You are currently viewing Black Wolf: Hold And Win – Next New Casino Game from Booongo

Black Wolf: Hold And Win – Next New Casino Game from Booongo

Booongo is planning the launch of Black Wolf: Hold and Win

Eagerly awaited for this month, Booongo’s Black Wolf: Hold and Win slot game gives you the opportunity to participate in a wolf hunt. Your efforts and courage will be rewarded with big jackpots. If you like the sound of wolves howling, you will love playing this new production.

Booongo has always managed to offer players registered at Dama NV casinos very entertaining productions that come with excellent features. On its new slot machine called Black Wolf: Hold and Win, this is perfectly felt. This title is a new addition to the Hold and Win series from this publisher. Booongo has several free online casino games in its library that incorporate this successful mechanic and are about wild animals living in mountains, jungles, etc. If you’ve played Wolf Night: Hold and Win, Wolf SAGA: Hold and Win, you’re sure to enjoy the experience offered in the free Black Wolf: Hold and Win slot. From your mobile devices, you will have the opportunity to play this Booongo title anywhere and anytime.

Black Wolf: Hold And Win – It’s Already A Full Moon!

In the Black Wolf: Hold and Win slot, developer Booongo invites you to join a wolf hunter who is an expert archer. Your mission in this free game is to help her defeat this mammal that feeds mainly on meat. According to the legend, every full moon the wolves come out, howl and hunt. So, if you want to capture them, you can only do it on that night. When hunting, you have to be very careful, because a wolf is never without its pack. Its howl can call out to its mates. This means that when you come across a distant beast, slit its throat before it calls out an SOS.

Wolves live in the snowy mountains and this is what you will clearly see in the background of the Black Wolf: Hold and Win slot. In this 5 reel, 4 row, 25 payline online casino game, you will see other animals that are not as violent as wolves. Among these creatures you will see deer, lynx, eagles and owls. The graphics of this free slot game are very attractive. Its clear interface makes the experience immersive and more enjoyable. While playing Black Wolf: Hold and Win slot, you will hear wolf howls from time to time. To join the wolf hunter, you need to place a bet between 0.25 and 25€. Features like free spins, bonus games and more, will allow you to end your sessions with plenty of money in your pocket.


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