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Blade & Fangs: Slot Overview

“Blade & Fangs,” as the name suggests, ventures into the realm of horror, a departure from the more common themes of sweetness and fantasy in slots. Developed by Pragmatic Play, this horror-themed slot stands out with its sharp objects and eerie ambiance. Unlike typical slots, “Blade & Fangs” offers a unique twist: gameplay primarily occurs across two separate gaming grids. This dynamic changes when two knife-stabbing flower symbols land on the outermost reels, merging the grids for an expanded playing field during respins and free spins.

The thematic execution of “Blade & Fangs” is visually and audibly impressive, yet it seems to miss a cohesive storyline. The game feels like a mix of horror elements and sounds, combined in a setting resembling a church altar, complete with skulls and an ethereal light. The spooky sound effects, interspersed with bursts of metal music, contribute to the horror atmosphere, although this is somewhat contradicted by the upbeat music that plays during win counts. While the game is visually compelling and thematically consistent, its narrative aspect feels somewhat disjointed and lacking in depth.

In “Blade & Fangs,” as you weigh the merits of blades versus fangs, consider also the range of betting options available to you. Players can choose wagers from 20 c to $/€240 per spin, and there’s also a convenient buy feature for those looking to jump straight into the action. The game maintains a consistent Return to Player (RTP) rate of 96.05%, regardless of how it’s played, and is characterized by a highly volatile math model. A unique selling point of “Blade & Fangs” is its split-screen setup, featuring two separate 5×3 grids, each offering 243 ways to win.

Both grids display the same set of symbols. The lower-value symbols are represented by metallic 10 to A card royals, while the higher-value symbols include a bat, a snake, a ghoul, a wolf, and a skeleton. A five-of-a-kind win with the lower-value symbols pays out 1 to 1.5 times the stake. In contrast, landing five matching high-value symbols can award 2 to 10 times the stake.

Interestingly, “Blade & Fangs” diverges from the norm by not featuring wild symbols. Instead, the game includes a scatter symbol and two multiplier symbols, adding a different dynamic to the gameplay. This absence of wilds and the inclusion of multiplier symbols create a distinctive playing experience, aligning with the slot’s horror theme and innovative design.

Blade & Fangs: Slot Features

“Blade & Fangs” offers an innovative gaming experience with its dual grid system, each featuring unique multiplier symbols that interact to enhance the gameplay. Additionally, the game includes free spins with an overarching multiplier and a buy feature option.

Multiplier Symbols:

  • Each grid in “Blade & Fangs” has a distinct multiplier symbol. The +1x multiplier can land on the leftmost reel of the top grid, while the x2 multiplier appears on the rightmost reel of the lower grid.
  • When both multiplier symbols land simultaneously in the base game, the two reel sets merge into a single 6×5 grid for a respin, with a starting general multiplier of x2 applied to any wins.
  • If a +1x multiplier symbol lands during the respin, the general multiplier increases by +1. Conversely, if an x2 multiplier lands, the general multiplier is doubled.
  • Once the respin concludes, wins are multiplied by the final general multiplier, after which the game reverts to the two separate 5×3 grids.

Free Spins:

  • Triggered by the flaming skull scatter symbol appearing on reels 2, 3, and 4, landing 3, 4, 5, or 6 scatter symbols awards 2x, 15x, 100x, or 500x the bet, respectively, plus 8 free spins.
  • Free spins are played on a merged 6×5 grid with a starting general multiplier of x1. The general multiplier increases by +1 for every +1x multiplier symbol hit and is doubled with each x2 multiplier symbol.
  • Landing 3 or more scatter symbols during free spins grants an additional +4 free spins.

Buy Free Spins:

  • Players have the option to purchase free spins for 100 times their total bet. This feature guarantees 3, 4, 5, or 6 scatter symbols on the reels, initiating the free spins round.

This unique setup in “Blade & Fangs” offers a dynamic and engaging gameplay experience, combining the suspense of multiplier symbols with the thrill of free spins and the option to directly purchase into the feature.

Blade & Fangs: Slot Verdict

“Blade & Fangs,” despite its potential, falls short of making a significant impact in the realm of online slots. As a product of Pragmatic Play’s extensive portfolio, expectations were high, given the developer’s history of creating engaging hits. However, “Blade & Fangs” seems more like a missed opportunity, perhaps hastily assembled or lacking a clear direction during its development. The concept had promise, but it appears that the team struggled to fully realize or agree on the final execution.

The game’s two-grid setup, designed to merge, feels like an underdeveloped idea that lacked the complementary features needed to bring it to life. Thematically, “Blade & Fangs” doesn’t quite captivate as other titles like “Darkness” or “Serial” did, nor does it possess the distinct personality of games like “Hellvis Wild” or “Demon Pots.”

In practice, “Blade & Fangs” often plays out as two simultaneously spinning grids with limited action. The multiplier symbols provide some excitement, especially when they combine to merge the grids, offering a glimpse of heightened gameplay during respins. These moments, with more grid space and ways to win, do raise the stakes, and the free spins round—where the grids stay merged with a progressive win multiplier—shows what the game could have been. Technically, with a win cap of 5,000x the bet and solid stats, “Blade & Fangs” has the capacity to deliver surprises.

Yet, any slot can theoretically deliver shocks with the right combination of symbols. So, while “Blade & Fangs” is a passable horror-themed game with the typical Pragmatic Play flair, it doesn’t inspire the kind of excitement or repeat play that some of its counterparts do. It’s a game that, while competent, doesn’t quite leave players yearning for more.


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