s default RTP is set at 96.16%, although it offers two additional configurations with slightly lower percentages. The game’s mathematical model showcases medium volatility, which spikes to high when players opt to purchase the super free spins feature from the in-game shop. On the default setting, the hit rate is 24.41%, and the game features 20 symbols on a 5-reel, 4-row screen, with 25 paylines available for scoring regular wins.

In terms of betting options, players can place wagers ranging from 20 cents to $/€25 per spin. It’s important to note that the progress on the Train Booster multiplier is saved according to the bet level, adding a strategic element to the game.

The paytable in Blazin’ Rails is adorned with a sense of grandeur. The low-paying symbols are represented by ornately bejeweled clubs, diamonds, spades, and hearts. The high-paying symbols include lavish icons such as bundles of cash, a wallet overflowing with money, bars of gold, a gold dollar sign, and sparkling diamonds. Landing a combination of five low-pay symbols results in a win of 1.6 to 2 times the bet, whereas a combination of five high-value symbols yields a win of 6 to 16 times the bet.

Wilds are also a key feature in Blazin’ Rails, appearing on all reels. These wild symbols can substitute for any regular pay symbol, and they hold the same value as the diamond symbols when forming their own winning combinations. This blend of luxurious symbols, dynamic volatility, and the train-themed adventure makes Blazin’ Rails an engaging and potentially rewarding experience for slot game enthusiasts.

Blazin’ Rails: Slot Features

Blazin’ Rails is a dynamic cash-collect style slot game, enriched with a variety of special features including a Train Booster multiplier, free spins, super free spins, and a bonus buy option, each adding a layer of excitement to the gameplay.

Cash Collect Mechanic In the base game, Train symbols appear on all reels, displaying values ranging from 1x to 500x the bet, which also includes four types of jackpots. The Collect symbol, crucial for the Cash Collect mechanic, only lands on the rightmost reel. When both Train and Collect symbols appear simultaneously, the Collect symbol gathers the values of all visible Train symbols.

Train Booster The Train Booster feature begins with a multiplier of x1 and can reach up to x10. Landing a Multiplier Upgrade symbol on the rightmost reel increases the Train Booster by +1. The value of collected Train symbols is multiplied by the current Train Booster multiplier before being awarded. After each Cash Collect event, the Train Booster resets to x1.

Free Spins Triggering the free spins mode requires landing at least one Train symbol on each reel in the base game, awarding 5 free spins. During these spins, each reel is associated with its own Money Vault. Landing Train symbols or multiplier symbols increases the corresponding vault’s value, which does not reset after collection. Special symbols in free spins include Reel Collect, All Collect, Extra Spins, and symbols that increase or multiply the value of the Money Vaults.

Super Free Spins Super free spins, which offer enhanced rewards and greater chances for vault value increases and multipliers, can be purchased from the Game Shop. This feature optimizes the opportunity to collect significant rewards from all vaults.

Buy Feature Players have the option to buy regular free spins at 100x the bet (with a default RTP of 96.16%) or super free spins at 300x the bet (default RTP 96.11%). It’s important to note that these free spins need to be triggered organically from the base game before they become available for purchase.

Blazin’ Rails presents a rich, engaging slot experience with its diverse array of features, offering players various ways to achieve wins and enjoy the thrill of the game.

Blazin’ Rails: Slot Verdict

Blazin’ Rails, while not exactly encapsulating the romantic essence of train travel, does seem to stir up a different kind of excitement, particularly for players fond of cash-collecting slot games. The game, much like a train journey starting from a mundane urban landscape and heading towards more scenic vistas, improves as the play progresses. It may require some patience, especially since players can’t immediately purchase free spins; they must first be triggered organically. However, with free spins having a trigger frequency of about 1 in 214 spins, players don’t have to wait too long, at least in theory, to access this feature. Meanwhile, the Cash Collects, occurring at a rate of 1 in 22 spins, offer ongoing engagement.

Once the free spins are naturally triggered, players can then opt to purchase not only regular free spins but also the more thrilling super free spins. Super free spins, in particular, proved to be highly engaging during testing, offering an enhanced gaming experience. Although the initial allotment of 5 free spins might seem modest, the potential to extend the rounds with Extra Spins symbols adds to the game’s allure. The longer the rounds last, the more opportunities there are to increase the cash in the reel Money Vaults and to land profitable symbols like Reel Collect or All Collect. The gameplay can become quite intense, and with a maximum win of 10,000x the bet, Blazin’ Rails offers ample excitement and potential for big wins.

In the realm of cash-collect slots, popular titles like Big Bass Bonanza and Fishin’ Frenzy and their respective variations often come to mind. Foxium, however, has commendably deviated from the typical fishing theme, opting instead for a less conventional train journey setting. This choice provides fans of cash-collecting games with a fresh and, at times, exhilarating experience, diversifying the options available in this popular online slot genre.


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